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Windows XP SP3 blame game begins


@C Manning

They're trying to avoid pulling out, putting it back in, pulling out, putting...

Otherwise, it might become a little obvious to MS's customer base exactly what the company thinks of you.

iPhone hack bypasses AT&T


Too bad

Too bad there are so many people who are so eager to punish someone for having a sense of curiosity, the determination to investigate their world, and a desire to share information, instead of punishing people who are actually taking advantage of other people.

Sure, people will find a way to abuse this, but experience leads me to believe that the vast majority of people will only take advantage of something like this if they feel they've been slighted in the first place. $600 for a cell phone that only works if you're locked into a two year agreement with a single provider? One has to wonder how apple and at&t thought people would just shrug and accept those terms. On the other hand, it's not like anyone's putting a gun to your head forcing you to agree to that, either.

So, they might not like what Jon does for a hobby, but it's not like they didn't set the precedent, either.