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Sure, let's build the NBN with technology that's not proven at scale


Reading this it seems that Akami's numbers indicate if anything the available streaming speed of the connections.

The Ookla numbers indicate the speed of the connection under test conditions looking at throughput with a low load from other users on the connection.

So they are measuring different speeds and therefore are useful for different things.

If you want to know the linespeed averages the ookla numbers are an approximation. If you want to know throughput per application then Akami's numbers are the relevant ones.

So yes quite reasonable to doubt Akami's numbers for the linespeed (and therefore arguably the FTTP deployment) vs acceptable throughput (and therefore maybe the argument for minimum requirements)

This is not necessarily a contradictory position.

Google's driverless car: It'll just block our roads. It's the worst


The current version of the car is not what the technology will become. To judge the final impact of driverless cars on the first version being made as proof of concept is ridiculous.

This article is what would have happened if someone had reviewed the Benz Patent Autowagon and projected it into the future traffic needs of today. Yes it would have been terrible but it made today's cars possible.

Driverless cars when significant will not only not wait at traffic lights. They won't need traffic lights. Does Google know this? I don't know but they will.

Why ask what happens in tunnels with GPS? Do you make up stories about technology without researching the current state of consumer GPS devices?

The better GPS navigation devices use accelerometers to fill in when the GPS signal is unavailable. Phone based GPS systems of course use accelerometers and other signals to fill in when GPS is unavailable. Beacon technologies are becoming standard in phone systems to provide indoor location more accurately.

It would be quite easy to put beacons on the exits in tunnels thereby providing quite accurate navigation within the tunnel.

The car has LIDAR so it can tell what is happening inside the tunnel - and could take the appropriate exit the same way a human does without a GPS.

If you are going to make commenta about this car at least make ones that are not obvious garbage.

I by no means think this car is in itself the big thing of the future. The technology it introduces to the market is the start of something big though.

Im not even a fan of Google. Just really would prefer not to be sharing the road with frustrated and somewhat incompetent humans and to move to a time when traffic lights are gone. Traffic lights waste time and petrol. Won't miss them.

Australia's new year tech headlines … for 2015!


Re: How do you?

Yes good point.

The issue is nto fibre or nothing - It's Internet or next to no internet for many people.

Nothing that has been proposed looks like fixing the actual issues for the people with horribly slow internet.

I have engaged meaningfully about the actual consumer issues - the response was meaningless.

Holden bakes Siri into Barinas


Re: What about the rest of us...

No the twat is the person who thinks that having the ability to use one product somehow means lock-in.

Apple provides Siri and the option for car manufacturers to integrate with it.

Samsung has their own voice activation but no option for car manufacturers - so what was Holden to do? Not support the only option available?

Seriously get over this whole insane ignorant hate thing.

Buy a Barina and use whatever phone you want - you won't get Siri integration without Siri to integrate with.

What you are saying is as insane as whinging about Bluetooth cause your phone doesn't have it would be.

Furious Stephen Fry blasts 'evil' Reg and 'TW*T' Orlowski


Dont't know a joke when you see one

You link to Fry's TV explanation etc.

Has it not ocurred to you that those explanations ar obviously a joke?

Anyone watching QI is assumed to be smart enough to know that is just silly and is not really how things work, I;ts ludicrous.

To take such a ludicrous explanation and fail to see that it is a joke shows a comprehension h=problem with this author. Stephen Fry clearly knows it makes no sense - and Orlowski is either dumb enough, humourless enough or deliberately deceptive enough to take it as a serious explanation gone wrong???

OK Fry read a script that had the timeline a little messed up maybe?

Not the same as having the lack of sense to know what an obvious science joke is.

Are you upset Daniel Luvvie? Seems you have a been in your bonnet about anyone not being 100% accurate in all cases. I'd get that looked into.