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Why Microsoft's IE 9 will frustrate standards fans

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evidence based - just not the evidence the reporter likes

I hate it when people talk about "folks" - it sounds so false and folksy. And it's Microsoft, who we know fine aren't remotely folksy.

Windows 7 OEM prices revealed

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what is that in English?

This is a truly useless story. You report what Microsoft retailers will be charging foreigners in a foreign country but there is no information about what we would be asked to pay, were we to give up the giddy delights of XP to buy this new thing.

Apple sued over shrink-wrapped Mafia death threats

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evidence based - just not the evidence the reporter likes

This man sounds as if he has the symptoms of schizophrenia, a very distressing medical condition. Upwards of 40% of people that have schizophrenia will attempt suicide at least once. Males with schizophrenia attempt suicide at a much higher rate than females; approximately 60% of them will make at least one attempt. The result of these attempts is that between 10% and 15% of people with schizophrenia have historically committed suicide. This is not a suitable subject for reporting in the mocking style chosen by your reporter.

eBay fees rejig will still hit casual auctioneers

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evidence based - just not the evidence the reporter likes

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Pub toilet todger tiff ends in bloodbath

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IT Angle

It's always interesting to hear from people interested in guns

But they never seem to explain why they all have such small willies.

Glasgow tube gets phone coverage

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Glasgow Underground

The Glasgow Underground has always been a leader in technology - see this from a recent technical review -


and also this -


Ex-Googlers reinvent web search

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NSFW porn, nothing but NSFW porn

Well, I gave it a go.

I had the phrase " The site for everyone working for an MP" in my copy/paste (I'd just stored the website w4mp.org in bookmarks) so I asked Cuil to search for that.

Too many words, apparently. So I cut down the number of words till I was left with MP.


Imagine my surprise when I saw the picture associated with Mike Hancock MP, MP for Portsmouth South.

Dept of Business waves WEEE stick at electronics vendors

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ain't no recession

There are plenty of people who will be buying new things. An incredible number of people are replacing pefectly good CRT TVs with 32" flat screens. I know a blind person who's doing this. No doubt millions of people will spend £300 on these new wee laptops, just because they can, and eventually they'll throw stuff out to make room for new toys. The fact that they're paying more for lecky and bread and eggs doesn't mean they can't afford shiny things.

Japanese woman moves into bloke's closet

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public perception of computer geeks as emotionally stunted oddballs.

The low level misogyny is a consequence of people - OK, boys - not being personally identifiable and working in an industry where they are usually support service, and not core to the business. They have to show respect for others in real life so when they come here they get to act as if they don't.

Roger lets himself down by using the tem "retard" - don't criticise sexism and then perpetuate disablism.

Apple gets (slightly) less sneaky with Windows Safari play

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try anything once

Well I took advantage of the download. It doesn't handle bookmarks as well as IE or FF, or Opera, and unlike FF and Opera there isn't an adblocker in Windows. Now I know it's not that good, which is helpful.

Small biz groups give Darling Budget a wary sniff

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who cares what small biz groups think anyway

Speaking as a citizen with an interest in pushing the child anti-poverty agenda, I only wish he'd gone further. There's too much indulging of whining "SME" proprietors and they really ought to scoop up much more from wealthy people.

Showdown over encryption password in child porn case

Maisie Donaldson

Whatever we do, protect the bad guy

It's like an episode of Law and Order - the system bending over backwards to protect the vile criminal. Ebveryone wants to see him get his just deserts but the greasy lawyer bangs on about the constitooshum and the judge says "the smoking gun is ruled out". Well bollocks to that. If someone sets up an encrypted system to hide his criminality - in this case participation in industrial child rape - then he has to open the door or be punished for it.

California court tilts towards mandating web accessibility

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Don't get me wrong, I sympathise with Chris C...

Don't get me wrong, I sympathise with Chris C, I really do. Maybe fuckwitted bigots in the US behave better than those we have in the UK.

To make a point - disability is created by barriers. Take away the barriers, in this case the inaccessibility of certain websites, and you take away the disability. The impairment, in this case blindness, remains, but everyone enjoys access to the website, and the website owner gets more customers and complies with the law of the land. Everyone wins.

Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet

Maisie Donaldson

It all sounds tremendous fun

Well it's a children's programme, at the end of the day. I know that children like Catherine Tate's characters, if their parents let them watch her show. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

(Runs and hides from chubby geeks... escapes easily).

Catherine Tate to accompany Doctor Who

Maisie Donaldson

Worst companion ever

Dr Who is a children's programme broadcast on early Saturday evenings. Catherine Tate will appeal a lot to children and young teenagers.

Nearly all the commenters on this story seem to be adult men interested in computers and science fiction... and possibly in comic books. No offence, like, but who cares what you think?


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