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Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile business


Re: Oh, great!

Trojan Horse or Corleone tactics, the outcome is the same.

I made this image a while back and it fits well today ...


Microsoft warns of post-April zero day hack bonanza on Windows XP


Re: Simplest solution to XP diehards

@Robert Sneddon

Yes, there are pluses and minuses to using Windows XP or any deprecated OS, in fact this is what planned obsolescence is all about.

The WinXP RAM issue is icky because it is both a physical and legal limit, the physical can be hacked away but they wrote 4 GB into the licensing terms so many sites will not describe the procedures anyway. With a little less cowardice in the community the hacks would easily be explored and implemented, the same way that Win9x has already been fixed to use way more than its 512/1024 RAM limits and 128 GB HDD limit.

The WinXP 2TB limit is only physical with repect to the fact that the GPT system code is not present in XP or 2K3 even though Microsoft could easily backport it the same way they did with 48-bit LBA ( 128 GB limit ) into SP1. Consequently the fixes have already been implemented onboard by HDD manufacturers who unlike Microsoft, do not want to throw away 1/3 of their potential customers on a whim.

So it is clear planned obsolescence, as usual, to get everyone to open their wallets and buy new stuff. People would do well to teach them a lesson and challenge this evil practice at every opportunity.

However, there are advantages to using a relatively lean, clean and mean OS like Windows XP. Not the least of which has to do with what we have been treated to in the news for the past two months. The government spook spy scandal. Windows XP was literally released ( RTM ) as 9/11 occurred and precedes the DRM movement and especially the PRISM fiasco. Longhorn/Vista and everything since quite appropriately is supected as being throroughly compromised by both Hollywood and government. Microsoft famously was the first "partner" and I have little doubt that every line of code since has been written with that first and foremost in mind.

It can be logically reckoned that because of the exposure of Microsoft's collusion with the feds, Windows XP and older systems will remain around many households for a very long time indeed. You would be crazy to just toss the old stuff away because of trendy updates, security FUD ( that's ironic! ) and dancing children with that horrific disaster called Windows 8.


Re: they have a responsibility that comes with the near monopoly status


LOL! You've somehow managed to thread-bomb these comments with at least 22 nearly identical replies ( so far ). That has to be a record of some kind!

" How far back does apple support its OS! "

Err, what does that have to do with anything? Apple sells hardware, Microsoft sells software! ( and for your own sanity I suggest you don't mention Surfaces, their only real hardware, because in calendar Q2 2013 Microsoft shipped 300,000 total versus 14.6 million iPads ). Microsoft and Apple are *opposite*, since you probably work there you should realize this. Apple does NOT sell an operating system. You are using them as a strawman here.

" Microsoft is NOT introducing new issues, its just not supporting old ones ".

Considering the fact that Microsoft sometimes does in fact "introduce new issues" across all their products ( this past patch Tuesday! ) one could say that by stopping Windows XP automatic updates they are protecting it. :-)

The fact that next spring they will not be "supporting old ones" is the issue though. There is much shared code between XP, Vista, 7, 8, they even admitted it at the blog you keep mentioning ...

"... from July 2012 through July 2013, Windows XP received 45 patches, 30 of which were relevant to Windows 7 and 8 as well ..."

Understand what they are saying: despite all their marketing lies and FUD about "12 years old" there is substantial overlap and that overlap has been receiving patches but no longer will after next spring. On one hand they are using "12 years old" as a negative but on the other hand they are admitting that parts of Windows Vista, 7 and 8 are also 12 years old. Oh yes, they are. Talk about having it both ways.

A decent analogy would be Ford discovering a flaw in a car part shared among all their cars made since 2001 but only recalling the cars since 2009 ( i.e., Microsoft patching some DLL in Vista, 7, 8, but ignoring XP which also has the identical file ). With Microsoft knowing full well that over a 1/3rd of all computers on Earth running Windows XP they will be exercising some truly industrial strength arrogance, chutzpah and planned obsolescence. This is what most people are aghast at. There is no excuse for not patching the identical code because it does not require any new expense. Code is re-used whenever possible for this exact reason!


Re: It really annoys me . . . ( me too! )

Riddle me this. The Chevy Corvette was RTM'd in 1953. How old is a 2008 Corvette?

WinXP(sp3) dates to April 2008. If you install that WinXP(sp3) CDROM or ISO today quite a large amount of files are stamped to that very date. If you have allowed Microsoft to support it with automatic updates ever since you will have a large amount of core files dated much more recently. So this 12 year old OS thing is really getting annoying. Look here ...

( 2006-Nov ) Vista RTM

( 2008-Feb ) Vista SP1

( 2008-Apr ) Windows XP SP3

( 2009-Jul ) Windows 7 RTM

The bulk of the files in WinXP(sp3) actually are newer than Vista RTM and Vista SP1 and just a year younger than Windows 7 RTM.

But even more importantly is the fact touched on in this article and the source blog post at Microsoft - there are gobs and gobs of shared code. Look here ...

"... from July 2012 through July 2013, Windows XP received 45 patches, 30 of which were relevant to Windows 7 and 8 as well ..."

Understand what they are saying: despite all their marketing lies and FUD about "12 years old" there is substantial overlap and that overlap has been receiving patches but no longer will after next spring. On one hand they are using "12 years old" as a negative but on the other hand they are admitting that parts of Windows Vista, 7 and 8 are also 12 years old. Oh yes, they are. Talk about having it both ways.

Methinks that the real goal here is to get everyone on the same page, and that means using a government spook approved post-9/11 post-PRISM operating system ( Windows 6.x ) that has been designed from the ground up to be easily penetrated when the feds come calling. Tin-foil conspiracy? Only if you are Rip Van Winkle.

Microsoft haters: You gotta lop off a lot of legs to slay Ballmer's monster


Article is missing the real point

All this stuff about "desktop" is where everyone is getting confused. Try using the word "workstation" operating system, the whole point of the PC personal computer in the first place. What we have now is the inevitable return to client-server methodology with the cloud. It is "inevitable" because companies and governments can regain control of the landscape from the PC monster and the independence it brings. It also happens to be the low hanging fruit, less work for Big Tech corporations like Microsoft. In short, they are simply lazy.

Microsoft is fully capable of writing a separate SKU for Workstations ( sometimes-connected standalone Home PC's ), Lord knows they flood the market with countless SKU versions as a rule. The question the author completely missed is why not continue doing it now rather than make one OS for everything? The answer is that Microsoft is making a cynical move on those billions of PC's that THEY DO NOT OWN, computers built by others that run Microsoft software. One these PC's and laptops Microsoft is the 3rd party, supplying the operating system installed on at the factory to the exclusion of everyone else. Their move is to rope them into the Windows walled-garden and shows a company clearly reverting to the monopolistic practices that almost got them broken up over.

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Who really killed Microsoft?

I've said it before and I'll say it again ...

Steve Jobs is doing it.

He is haunting the halls of Redmond running amok by possessing the minds and bodies of Microsoft executives. For a while he was in Sinofsky, but also spends time with Jensen Harris, Sam Moreau, Julie Larson-Green and several others. Clearly he targets Steve Ballmer the most since he offers the most entertainment value.

It's a perfect plan and it fits the available evidence. When he was alive no-one at Microsoft would have considered killing the goose that laid all those golden eggs called Windows, and Technet, and Office, and Studio, and Xbox, and ...

It's a brilliant really. Steve Jobs leaves no trail behind him. It's a perfect crime. Like an icicle dagger.

Oh please, PLEASE bring back Xbox One's hated DRM - say Xbox loyalists


There are no words.

Somehow this does not surprise me, I mean we know there is a large cache of humans that are forever chasing the Bell curve, they exist by definition as sure as those others riding atop and leading it..

It's possible, perhaps even likely that Redmond is secretly administering a large scale IQ test to the citizens of the world, maybe as a hyper-advanced marketing technique where they will ultimately sell the user information of those 8,000 DRM demanders to the highest bidder, because they would certainly be among the most desirable demographic imaginable.

I looked for a good Icon avatar to express my opinion but sadly there is none that suffice. Even the facepalm cannot do this story appropriate justice.

Here is my suggestion for a new avatar for these numerous Microsoft stories ...


... Head banging against wall.

Former Microsoft Windows chief: I was right to kill the Start button


Re: A pedant writes... <--- perfect!

" Therefore, Sinofsky is not on sabbatical. He is unemployed. "

Not only that, he left on a Monday in time to shake up the stock market. No-one "plans" an exit for a Monday, especially the Monday the week prior to the long Thanksgiving holiday ( which is a perfect opportunity to bury a bad news story ). No, Sinofsky and Ballmer most likely had it out and either he quit on the spot or was fired and escorted out of the building. People in his important and high position never do this. They have transitions with overlap to ease the replacement into the job. If he left on good terms it would have been pre-announced.

So he is at the very least fibbing. The question is why there is no real journalism anymore? Where is Thurrott and his so-called sources? Why hasn't he snagged an interview?

Sinofsky was the Windows Destroyer-in-Chief. If you participated in that sham of a blog you already know this. If you did not you should understand that he would answer a small handful of fluff comments from MetroTards ( "Hey Steve, love the new colors, any chance we'll get some more?" ), while ducking the overwhelming criticism and deleting many others. When the Start Button went away in beta2 ( the CP ) and then Aero Glass *after* beta3 ( the RP ) but *before* the RTM ( the release ) comments were especially harsh and he ignored it all ( even having one of his servants do the Aero announcement ). I have never seen anything so arrogant and disrespectful done to their beloved customers, or to anyone else for that matter.

Steven Sinofsky, Architect of the Metro Matrix!


Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of


Re: Sounds more like 8.01 <--- Nailed It!

... and would you believe that they are also bumping the kernel version up to 6.3. So Vista was 6.0, Windows 7 was 6.1, Windows 8 is 6.2 and now Windows 8 Blew is 6.3 ( which quasi-logically might have gone to Windows 9 ). FUBAR all around. So what magical reshuffling of kernel bytes merits this step up? -Rhetorical.

Softie Marketspeak: " Not only will Windows 8.1 respond to customer feedback, but it will add new features and functionality that advance the touch experience and mobile computing's potential "

Meanwhile the rest of the world is already using mobile on the 99% of tablets and phones none of which have "Microsoft" or "Windows" labels anywhere on them. How exactly can they "advance mobile computing's potential" when almost no-one is laying a finger on these MicroTurds. -Rhetorical.

And that's a big fat zero zilch nada on the listening to customer feedback, unless by "customer" they mean those MetroTards complaining that the Win8 desktop still vaguely resembles the productive pre-Win8 desktop. Installing a "Start Screen Button" that points right back to Metro is the biggest middle finger ever directed to a heretofore loyal customer base. Are they truly insane? -Rhetorical.

Steve Jobs may have died, but his ghost is haunting the halls of Redmond wreaking havoc like a ghost in the machine.

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild


Re: This seems rather half-arsed ( you are a very kind person! )

... but it is actually Microsoft delivering the biggest FU in the history of FU's ever delivered to her customers.

And even that is understating it. Ray Charles can see the problems in Windows 8 yet Ballmer and his team of overpaid under-achievers cannot.

For over two years since the first leaked builds tech bloggers have been warning them about this MetroTard walled-garden approach. For over one year since the CP when they pulled the Start Menu we have been overwhelmingly swamping them with comments about this FUBAR fantasy. Sinofsky and his blog were overrun by painstakingly detailed comments and he ignored them and even deleted them.

I'm trying to remember a similar example of corporate suicide and the closest thing I can recall is after IBM lost the i386 war to Compaq and then immediately turned inward, with the same siege mentality that Microsoft now displays, and the result was the relatively locked-down PS/2 with MCA and steep licensing which set the entire 3rd party clone industry against them. They completely gave up 6 or 7 years later, selling off the division and bailing from microcomputers.

Ironically, this incident with IBM is what empowered Microsoft to monopolize the OS and become the billion dollar company they now are. You would think that Microsoft might remember those years starting in the late 1980's, but apparently Steve Ballmer was too busy partying to take notes.

Ah well, maybe this latest Microsoft screw-up will finally wake up the sheeple. Microsoft are copying to the letter the Apple walled-garden approach. The first steps are in killing the x86 operating system and with it all the independent developers that create, sell and even give-away their software outside of Microsoft's blessing. Their version of an app-centric iOS, with a Microsoft Store and approved apps by approved developers may be called Metro but is better known by all of us as pOS.

Microsoft: YES! You can have your desktop back again for FREE!


Wait, what?

" We feel good that we've listened and looked at all of the customer feedback ..."

So Tami Reller is doing stand-up comedy?

They are listening all right, to telemetry, from the shallow end of the gene pool that remains opted-in to the CEIP. They are certainly not listening to us for the last *two* years now. Sinofsky made it an art-form to delete or ignore overwhelming negative criticism on the official Destroying Windows Blog. Nothing has ever penetrated their bubble, and countless good people have tried to save them from this fiasco.

Windows Blew will be an unprecedented kick in the teeth to everyone that tried to get through to them - if the reports are true that there *will* be a Start Button *but* it will point at Metro! There is no possible way for Microsoft to send a bigger FU to those valued customers than that. None whatsoever.

I don't know where the article title comes from ( "have your desktop back ..." ) because it does in fact remain, but radically altered both aesthetically and functionally. Windows 7 with a bolted-on Metro might have been acceptable, but reverting the visuals to Windows 1.0 flatness among other things is what people are angry about. Turning powerful workstations with space-age graphic capability into a freaking tablet is a big problem.

Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again


Correction - Microsoft's Mojave moment again ...

... don't fall for it.

In fact when they return the Start Button it should be labeled "Mojave" button. The smart money is that it will point back to Metro! That will be the biggest slap in the face any company has ever perpetrated on its customers.

You know, when they said they were listening to the Vista criticisms they really weren't. Yeah they fixed up the UAC prompt and some other minor tweaks moving from Windows 6.0 ( Vista ) to Windows 6.1 ( 7 ), but nothing substantial. What made 7 successful ( and Vista if you tried it later ) was the hardware differences three years later. It wasn't lack of drivers, it was lack of fast hardware. The average PC of 2006 was not appropriate for Vista ( or 7 if it had came out then ). Vista was released about three years ahead of the average consumer hardware much like XP was. By the time Windows 7 came out three years later, Core2 and other choices which were rare during Vista's RTM were readily available and ubiquitous.

Anyway, The Mojave Experiment was classic Microsoft arrogance, the birth of the: "You're doing it wrong" meme. "We're listening, now here's a random sample of users that really love Vista". So if this is Microsoft's Vista moment again, it really means that you should prepare to be insulted once more.

Microsoft honcho pleads with media: 'Stop picking on us!'


He means "Stop Criticizing Us"

... which would be very convenient wouldn't it?

In reality this is a coordinated campaign Make believe they are responsive, get face time in the press which is the same thing as a Windows 8 advertisement.

If you read forums which Softies inhabit you already are aware of this tact. Poor Microsoft considers themselves under siege, and believe: 'well they're gonna hate us either way so let's just do what we want'.

That's not fiction, those words are paraphrased all the time by Softies and sycophants. It's astonishing really.

Microsoft: Subscription-only apps? Not for us, yet


Here's what Microsoft really is telling Adobe ...

"Shhhh, keep this on the down-low. Rope them in quietly and don't let them know! Slow cooking frogs dude."

In a way they already got us. If you bought a new $500 Office or $200 Windows version every three years you already subscribed annually for $166 or $66 respectively.

Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back


They'll mess this up also

Lots of talk about backtracking, but what they will probably do is ...

(1) Place a "Start Button" on the desktop and the thing will point right back at Metro.

(2) Leave out Aero Glass and rounded corners and drop shadows rather than letting the user decide if they want flat 2D or fancy 3D themes.

(3) Charge money for this half-assed service pack which ironically forces MicroSheep into a de facto Windows subscription model without ever announcing it!

The incompetence of the post-XP Microsoft cannot possibly be underestimated

Not cool, Adobe: Give the Ninite guys a job, not the middle finger


Re: It's worse than you think.

" As a totally blind Geek, Adobe's site is a nightmare to navigate via Screen Reader Environment (SRE) such as Jaws by Freedom Scientific or NVDA. "

Truth be told their website also sucks for those that can see it. I can only imagine the extra pain visited upon you.

Even to this very day they cannot make the effort to post static links to the latest Flash versions, a personal pet peeve. You are always sent to a browser / OS sniffing page where they decide what you need, never even entertaining the thought of someone going there on a different computer. There is a way to get the so-called offline installers after clicking around for a while, but it is needlessly obtuse. Sun / Oracle does a similarly bad job with Java as do most other high profile software vendors.

Ironically it is always the little guy, the really independent coders of all manner of drivers and utilities that make a nice effort for user-friendly distribution and pages that can be successfully bookmarked.

I must force myself to say something nice about Microsoft now. At least getting files from them is relatively straightforward, even if we must go through some bona fide checking through that WGA genuine checker and whatnot. Yeah, they sniff browsers and operating system and steer you into pages sometimes but I have always been able to load up on files for all architectures and versions from any computer I use.

So listen up Adobe. Everyone from Joe Schmo to Sourceforge to Microsoft itself does it better than you. Enough with the trialware and McAfee malware. Start acting professionally. And leave the good guys alone!

Thumb Up

Great article Trevor

Very well said indeed.

Now who wants to lay odds that Adobe will come to its senses?

Tick-tock! 40% of PCs start Windows XP malware meltdown countdown


Microsoft supports Windows. Now that's funny!

Microsoft supports ugots.

The truth of the matter is that Microsoft has a luxury that almost no-one could have dreamed of. Windows is supported by a vast, worldwide network of unpaid volunteers. Microsoft supports nothing, unless by "support" one actually means patching and re-patching the same theoretical exploits over and over again.

If the millions of people around the planet who keep Windows running took the day off, Microsoft would fold under a tsunami of phone calls that even the entire sub-continent of India could not handle.

Microsoft and her sycophants are the ones spreading FUD now, not the Window 8 "haters". They are actually trying to convince the world of an apocalypse when XP support dies. Yeah, right. What they are scare to death of is everyone "calling their bluff" on this.

Windows XP support ends a year from … now!


Re: Windows XP was considered a failure when it was first introduced

It's not that WinXP was a failure, or that SP1 magically fixed everything. Actually it was Microsoft who failed because it released WinXP approximately three years before the average consumer hardware could handle it adequately. This is out of blindness from developing on cutting edge hardware and as usual not considering the customer.

XP arrived in 2001 with Pentium 4, specifically the horrific Willamette initial entry at about 1.3 GHz. Memory was still crappy SDRAM. HDD's were just crossing into 48-bit LBA territory but Windows didn't yet understand it. USB was stuck at 1.x on most consumer machines, especially the ones that launched with WinXP. The Motherboards were not yet the cornucopia of features we now expect. In short, it was still 1990's hardware well into the new century.

It wasn't really SP1 that helped, because XP was still a bloated Windows 2000 + Win9x merger. What helped was the greatly enhanced hardware around 2004 with CPU's well over 2 GHz, Northwood and Prescott cores, big L2 caches, inexpensive DDR RAM, large fast HDD's, common USB 2.0 and associated devices and motherboards filled to the rim with features so that most people only needed to add a video card, and many didn't even need that. Running Windows XP with 1GB or 2GB in this era really shined.

XP got a bonafide second wind when Vista faltered and the machines started going over 3 GHz or more, and more importantly had usable multicores, especially Core2 versions. Now it was fast! These machines are alive and well, and will be for some time, and are one of the reasons that Windows XP still hovers around 40% of all Windows systems.

I would urge people to call Microsoft's and her enablers bluff on this. They have a lot of people snowed with that nonsense: "support will end...", as if Microsoft is somehow carrying these WinXP systems on her poor back. Ignore their push to get you to drop more bucks into their pockets. Run those machines as long as possible just to piss them off. I know I am.

Microsoft Xbox gaffe reveals cloudy arrogance

Thumb Down

No biggie ?

This isn't Microsoft 'tailoring a product to a group'. This is Microsoft hurling a single product at everyone whether they like it or not.

Microsoft never does what you imply, creating one product addressing some niche. Their arrogance precludes that. Instead they force their alleged vision onto everybody. They always hammer square pegs into round holes.

They set their goals: DRM, always-on, always-connected, no resale of games, no earlier game compatibility, possible Kinect required, ( not all confirmed yet, but who really doubts it/? ). All these goals are clearly designed to benefit Microsoft only, even though they will all be spun with some crazy marketing propaganda, which will in turn be parroted far and wide by enablers and fanboys.

Microsoft is continuing on a path of destruction of all their signature products. Windows, Server, Studio, Office, and now Xbox. What is left?

Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1

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Is anyone actually running Windows 8 ...

" ... It's loads faster (on my relatively old laptop) - long time issues have been fixed for copying files etc and it's stable. The menu is quick ... "

[ Fast Boot ] ... It should load faster since by default it employs a hybrid sleep and not a full shutdown and is "resuming" rather than a full POST and bootstrap. Additionally, many people are obviously using newer UEFI streamlined systems rather than traditional BIOS. I guess comparing Apples and Oranges is back in vogue these days.

I have a theory that Metro and Windows 8 appeals to the definitive "serial-tasker", those that operate one task at a time like the instruction pointer in a CPU. They press the "On" button and wait. I say this because a "multi-tasker" would press the computer power button 30 seconds before he needs to jump in and do something. That means, press the button, grab a coffee ( or anything else ) instead of standing there waiting interminably. Multitaskers naturally know how to timeslice so that few seconds at startup never ranked high on the things-to-fix-in-Windows bullet-list when there are so many other real consequential annoyances to address.

[ File Copying ] ... What "copying files" issue might that be? Most people are referring to the yet again updated file copy dialogs, the ones that could have only been designed by a committee and were already getting ridiculous in Vista and 7, but now they have added an option to "pause" a copy. But for what possible reason? Well, I guess it makes sense since a serial-tasker might just need to pause. Multitaskers know enough that they can simply jumpt to something else if a copy takes too long. In truth, copying a file has worked reliably since 1995 for the consumers, but was made foolproof with NTFS based Windows even earlier.

[ Quick Menus ] ... GPU accelerated menus should be fast. Especially since it is essentially only rendering HTML+CSS basic geometry ( Playskool blocks ) in primary colors, kinda like simple webpages from 15 years ago. Were you expecting slow? I'm not impressed by Microsoft advancements here, nor should we be thanking them for these little baby steps forward. By now in 2013, instead of romper room shapes we should have game-engine style 3D user interface elements, like those which already perfected as far back as 1999 ( Q3 and Unreal ). And it should be fully user-customizable, not locked in to their one childish theme.


They already had a perfectly fine name

Windows Blew

Next from Microsoft: 'Blue', the Windows 8 they hope you don't hate


Re: 3rd Party Start Menus are no longer an option.

" Really? GREAT! Finally, well done MS!

Okay I admit I LOVE the death of AERO and the start menu. "

Now that's just plain creepy. How could that give you any form of satisfaction whatsoever?

You know, there was never anything to prevent YOU from avoiding the Start Menu or Aero. You could always ignore it and cover your desktop with icons in a way that almost looks like Metro. You could always disable glass effects or Aero itself or just change the damn theme. You could have bought Starter Edition which would have done most of it for you. In short, you could have customized it to your preference but instead you apparently want Microsoft to choose your theme and visuals, and furthermore you want them to decide not just for you, but everyone else. Freedom of choice ranks pretty low on your agenda.

~sigh~ How is it possible for Microsoft to have nurtured such a radical brigade of zealots in recent years? I would never have imagined Microsoft gaining a cult following of MetroTards capable of outdoing and embarrassing the legendary Apple or Linux cult followers. Yet here they are, far worse, present in every discussion of Windows 8, insisting that their God is infallible and just. Praise be unto him.


Re: Honestly?

" So you like having 127 applications running simultaneously, snapped side-by-side and visible across all 11 of your 32" monitors? Good for you, nothing in TIKFAM to stop you. Desktop applications work just as they do in Win7.

Once in desktop mode, you have your taskbar. Pin applications to that. Just like Win7. "

Why are you telling others how to work with their own computers? What makes you even want to do that? It's none of your business. Somehow that patented Microsoft arrogance has trickled down to her zealots and cheerleaders.

People all have their own personal work habits which don't concern you. Microsoft has been busy making changes that directly affect these personal work habits and you respond with scorn and ridicule and more MicroMemes of "just do this instead". I've always marveled at creepy busy-bodies that can't help but to insert themselves into the lives of others.

More importantly, your advice is ridiculous. The inevitable result of following your logic ... http://i.imgur.com/F08pKwY.jpg

I swear, MetroTards are the greatest gift to those who really want to see Microsoft complete their suicide. And complete it they will, as long as their brigade of enablers continue to rationalize their every mistake.


3rd Party Start Menus are no longer an option.

Well, I guess I should point out to several MicroBots upthread who parrot the meme: "If you don't like it, install Start8!"

Sorry MicroBots, the leaked Windows Blew has removed, I said *removed*, the necessary resources for several ( perhaps all ) of these utilities to work. They do NOT work any longer.

Link to pertinent discussion in official StartIsBack thread ... http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158666-start-is-back-21-rc0/page__view__findpost__p__1034334

Thanks to Microsoft's nefariously vindictive actions, you're gonna need a new meme to tamp down criticism of Microsoft Tiles.


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