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Discoverer of LSD dead at 102

Rich Kavanagh

What a guy!

I had a lot of good nights due to this bloke!

Amy Winehouse pitches for Bond theme

Rich Kavanagh
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Make your bloody minds up... go on!

One minute everyone is complaining that artists today are bland and have no character and are all mass-produceds. wah wah...

So along comes a proper good voiced artist with serious life and drug problems and lets face it she's bloody interesting and what happens.

wah wah.. she's no good etc.

All the best musical artists and singers than anyone remembers were drug addled or killed themselves. The rest aren't worth bothering with.

Malware license agreement tells it straight

Rich Kavanagh

Ah but

Maybe that is the agreement.

You install the codec and therefore agree to the licence.

There is a knock at the door and there you find 4 hopefull looking malware coders.

Orange launches new assault on English language

Rich Kavanagh

They can smuck off.

Any made up word that begins with "sm" should be burned alive at the stake along with the idiots at orange who thought up this travesty.

Enraged reader savages iPhone fanboys

Rich Kavanagh

Light the torches!

Trick them into attending an iPhone convention and then lock the door behind them. I'll bet that eventually they'll all commit suicide in an attempt to join up with the Apple mothership or something equally as daft.


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