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3 spectastic Lumias for price of 1 rival flagship: Microsoft sells biz on cheapie experience


Re: Aggressive pricing

"And Microsoft extends its reach of Office everywhere." That single thing will probably slow the adoption of WP

As we all know, I am certain, once someone has bought into iOS or Android and colours are nailed to the mast, the likelihood of change is little if they can connect to work's email etc.

Ten excellent FREE PC apps to brighten your Windows


Re: Wireshark

Look at

metageek and net scan tools


Re: Shite troll of the month award!

Did Pott of the parish ever produce his list of LINUX software on which a small business could run?

If not I would be interested on what you recommend for a 100 person small jobbing shop manufacturer - as a for example.

Maybe an article?

Pity the poor Windows developer: The tools for desktop development are in disarray


Re: "...which is important now that Windows tablets are commonplace,"

Not my experience


Re: Move on - nothing to see here

"we'll switch to C# when it gets better"

Sitting in a billion dollar company with some product based solely on C# and with something of the order of 5,000 person years of dev in it and customers running their global businesses on it - I'd say it was good enough.

Not saying it hasn't be easy - but writing enterprise class/wide software will never be. But it did allow us to send all our screens etc to all manner of end points customers want - and are willing to pay for. Nice.

Hi-torque tank engines: EXTREME car hacking with The Register


Re: cranking in the wrong direction.

Agreed the Griffon is the best WW2 inline engine, and my second favourite after the all conquering Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp.

It ran the Corsair, and its propeller - nuff said.


Re: Ye gods and little fishies; I'm impressed

Lampredi, 16 valves, 16 years mmmm ... not a late Integrale too new, so FIAT Coupe then.

It is indeed a magnificent engine and still used a lot in historics. Get a reliable 220bhp without too much difficulty.

These small high revving engines much more fun than the leviathans talked about here


"The pinion will be driving the crown wheel in the wrong direction"

The thrust faces are the same so not certain what you mean

Also there are a tone of Hewland Mk 9 (??) gearboxes out there which are VW Beetle boxes with a different gear cluster and a flipped diff to make the work on a mid engine car.

And some are very very very old

As-a-service upstarts will KILL OFF THE CORPORATES?


Re: Snigger

I take tea in the same place Archer uses occasionally - and whilst I hold my vomit in long enough to observe him - he is so old and doddery I think that Literature prize will allude him before he is pushing up the daises

Guess which US tech giant was just hit with a $137m tax bill in China?


PRC taxes & lies

Those three words have different semiotics than that which you might believe they mean for a UK or US jurisdiction

Having worked with a couple of Western companies to try and recover they records in Guangdong province after the tax authorities asked for some money my experience is its easier to admit to a specious accusation, pay the money and move on

The people doing the asking were smart enough to ask for an amount that was payable without hurting too much

And to the idiot at the top of this comment column - grow up, get out and experience the world more.

Too 4K-ing expensive? Five full HD laptops for work and play


"i'll stick with my macbobok Air..."

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook - I want to marry mine its so gorgeous.

Sailfish OS tablet is GO: Fans stuff cash into Jolla's cap in hand


Re: nice software, shame about the hardware

"The core weakness of the Meriden Triumphs was "

Old design all round?????????

But Weslake, on big/bottom ends???????? I thought he was a head and combustion chamber chappieeeee

I'M SO SORRY, sobs Rosetta Brit boffin in 'sexist' sexy shirt storm


Re: I've balanced out your thumbsupdown

"Why, thank you, My wife bought it for me"

Given to him, and made for him, by a woman at his tattoo shop

Gov.UK doubles IT outsourcing to £20bn


Re: The tower approach is just as bad as single-supplier

"ITIL and stuff is supposed to take care of this" - I know you were using irony to say that.

The company I work for refuses to touch RFQ related to any part of UK Gov. The opportunity costs are so high

PRINCE2 - designed by a govt. dept. and doesn't it show. The only formal planning mechanism without any financial checks in its process. "Don't worry chaps/esses if it goes over budget we will dun the tax payer"

Snapper's decisions: Whatever happened to real photography?


Re: Many good points - however

i.e. 4 x 5" negative

When I was living in Switzerland the lab of the company I was working for had all manner of whizzzo cameras. So in order to look like Edward Wymper I took a Linhof Technika ice climbing. Not as difficult as you might think, but the negatives it created were off the scale. Grey scales even with intense lighting changes, sharpness that you could not break, even projecting on the walls of the canteen.

Majorly impressive. But as one film sheet at a time you needed something running at glacial speed if you wanted to do more than one shot

If you are photog - you need to use one just once to enjoy the myriad of adjustments and the contact sheets.


Leica M6

And when that shutter goes tssshhht - a sensation all on its own.

Nothing beats a Leica M series.


Re: Enjoyed this

I assume you are in London, so go here http://www.mrcad.co.uk/AboutUs.ink - Pimlico

They can advise on anything.

I use a Leica M3. Plus Fujicolour, it gives the best light intensity range of anything.

Caterham Seven 160 review: The Raspberry Pi of motoring


Re: Super Fast Jellyfish Max height?

"(presumably because of the Northern deep-fried Mars bar diet)."

Arsehole - they are made in The Black Country. Its the Bathams Ales that causes the spread, and the pork scratchin's


Re: Max height?

Of course depends what age of Morgan. I am 1m 96cm - none are comfortable for anything over say 2 hrs.

Anyhow they are shit. All of them.


Re: Light Car Challenge

"So, no that I'm ready to get a new car, what can I buy that's under a tonne, exciting for less than 15k?"

Go and look at a Renault Club Sport, not the current but the one just gone - the final one with hydraulic power steering

1050 kilos with me and half a tank of gas. Weighed at my local Porsche/MOT garage.

Anything with electric power steering might be 'economical' but no feeling. Discussions with a steering engineer working on cars you might buy confirmed this.

Having owned every hot hatch from XR3 (note - no I) onwards I will say this was the best mix of abilities and speed.

Often used to head of to mid Wales and throw it around the moorland roads, using a couple of tanks of gas in the process, never failed to excite and always a better car than me!!

And yet we took it across Europe on tours of France and Spain, in relative comfort,


Re: Narrow tyres and low power

Sounds like a typical member of the chain gang. Mad, bad and dangerous to know - but much smiling.


Narrow tyres and low power

Are the recipe for fun. Also direct steering and stiff suspension. All of which is found in Frazer Nash or HRG. Both prove the value of utter simplicity and solid axles

If this simple car was fun, beg borrow or steal a drive in a mid 30s Frazer, and experience immediacy of response we have all forgotten about.

‘For the love of Pete, America, learn about decent chocolate’



You view of the expat community is closed. What the other guy said is reasonable - its a way of finding out about the odd wrinkles in each location.

I have lived for over 6 months (if that counts as moving to another country) in 6 countries and speak 4 languages well - but I still would hook up with the non-indigenous groups to find out stuff they have taken years to find

It does not mean you have to spend any time with hem apart form the very odd meeting

I reckon your puritanism is getting in the way of sensible judgment.

Forget the $2499 5K iMac – today we reveal Apple's most expensive computer to date


Re: Homebrew Computer Club

"it weren't for Woz's passion for micro computing, as well as technical prowess" That

Redmond top man Satya Nadella: 'Microsoft LOVES Linux'


Re: Hmmmm

"They're still hoping to get more windows in to replace linux."

That is not what I hear from my MSFT contacts

Fiat 500S: So pleasingly sporty we didn't want to give it back


Re: Real mpg?

The mpg is nowhere near what they claim. The TwinAir was designed for low emissions rather than low mpg.


Yes us poor EU people, with our taught suspension, decent brakes, accurate steering, much better interiors, more powerful engines and decent roads to use them on

Over the past 20+ years I have visited and hired cars of all types in all 4 corners of the US, and whilst they get better, they are still beige.

Couple of years a go, landed at LAX, hired a Hertz Mustang 500H, (black and gold thing) expecting something interesting. Took it my usual test route Laguna to Skyline drive. And laughed - Blancmange with throttle delay.

FIAT over Stelvio wins

IT crisis looming: 'What if AWS goes pop, runs out of cash?'


Re: They're not losing anything. At least not what the doomsdayers claim.

I'm with this analysis. I am amazed he can pull the 2billion figure out and say its is correct. I don't doubt they are running at an operating loss, but how much, what proportion of corporate turnover, what's the cash and so on are all ethereal in large companies.

Bezos also runs the company, afaik, so as not to state big profits

AWS might go tits, but this analysis has a low percentage chance of being correct.

Are you a fat boy? Get to university now, you penniless slacker


Re: Unfortunately it starts early

I guess I am older than most on here and also as an ex-Boy Scout I have always been keen on cooking basic meals. Any suggestion that junk food or Gregs etc is cheap is a load of bollocks

In one period of my life when I was mega poor (well I was spending my money on rock climbing gear and travel beyond all else) I lived on chick pea soups and similar. I was fitter then than I am now and could lift my weight on two fingers.

So giving any quarter to some excuse that the poor misses the point that most people, I guess, do not know how to look after themselves.

I also volunteered for a few years (when I cared) for Shelter and again the expectations and knowledge of how to eat well was almost non existent.

This lovely lady used her skills to live on £10 a week


Her food / recipes are better than any take away.

Ab phab: Apple is Britain's coolest brand YET AGAIN


Re: Only one one the list

DB5, like all XK Jaguars (the earlier the worse) are cool to look at but awful to drive. Look at the modern improvements that get added on - brakes, steering, ignitions, fuel injection etc.

If its an Aston, and you want to develop arm muscles, its the Ulster. But give me a Frazer Nash any day, cool to the cognoscenti.

SUSE Linux owner Attachmate gobbled by Micro Focus for $2.3bn


Microfocus has no where else to grow. COBOL sales are static and mature.

I disagree. From above statement, I have had to get acquainted with COBOL for reason of ERP systems - and the sales wonks have sold a lot of new deals. Not iPhone6 territory but MF will be happy. Also the annual license costs must be keeping someone in Moet.


Re: This announcement worries me

Strange comment, and I do not see where your worry comes from. MicroFocus is a conservative customer with a very nice cashflow from an extremely stable customer base. They will not have done this move for some mad hedge fund idea of strip and sale. I suspect they do want their own OS to go alongside COBOL so they have a nice packaged deal for them many many customers.

I inherited with horror 43 customers using COBOL as the result of a merger, and the aged workforce that looked after them. Its turned out to be dead easy to manage - very stable systems and by removing the Zimmers they stay working 18hrs a day.

COBOL and *ix from the same supplier looks like a great proposition to me.

Every billionaire needs a PANZER TANK, right? STOP THERE, Paul Allen


If you are in Redmond

Hire a car and go to the museum. His selection of items is great and they all work. And the people who work there know a great deal.

Small compared to say the USAF in Dayton but a real gem


Re: Picking the nit...


Also their fuel tanks blew up from a side it. Something the Russians soon exploited

Also their transmissions broke (something of a German speciality)

Whatever is said about German vs. Russian tanks - the deciding factor is - who's was in front of the Reichstag on May 2nd 1945?

Fiat Panda Cross: 'Interesting-looking' Multipla spawn hits UK


Bugger missed this

One thing it is, narrow.

Which means it can get up old mule tracks common in European mountains which very few other 4x4 can start on

I borrowed one to haul climbing and camping gear up to a Spanish mountain hut. No problems, someone with a 4x4 Transit got jammed in between the walls. I have no idea what happened as I just drove through the fields and off.

Great cars. Mk1 and 2 rotted though

Dumping gear in the public cloud: It's about ease of use, stupid


Re: Cloud

"But does any company put core compute into the cloud ?"

I agree with M.B. says and I will add, geographical spread

Lets say you have shipping in Singapore, sales offices in Sydney, Munich, and Dayton, Ohio (eeeuughh!) and accounts in Luxembourg and you have to tie that lot together.

A global cloud provider is giving you the links, the fail over and the servers in one package.

And yes this is core like nowt else

Sort of related. When hurricane Katrina hit my team was involved in helping some customers get started again, that changed a lot of minds for the customers, they never wanted their own kit in one location again. They wanted to be able to ship the employees across country and start again in a hotel room. Soon after they have found them again.


Re: How many ?

Somewhat challengely put, I can see you are in management.

So tell me one thing - are you running in normal mode your systems at 100% capacity that you need add more systems at peak load ?

Sort of, they will be running above 50% I guess, and yes load at all tiers of the application will go up, asymmetrically of course because it depends on which of the examples I have given.

How about databases?

We will do that depending on the task and the architecture of the application,and add more stuff to existing db servers

Are you also spawning new instances just for peak load ?

Well peak, mmmm, depends what you mean. Some of the above examples do not arrive at a pointy peak as characterised by the Matterhorn shape. Many are more Aconcagua in form. So we will add to respond to expected loads and try and add quickly if odd stuff is detected. Sometimes the extra is left in place for days as the demand goes on and on.

I am interested in what answers you were expecting? Do these match with your experience in managing variable loads?

All the above is helped by having your software designed at least in part to be able all these shenanigans to happen.

The ERP system I am referring to is stateless and asynchronous and so can scale up and out without batting an eyelid.

Please answer, as I have spent time writing this and I had paint to watch dry


Re: How many ?

"many industries require burstable systems."

Would you mind name at least 5 ?

What confronts me and my team are:

Time and expense systems - at end of month everyone logs on to do all the work they should have done in the month

ERP systems when doing end of month reporting, or trying new cube/datamart based data analysis

And separately ERP systems when people do very large MRP roll ups

Transactional web sites when the company is offering sudden discounts or at the end of bidding by subcontractors. These aren't general public facing

Less so as this can be predicted - mathematical modelling of business processes and trying different parameter sets.

Military-grade bruiser: Getac F110 rugged tablet... is no iPad


Re: Rugged?

"The most bizarre repair was somebody who drove a forklift directly into the touchscreen and pushed it almost through the back of the casing! :-O"

I am indirectly involved in big touch screens - sorta 500cm x 300cm x200cm - at the edges of their solid stainless cab. And I am told more than the odd one gets this treatment. Why?

The truth on the Navy carrier debacle? Industry got away with murder


T34, IS2 vs Tiger any Panter any

"Accordingly, the Germans created the Tiger and Panther series, which dominated battlefields for the rest of the war"

Not so. On paper maybe, but in the mud and dust of Belarus and the east German plain they looked good in the German cinemas but failed consistently. Mechanical breakdowns, way to expensive to make and almost impossible to repair in the field.

As Clausewitz said 'fog of war' albeit about something else - the Germans designed something to fit their mad ideals not the real stuff on the ground.

Royal Navy parks 470 double-decker buses on Queen Elizabeth


Re: Exact Change

The hegemony of the Oyster card extends beyond Zone 6!

Spanish struggle to control spelling of 'WhatsApp'


Universidad de Salamanca

she say El Internet.



Was the way I heard it said first - before I had heard it in English. I back worked it to WhatsApp to my Spanish yoof and since then the ones I know say Whatsapp - they pretty well all speak English anyhow.

The gender of Internet I shall submit to Salamanca for a ruling, back in a mo.

Farewell Felix Dennis, deal-maker supreme of tech publishing


Dennis was given a lighter charge because the judge considered him “very much less intelligent”.

Which was the comment of the very biased* Old Bailey of the first trail.

And those of us around at the time found it was one part of the summing up we kinda agreed with

Dennis spent his time and money trying to re-write history over his involvement in School Kids Oz, (I am a proud owner of a copy) and I have watched as he got adsorbed by the establishment he claims to have antagonised

Richard Neville, with Anderson, the real smarts behind Oz wrote some telling stuff about Dennis in Hippie Hippie Shake, IIRC. Mostly about how he scuttled away as soon as he could.

Not a fan.

* other words could be used but this post would not get allowed if used.

For one night only – Ibsen classic gets the Dolby Atmos treatment


Atmosphere in an Ibsen play - what?

I though the point of Ibsen was there is no atmosphere - its a record of stultified time passing.

Top 10 tech essentials for the festival season


Re: Tents

Another thumbs up for Force 10. Mine spent may a year as base camp in some part of the Alps. Faded like hell, but still OK. My wife loaned it to the daughter of a friend. Said bint left it in a field at some festival. Much wailing and crying. Arse.

London Tech Week: All for the luvvies and the joke's on you, taxpayers


Re: The next big thing

Bang on on the garage thing

Shoreditch is just useful for concentrating all the beard wearing hipsters so we South of the river don't have to suffer them too much.

Bring your own device – as long as it's Microsoft


Re: Need more business app support

Webex is there and no Tripcase. but I buzz around the world with the BA, American airlines an Marriott applications on my corp. 635. I don't like the integrated apps, if I am booking a BA flight, I want to do it with BA. You mileage may vary

Our corp choice is Windows through out and whilst a number of my fellow brilliantined zoot suited manager sluts cried when the iPhones were taken off them, it's ceased to be topic of conversation.

I see no reason contra WP, just as I see no pushing reason pro WP

TIME TRAVELLERS needed to secure Windows 7


Re: Combo Upate

TOM38 - oh get you using a big word and trying to put someone down. Maybe the geezer knows Latin or pretty well any South European language and then he doesn't need to follow your advice - just uses logic. Nitwit.

Whoops! Google's D-Day Doodle honors ... Japan


Re: Gordon 10

"They went into battle with about a hundred rounds."

No space for that amount. The inside is really cramped. Yes experienced crews did overload the compartment but IIRC the stored was about 30, lying around was about 18 and stuck where the wireless operator sat about 10. But they know if they were hit there was no second chance

But as you say 40 rounds for an 85mm gun, laughable. There was no chance of replacing them as they advanced the workshops were often 100s of Kms behind. They just kept firing and the ZIS just threw in more shells.