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Gates and Allen reshoot historic 1981 Microsoft photo


Re: Who'd have guessed...

i disagree that they have caused damage. Whether you like it or not (and i guess not), they help bring computing to the masses. I have found Apple elitist - then and now, and most users need things to be simple so going UNIX in any way would be a no-no. Microsoft succeeded where others tried and failed, including Apple - a lot of their money comes from ipods and iphones rather than their computers. I also find those who hate Windows are often elitist in the computer industry as well, rather the masses never had them. There maybe a number of security flaws that have needed fixing over the years but that is the case for all OS's - you hear of Microsoft more Windows is used by so many, we are hearing more of the Android flaws as that gets more popular, and it's OS changes more often and rarely supports older devices - if Windows followed their model we would be on Windows 20 or so by now.


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