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Student falsely IDed by Reddit as Boston bomber found dead


Lack of facts

The issue that the redditors had was that they did not see a picture of the men who were everntually taken in. The pictures with the arrested men were not released until the day they were arrested.

Maybe if they had been shown the pictures involving those men perhaps they would have flagged them. So I think it is important to remember that you can only discover what is there not what isn't.

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Re: sigh

This is actually an amazing idea. I may just have to look into this.

It's official! Register hack is an alcohol-flushed cave dweller


Re: tempted


.....you are not the father!

(That was where you were going right?)

Microsoft to unveil new Xbox console on May 21


Re: Always on - obviously, this isn't 1998

Perhaps the sort of people who don't have an always on connection are perhaps the kind of people who don't sit around all day fapping to COD and WoW and would much prefer a single player gaming experience, rather than relying on the occassionally enjoyable gaming experience that comes with player online multiplayer, usually ruined by the drones of upleasant, opinionated and uneducated people such as yourself.....

I for one much prefer a game with a story, unhindered by the input of internet trolls and lag. But what do I know my generation didn't invent gaming it was yours, wasn't it?

'Sorry, I don't get the drama around having an always-on console'


Re: TalkTalk

Perhaps I should change my provider....

Who came last Kaesong?

(Bad Joke alert!)



I once used TalkTalk as my provider..... never again. The reason why BT is becoming a monopoly is because most other providers are truely terrible.

My advice: Improve your own service before you start bitching about how everyone else is doing better than yourself.

P2P badboys The Pirate Bay kicked out of Greenland: Took under 48 hours



I've found that you can bypass these restrictions by simply googling the page on PB that you want and viewing a cached page from google.

Personally, I find the ease in bypassing these blockages moronic and shocking. Surely there is a much more effective way of blocking the page that isn't this easily maneuvered...

Seoul plans anti-GPS jamming system to thwart NORKS


Re: Bob Marley


Mali to give away .ML domains for free


Re: Allegedly?

The only reason the bacon sandwiches aren't as good is because they don't contain bacon....

Website which 'could have prevented Rwandan genocide' goes live


Noble but Useless

Like I said this is noble in that genocide should be stopped but even if this does predict genocides are the people who use this site likely to have to power to do anything? The short answer is no.