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Linux kernel's Torvalds: 'I am truly sorry' for my 'unprofessional' rants, I need a break to get help


Wow..did people whine over that really? Thank god time machines don't exist. If today's working class were transported to 50 years ago, they would all quit an cry

YouTube TV will be huge. Apple must respond


Re: Monopoly abuse potential...

Awww..cute..you still think Google is interested in ANYTHING but money. Give me a break..they are worth almost $600 BILLION...and over $500 billion of that is from gathering as much information as they possibly can about you (whether you are logged into their site or not) and selling it. They are the LEAST trustworthy company around.


Re: Once you have accustomed people to watch things for free...

Sorry, nicky..but that is just ignorant. No...your products do not cost more because of advertising. Advertising brings in customers.


Re: Nice advert you have there.

Except that if you cut the cord and only get broadband, that will go up AT LEAST $10 over the bundle price, meaning that $50 your talk about for a starting price is just $5 more...for A LOT more channels. And there are some HUGE omissions from their list of channels that will be dealbreakers for most. A lot of the channels included are ones that have very low viewership. OR ones that a specialty channels. And then there is the common "We have ESPN so you won't miss out on your sports" which is just plain stupid. Most sports fans watch at least 90% of heir sports on REGIONAL SPORTS CHANNELS, like MSG Network in NY. Most sports fans are fans of TEAMS. Usually local teams. Aside from major events like Superbowls or NCAA Championship gamers, they don't just watch random games between two teams that they don't care about. And that is what ESPN gives for 8 months out of the year. And why talk about how it goes up to $100 or more when those are only if you add to additional channels that you don't even have AVAILABLE with YouTube TV.


Re: Apple has to do precisely nothing

They pretty much closed Google Glass and have indefinitely suspended Google Fiber. And have severely cut back on the forced integration of Google+ is a clear admission that it is a failure.


Huge? Not unless they make MAJOR changes. Extremely overpriced, and a LOT of channels left out. And even ore overpriced when you consider you still have to pay for broadband internet and without bundling, that goes up at least $10


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