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Fujitsu set to be preferred bidder in UK digital ID scheme

Daniel Snowden

What if you can't hold a driving license, e.g. for medical reasons?

New Zealand supermarket's recipe-generating AI takes toxic output to a new level

Daniel Snowden

ammonia, bleach and water

Sounds like school dinners

Maker of ATM bombing tutorials blew himself up – Euro cops

Daniel Snowden

Pay attention, I'm only going to do this once...

Starz, meet the Streisand Effect. Cable telly giant apologizes for demented DMCA Twitter takedown spree

Daniel Snowden

Your DMCA privileges have been revoked...

Maybe they should be banned from making DMCA takedown requests for a time if something like this happens.

Maybe they'd think think a little more carefully next time?

Make masses carry their mobes, suggests wig in not-at-all-creepy speech

Daniel Snowden

I know where he can stick his mobile so that he'll never be far from it...

BBC Telly Tax heavies got pat on the head from snoopers' overseers

Daniel Snowden

Snail mail trolling of Crapita

Maybe we should get James Veitch to reply to some of the TV Licensing nastygrams for the purpose of trolling them - he is rather good at that sort of thing.

You're SAP-ing my will to live: Licensing debate lumbers on as ERP giant tries to rebuild trust

Daniel Snowden

SAP: See Also

Slow And Painful

Stops All Production

America 'will ban carry-on laptops on flights from UK, Europe to US'

Daniel Snowden

All the more reason not to travel to dumb****istan

Road accident nuisance callers fined £270,000 for being absolute sh*tbags

Daniel Snowden

Is that really a deterrent?

Ultimately, a poxy fine isn't going to deter companies like this.

Prison sentences for company directors - that might work

S&M Cloud's IBM hookup

Daniel Snowden


What exactly do they host?

You should install smart meters even if they're dumb, says flack

Daniel Snowden

Who's delivering it?!?

"However, the technical delivery of the national platform behind smart meters – which is the responsibility of the Capita-run Data Communications Company"

Capita? Now I'm worried!

Zombie SCO rises from the grave again

Daniel Snowden

Isn't it a little early for April fools jokes... this is a joke... right?

Mud sticks: Microsoft, Windows 10 and reputational damage

Daniel Snowden

It's not the UI that's the problem

I wish they'd sort out the ridiculously high disk activity that happens for around 5 minutes after logging in. I've found this is something that a lot of users are complaining about.

Five Eyes nations must purge terrorists from the web, says Theresa May

Daniel Snowden

I wonder if anyone has ever given Theresa May a box with flashing lights on it and told her that it's the internet?

(on second thoughts, maybe I should have posted this anonymously to avoid being added to a list of agitators and political joke tellers)

Your boss yells 'build a secure IoT gadget' and you don't know where to start. Take a look at this

Daniel Snowden

Simple solution

Take out the communications equipment (i.e. the "Internet" part) and then it might be secure.

German music moguls slammed for 'wurst ever DMCA takedown spam'

Daniel Snowden

Pay a penalty?

Surely they should have to pay a penalty for each improper request, given the number of requests they've sent out I'm sure they would go out of business.

TalkTalk and Three want to make it easier to switch mobe networks

Daniel Snowden

Protection against smalling required

Hopefully any changes to the current means of switching will include suitable protection against "slamming" - don't want a repeat of what happened when changes were made to the process of switching utility providers

TorrentLocker unpicked: Crypto coding shocker defeats extortionists

Daniel Snowden

Only half the solution

The first step is to crack the ransomware. The second step is to crack whoever wrote it.

No anon pr0n for you: BT's network-level 'smut' filters will catch proxy servers too

Daniel Snowden

Re: Change the DNS server...

If changing DNS settings on the home hub isn't possible, you could always try in windows or <insert name of operating system here>. Simply change from "obtain DNS server automatically" to manual (and obligatory

Daniel Snowden

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's just a matter of time until search times like (and sites relating to) "David Kelley", "Dodgy Dossier" and "Bloody Sunday" are blocked too.

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters

Daniel Snowden

I wonder how long it'll be before search terms like "Bloody Sunday" , "Zinoviev Letter", "David Kelly" or "Dodgy Dossier" make it on to the list?

Fedora 19 lands in beta with updates for devs, cloud

Daniel Snowden

Will this fix the installer?

I've used Fedora for a while now, but I found the installer on 18 to be virtually useless for dual booting as it tries to handle everything automatically (including partition resizing) in place of the option to use existing free space only which was present in previous versions.

Installing on a new desktop, I ended up using a spare disk just for Fedora!

Sex offenders need internet access, judge rules

Daniel Snowden

Just put them behind a content filter/proxy

There, problem solved. They have internet access, there's just an enforced AUP, that's all.

Facebook disses Effin Irishwoman

Daniel Snowden

This reminds me of the time Scunthorpe was said to have been knocked off the internet

US nuclear aircraft carrier George Bush crippled by toilet outages

Daniel Snowden

You're taking the piss?

Google Docs

Daniel Snowden

Nice but...

Doesn't work with my Google Apps account. Not entirely thrilled at the prospect of moving my docs back to my old googlemail account

The new killer app is … MMS

Daniel Snowden

MMS? Wassat?

I use facebook, twitter and email all the time. I don't think I've ever used MMS before. With my data plan I don't think I'd ever need to anyway.

iPhone crashes car stereos, Toyota warns

Daniel Snowden


I guess it wouldn't be the first problem with crashing Toyota have had.

I'll get my coat

WD embiggens Scorpio Black notebook drive

Daniel Snowden

Nice disks but...

The WD Black range is known for being noisy and power hungry, so not all that great if you're going to be spending time on the move, but if you tend to use mains power at remote locations then brilliant (seems to be a popular popular choice for portable CAD workstations though)

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot

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How long before one side hides a tactical nuke in the bots case?

Robot goes berserk in Balkan lab: 6 boffins given dead arms

Daniel Snowden

Was I the only one thinking...

...of a recent episode of BOFH?

Cinema chain bans laptops, tablets

Daniel Snowden
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They seriously expect me to

trust them to hold on to my laptop?!? Not going to happen unless they provide a signed recepit for it (with Asset tag included)

New iPod crew: 'Phoney, futuristic, retro, doomed'

Daniel Snowden


Sales tax varies between states. We don't have that problem

Mafia Wars dons deprived of pit bulls

Daniel Snowden

Chained, snarling Pit-Bull bad...

But chained, snarling mutt is okay? I'm confused.

Android on an iPhone? There's an app for that

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The CPU in that generation of iPhone is underclocked so it's slower than a Hero but if reset back to its original speed it would be more along the lines of a Legend. Combine that with a larger amount of flash (that can actually be used for installing apps, one thing that annoys me about androids) and there could be the makings of a nice littel android phone.

My only concern is the lack of a "back" hard key, would this cause problems for day to day use I wonder?

Either way, I'm sticking with HTC, I love their Sense UI :-)

Survey: Call centre data standards 'routinely ignored'

Daniel Snowden

Yet another reason

I never buy anything from cold callers (or over the phone in general for that matter).

Beeb tech boss seeks to expand TV licence online

Daniel Snowden


Users can pay for online services via their ISP. If we have a seperate online services charge (that way internet only users do not pay for TV broadcasting costs and those without broadband do not pay for the costs of online services) that is collected vis ISPs then we would have a fairer system that (at least for iPlayer) would be imposibble to evade as it forms part of your subscription fee.

Of course Crapita would not like that one bit, les work for their jackbooted TVLA

Cops foil Level 3 burglary

Daniel Snowden

If the BOFH was on duty

it would be the PFY escorting them out of the facility, In a roll of carpet!

Sysadmins get Quake tools

Daniel Snowden

Hardly news

Dennis Chao (University of New Mexico) created a Doom version back in 99

More woe for SCO as Nasdaq says 'go'

Daniel Snowden

All I can say...

Awwww, diddums!

Presenting the inaugural Vulture Central Hall of Lame™

Daniel Snowden

Paris Hilton Frozen

Not dead, not alive. The new Cthulhu!

I'll go get my coat now

3G still trapped at 2.1GHz

Daniel Snowden

Say what?

So they want to move 3G in to the frequency range used by 2G? I'm not a telecoms expert, but that sounds like shutting down 2G

Does this mean that everyone is going to have to have an expensive gadget that does everything you could possibly want, and nothing that you need?

If so, great news for those of us who don't use mobile internet, don't make video calls, don't want to download games etc

Microsoft spits out final XP service pack, beta version

Daniel Snowden

You'll have to upgrade sooner or later.

When Microsoft discontinues support for XP I have a nagging suspicion that they'll discontinue product activation. You'll be able to continue using XP but come reinstall time, guess what you'll have to install?

Fire stations too much like fire stations, says Govt

Daniel Snowden

How to prevent stupid ideas

Next time there is a meeting for the purpose of discussing pointless ideas (like the one this fire station idea was dreamed up at) and make a few changes to the room.

1) Place a handles on both sides of the door

2) Make sure the door opens inwards to the meeting

3) (Optional) Place a "pull" sign on the "push" side

Most rational people will (eventually) figure it out. These cretins will give up

"They don't meet the needs of diverse communities" - where do they get this stuff? It's a building designed to serve as a base of operations for personnel and the appliances.

Maybe it's the same person who suggested renaming "Manchester Road" (Bradford) to "Personchester Road"

Flash-based iPlayer is go

Daniel Snowden

Not working properly

Tried using it last night to watch "watchdog" - Sometimes cut out part way through and the timeshifting control didn't work (annoying when you are halfway through and need to reload)

I expect this is probably a temporary problem. Other than that it's a good service (much better than that kontiki based crud)

Daniel Snowden

Something fishy

This version of the iPlayer has a tendency to hang. When it does, firefox reports that it's transferring data from "uk.sitestat.com"

Is the BBC using one of these scummy tracking firms?

Auntie, say it aint so!

Novell vs SCO will go to court after all

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The Nazgul!

So now IBM's lawyers can eat the shirt off Darl McBrides back? All's well that ends well

Yahoo! and! Adobe! sign! ad-packed! PDF! pact!

Daniel Snowden
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Evince is starting to look much more appealing

Cyber cold war fears grow

Daniel Snowden


Best approach, set up a honeypot. A relatively insecure system (not so much that it is obvious) and load it up with bogus intelligence. Something that makes one of Chinas own agents look like a traitor, or make it look like one of their allies is about to double cross them.

Sowing the seeds of distrust between your enemies could work nicely

Celebrity spam gang whips up a storm

Daniel Snowden

Not Exactly

"Please tell me you don't really think that idiots running Linux are in less danger of being compromised than idiots running Windows."

I'd have thought that people who are smart enough to install an OS (be it Windows or Linux) would be smart enough to not do stupid things.

Then again the smartest people tend to have the least common sense.