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You know all those movies you bought from Apple? Um, well, think different: You didn't

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Re: The larger lesson

"forever" is a bit longer than the life-expectancy of the average drive. :-(

Dumb bug of the week: Outlook staples your encrypted emails to, er, plaintext copies when sending messages

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MS plainly states that they respect the user's privacy. The memo is attached.

90 per cent of the UK's NHS is STILL relying on Windows XP

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Windows was promoted as a cheap solution for which there were ample developers available. One may wonder how good value these machines are in the long run. For some solutions (label-printers, pager-message sending) one may wonder if there are no other solutions.

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Re: So what?

If it works don't fix it in itself is a heathy approach, but it should not absolve management and owners from planning for change. If they do not the bill is simply served later on. The fnancial and human cost of locking operations down to only repairing and "keeping running" are high.

It is evident that malware-makers (particularly crypto-lockers) are already targeting hospitals.

When crooks blackmail your hospital into paying to unlock XP boxes are you going to ague that "if it ain't broke don' fix it". Malware riddled environments open up hospitals to seeing their higlly confidential data being siphoned off.

A spanner in the works: Google's cloud database hits beta, gets prices

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A full RDBMS for hire capable of 1 million TPS? i wonder what the market for it will be, how long it will take for mega-players to adopt it.

Sexbots could ‘over-exert’ their human lovers, academic warns

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There might be a new market for Euthanasia-bots, which can temporarily disable Asimov's first law?

Come to think of it a hacked Mata-Hari model that records any secrets you may unwittingly divulge could be a great cash-cow too. Just don't call it Alexa.

IT ops doesn't matter. Really?

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It will be interesting to see what management chooses with regards to where tasks are allocated, where and how. On the one hand bigger SMEs have recently invested in more professional environments, sometimes hosted, sometimes on site. But the tech and philosophy are clearly old-style (basically on-premises tech moved to hosted tech as an option).. These will occasionally require ops, devops etc.. to find their way around the spaghetti. And they may have some agile projects.

On the other hand are the companies who have gone (partly) web and cloud. Salesforce, Google-apps, box net etc. With more and more encrypted data-storage they can separate tech (hardware, repair-engineers etc. ) more from software and user-data.

Gut-feeling of many managers will still be to want to have systems (hardware) with some own staff occasionally intervening/operatting and most maintenance outsourced. But I eel that more and more systems will be moving cloudward (Amazon and Azure mainly with some to others like google).

I think thaat although mmany have invested recently in expensive systems and push the market, the main trend will be cloudward with less and less staff touching hardware parts other than their consoles.

We'll see.

Accountancy software firm Sage breached in apparent insider attack

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I wonder whetheer the impression that the internal threat is somehow smaller "on premise". Both have risks and both can be managed.

Are EU having a laugh? Europe passes hopeless cyber-commerce rules

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Our European Confederacy where everybody wants to co-decide is well on its way making it easier to sell from outside the EU into the EU.

In-flight 3G arrives, promises aerial internet at mobile roaming prices

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Ryan Air will offer 3G by making very sharp turns.

TalkTalk attack: 'No legal obligation to encrypt customer bank details', says chief

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Sounds like a bank claiming that their cardboard boxes can be called "Vaults" or a builder who says his two pieces of wood support a top-floor when building control would not sign the plans..

Hobby-management by overpaid--wafflers who try to duck and dodge their responsibilities to keep their affairs in order.

Downgraded from TalkTalk to WaffleWaffle

Sane people, I BEG you: Stop the software defined moronocalypse

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In medieval times 1 in 3 churches collapsed after building and it took engineering to start calculating on the basis of science and experience for us to start building high buildings that can withstand earthquakes, etc..

It will be a while before most components are up to scratch.

I think the best way to improve security is to think modularly and to make separate professionals responsible for separate components so their reliability and quality goes up.

In order to allow designers to take control of the quality, rather than "just hands" we need to remove the responsibilities from developers.

It will be interesting to see how this balance develops.

Apple: SO sorry for the iOS 8.0.1 UPDATE BUNGLE HORROR

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Gadget crippled, customer crAppled

Recommendations for NAS-based home media set-up

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My current situation:

1. Fibre internet conenction 70 Mbps but runs at 40 Mbps. Good enough for iplayer and youtube etc.

2. Seagate GoFlex 3Tb nas. Nice and fast. Awkward share names (with spaces by default) limited to 5 usernames.

3 1. Gb connection to LAN Cat5E with

4. Two Sumvision media-players (1 per communal room).

5. Two Neuros OSD players that can record MP4 (though not HD) direectly to LAN/NAS

6. Firewall blocks any external communication to router, but allows internal/LAN connections.

My Future Situation.

1. HD processsing needs >= 2Ghz processors. I'll get Laptops or other devices to replace my media-players in the mid-term. Basically: All smartTVs and mediaboxes outdate soon and I want most content available via netflix, youtube and through players from NAS (music, oics,video, home-videos we own.). I want to be able to play Google+ as well on TV.

2. I may use Win or Linux for the media-players TVs. With a HD DVB they can record and play using PC-software.

3. The media-player laptops or PCs would need to be very silent.

4. I have occasionally played HD sources with a 7" tablet using HDMI from the NAS, bt I find that too fidgety and too dependent on which software package can play fast enough. Sttil I was pleased that it can be done. For relaibility Wired cannot be beaten and removes many risks, particularly when recording.

5. I just use AVidemux to crop films etc. It is usually just cropping things off, rather than advanced editing / manipulation.

6. I often use get_iplayer and some online stuff from Channel4/film4 etc. That would require a UK IP-address available to you. Is possible for a price.

How to I get stuff from the NAS to the TV(s)? Cat 5 E Ethernet for HD media to TVs, WiFi to tablets, Phones and some laptops.

Do I need separate media players for each TV and, if so, which ones would work best (files are a

mixture of the usual, MP3, FLAC, MP4, MKV, AVI etc. and I'd prefer not to lose quality for HD files through transcoding or the like)? I have found the Sumvisions to be excellent and accept almost anything. I mainly use AVidemux for transcoding. Sometimes handbrake, winff

Will I be able to stream either different content or, more importantly, the same content to different devices simultaneously (sort of like the set-up on an aircraft entertainment system) and do I need some sort of programme for this? I do not use mutlicasting/streaming like that. Dunno. I do have an infrared transmitter and 2 infrared headphone sets. So two people can listen to the same audio/video.

How can I ensure my NAS is secure - i.e. read/write only from PC, read-only from certain devices, no access externally? Write rights are necesary from most devices to create thumbnails. Since the mediaplayers can remember connections I just use a separate account for them. Kids can write & delete, or many apps will crash that try to create thumbnails. I solve this with a normal HD plugged in to the NAS to which I make backups. I deliberately block access from outside my LAN. Purely for security. If I really need something I can use Teamviewer to a laptop on the lan.

I would go for a NAS to centralize datamangement for the family and use PCs so all software can upgrade and grow to accomodate increasing cloud storage and use. Old hardware outdates too quickly I prefer a PC/laptop with wireless keyboard and HDMI-connection.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Hand over the goodies, Brazil tells Chocolate Factory

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Brasil does not say that Government data must be stored on-premise. I am a bit disappointed about this inaccuracy.

HP CEO Whitman: We've built the PC that GOD wants

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God knows what became of mankind last time an apple was picked.

Soylent Corporation prepares to DEFEAT FOOD

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This proves that Charton Heston Starring in the 1973 movie "Soylent Green" has passed by most of these. Maybe it was named differently.

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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1. If I remember correctly 47% of admins who use linux on their desktop answered in a theregister survey that they partly used it to tell windows users that they did not know windows and its apps. Not knowing is a good first step.

2. Not doing is a good second step. I always take my PCs to PCworld to add memory or whatever. I do analyse well before I go, but I outsource the work.

3. Tell them you write about tech but pick a non-consumerized topic. Any progress towards helping with printers can be met with discourses on how many tranactions per second the mainframes you write about can handle. Printing itself is actually outdated an outsourced nowadays. Hulu, etc. are much cheaper than having to make testprints first, then finding that a label got stuck in the printer when your son wanted to send ....<whatever>. In extreme cases you could revert to writing mainly about the technologies for live-videostreaming but they'll understand that the industry that mostly uses that cannot be discussed in great detail and if they go on about security through webcams at home switch to the x-rated industries that use your tech.

Watchdog warns UK.gov not to create 'them and us' digital divide

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Re: What we need is..

What we need is to use affordable commoditized hardware, the internet and some training.

A smartphone, phablet or tablet with a browser and pdf reader and access to WiFi should have a better chance than trying to revive MiniTel.

I do not think the digital divide can be solved by hanging on to old tech. I'd think leap-frogging (getting smartphones, phablets or tablets wihout having to own a PC or laptop) would be much more attainable.

A £50-£80 android tablet with WiFi could easily be used to find the info needed. By the time you have added all the UI and console stuff needed to a raspberry pi you'd be talking much more.

I do not think there is a way to distribute all the info more cost-effectively.

just my 2c.


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