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Doom at 25: The FPS that wowed players, gummed up servers, and enraged admins


Re: All credit to iD games...

>Didn't the original crash WAN links due to each round fired from the minigun being a while IPX packet? (None of that fangled TCP/IP back then, no siree).

Yes! I worked for a large broadcaster back then that nearly lost it's network because of Doom. Not only affected Netware IPX/SPX, it affected the Cabletron spanning tree if I recall correctly.

Doom was later assigned its own port # 666

Domain name 'admin' role eyed up as latest victim of Whois system's GDPRmeggdon


I would prefer an option allowing me to display my name or my company name.

There was a time early on when a network admin would attempt to contact another admin for BGP, hacking, or spamming issues. Nobody I know does that anymore.

Doesn't seem fair to the registrars to shoulder this increased burden (cost) of fielding requests going forward. I have some domains paid up for 10 years. If it ends up anything like DMCA notices, the overhead could be significant.

Pre-Trump FCC – get a grip on mobe data caps, racist Stingray spying, urge Dem senators


Common Carrier not a stretch

There has been too much fear mongering regarding these issues. If the internet were still a phone company, then an analogy would be requiring toll charges to call your next door neighbor only because they are with a competing phone company. Letting companies charge or throttle data based on it's source is just bad for all consumers. If I have problems with my voip provider, I don't want my internet provider telling me they only provide good connectivity for their voip product. If I want to watch an Amazon TV show, I don't want my ISP telling me I have to pay extra for that data because it's not DirecTV. Viewing consumer internet connections through the same lens as telephone lines is not a stretch.

Mechanical black hole: Microsoft settles music royalties sueball


Mechanical Royalties

Is for music produced on physical media. CD, Records, Tape, Etc. My guess is they are setting the stage to attack "fair use" recordings on physical media. For example recording a song from the radio to cassette tape for personal use. That would have huge implications for music and video if fair use went away.

Internet freedom groups urge W3C to keep DRM out of HTML


Re: Not sure why EME is necessary

When I go to the Cinema, I am also paying for a huge screen, an advanced sound system, and I'm renting a comfortable seat in a nice theater. That Cinema/Theater has the right to stipulate you may not, for whatever reason, operate a video camera in their theater. That analogy fails.

When I watch content on TV, It's usually after it's been recorded on my Tivo. But I could have just as easily recorded it on a DVD-R or VCR. US Courts have ruled this "Fair Use." Same with radio. I can replay it as many times as I like. However, If I watch that same TV show on Hulu, et al, Hollywood is saying, "Whoa, fair use shouldn't apply here!"

Well, utterly ridiculous. Maybe it's time to stop all this nonsense and apply the fair use doctrine to "Broadcasts or digital Videos that are initially and primarily produced to be funded by advertising revenues or produced primarily through government funding and/or donations ."

Music resale service ReDigi loses copyright fight with Capitol Records


Is Backup Restore now a Copyright infringement?

Am I comprehending that ruling correctly? If my hard drive blows up, and I restore digital music from a backup device, an illegal reproduction has occurred??


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