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BT engineers - missed appointments


Re: No show that won't appear in statistics

Actually that isn't the way it came across for me: they said they had known the week before the appointment that the work hadn't been done, but claimed they had been phoning me repeatedly to cancel the appointment. That was clearly not true, but they kept up the pretence, and just generously agreed to overlook the fact that I wasn't contactable.

As of today, was promised exchange would be done Tuesday and I would be making an appointment today, however the story is now that was (another) mistake, and it is now due 9th April. I'm not holding my breath!


No show that won't appear in statistics

Just waited in all morning but no BT infinity install! Phoned them up, "the work hasn't been done at the exchange or in your cabinet yet, we'll call you in a week to arrange an appointment" . I asked politely why no one had bothered to tell me this, since I had all the paperwork confirming the appointment and my online order tracking still shows it as in progress and on target. "We tried to call you last week but you never answer your phone, it just rings and rings". I explained that I have an answerphone, and I had successful calls and/or messages left by other people every day, so that seems implausible, but the response was there must be something wrong with my phone. I also pointed out they have been sending me emails all week assuring me the order is on target, and my online tracking shows the appointment on track - they just changed the subject at this point.

What's the betting this doesn't appear in BT statistics as a no-show?

The helpful person on the line made a generous offer of £10 credit for my trouble - did I feel good about having my time valued at £2 an hour?? She also said there was no problem if I didn't have broadband, because they would let me have free minutes on BT Openzone! She seemed puzzled that my house might not be covered by openzone wifi.

With a lot of persistence I got a VERY VERY reluctant agreement for a manager to call me back, but it won't be till next week, apparently they are all too busy with important calls - from which I deduce that mine doesn't fall into the "important" category. Should be an interesting call next week......


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