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IBM tossed £20m to keep the Trace side of NHS Test and Trace services running

Tom Parkinson

In france right now. No shortages. Supermarkets fill markets chock full of fresh fantastic produce. Plenty of truck drivers. Lots of milkshake. Respectful humans wearing masks in shops and even in dieppes vast outdoor markets. Everyone polite no moaning or bitching. (Clearly there are those in Fr that are fighting this method… )

Over 70pc in france now double jabbed beating Johnson’s “world beating glowbawl” Blighty into touch

Their track and trace system is extremely reliable. App for stores restaurants works seamlessly with nhs qr code everyone delighted to see us and welcome our custom

I’m willing to bet their system was a lot cheaper

Testing? Cheap and easy to get both antigen and pcr here in Normandy

Willing to bet no dodgy rodent control companies or mates of matt Hancock equivalents were involved.

Just over half number of deaths vs Uk total in france (when counting death in community)


To those gammon who might say “well go and live there”

May well think about doing that… get out of plague island forever so sick of the exceptionalism now

Seagate UK customer stung by VAT on replacement drive shipped via the Netherlands

Tom Parkinson

Re: Should not have Netherlands VAT ...

and thats why switched to seagate haha - im of to Toshiba for next lot who will warranty back 5 years HHD enterprise via sales channels - but i cant afford to do that wioth 64 HDD in use on various raids....

Tom Parkinson

Re: Should not have Netherlands VAT ...

amen mate i do keep spares of course

Tom Parkinson

Re: Should not have Netherlands VAT ...

to be fair it does sorta say that on the manifest - but its confusing and probably caused the problems

'value' stated at USD $182.30 (usd isnt a great start from a eu base to uk company

'county of origin' Thailand - again unhelpful and possible WTO rules of origin then apply? but i guess necessary

then at totaliser it says: TIOTAL EXT value USD$ 182.30


so is that VAT they've charged at GBP£33.62

xe USD-GBP lets say at that time was about 1.38

182.30 USD > £132.10 - so VAT uk rate 20% (or netherlands 21%) is £26.42

if my xe is approx correct 33.62 is around 18%...

so WTAF????

thats duty not vat right?

oh no duty is only erm *checks notes*

Type and value of goods Customs Duty

Non-excise goods worth £135 or less No charge

Gifts above £135 and up to £630 2.5%, but rates are lower for some goods - call the helpline

Gifts above £630 and other goods above £135 The rate depends on the type of goods and where they came from - call the helpline

are they just making it up?

oh wait i can 'apply for incorrectly attributed tarrif'...


but you know what ill need:

What you’ll need

If you use Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system to import

You’ll need:

your VAT registration number, if you have one, this is a 9 digit reference number issued by HMRC when you (or your client) registered for VAT, for example 123456789

your registration subsidiary reference number, if you have one

the entry processing unit number of the goods

the entry number of the goods

the Combined Nomenclature code of the goods

the commodity code for amended case, if you have one

the tariff quote serial number, if you have one

You’ll need to provide supporting evidence for you claim. This can include:


substitute entry

original preference certificate

VAT disclaimers

invoice (this must be a commercial invoice, not a pro forma)

airway bill

authority from importer for representative to be repaid

If you use Customs Declaration Service to import

You’ll need:

an EORI number

registration subsidiary reference number, if you have one

a movement reference number (MRN)

Combined Nomenclature code of the goods

commodity code for amended case, if you have one

tariff quote serial number, if you have one

You’ll need to provide supporting evidence for your claim. This can include:

CDS Declaration and Notification of clearance

substitute entry

original preference certificate

VAT disclaimers

invoice (this must be a commercial invoice, not a pro forma)

airway bill

authority from importer for representative to be repaid

How to apply

If you’re a Fast Parcel Operator (FPO), you’ll need to check FPOs reclaiming import VAT on returned goods (CIP2) before using this form.

If use CHIEF to import use form C285 to Apply for repayment or remission of import duties.

If use CDS to import use form C285CDS to Apply for repayment or remission of import duties.

Email HMRC to ask for this form in Welsh (Cymraeg).

If you’re using an older browser, for example, Internet Explorer 8, you’ll need to update it or use a different browser. Find out more about browsers.

You’ll need to fill in the form fully before you can print it. You cannot save a partly completed form so gather all your information together before you start to fill it in.

Send your completed form, and any relevant documents to the address shown on the form.

After you’ve applied

You’ll receive a letter with your National Duty Repayment Centre reference, confirming we have received your application.

You’ll then find out the outcome of your application within 30 working days.


Tom Parkinson

Re: Should not have Netherlands VAT ...

yes i might do that next time haha - have a bunch of spares anyway - but this will just cause more problems for my local NW london UPS depot who already have pallets and pallets of 'refused' parcels in limbo due to brexit customs regs ... hum... there was a rumour at that depot they were gonna suspend EU / UK shipping like DPD did for a while

Tom Parkinson

Re: Made in France!

French company - with subsidiary in Polnad

Tom Parkinson

Re: Seagate need to adjust their operations.

exactly - i suspect this incorrectly charged 'duty' at the border and its NOT VAT - i have the UPS receipt that says as much - although they always get the paperwork wrong - seagates manifest states - $0 vale to customer / customer $188 USD RRP (that must be based on replacement value as they were $300+ new these 12TB ironwolf pros)

Tom Parkinson

Re: Seagate UK

amen bro

Tom Parkinson

Re: Alternative title

well if you mean me by the 'exporter' i did NO exporting! - seagates process for RTB warranty is and always has been since ive had seagate product: return faulty part to UK warehouse (no replacements held there) and customer pays this leg fair enough so far - seagate then i assume send large shipment to Netherlands where their tech warranty dept is. when approved seagate book UPS to ship the replacement or repaired part back to the customer in the UK - as a seagate customer i have no choice but to accept this way. Channel sales warranty replacement in UK not happening - seagate want all SME customers regardless of location to use their 'warranty portal' - IMHO this is NOT VAT - i suspect due to a useless FTA that was signed at the last minute a device i have already paid import duty on when i purchased originally came with a 5 year RTB warranty - i shouldn't be charged duty a second time - also FYI seagates drives (EXOS and IRON WOLF - all made in Thailand - even these replacements ....#justsaying

Tom Parkinson

Re: Should not have Netherlands VAT ...

that’s would be nice toshiba do it that way but pre brexit this process was a breeze. also western digital do same way for their SMB enterprise products.. so toshiba for us next time

Tom Parkinson

Re: Should not have Netherlands VAT ...

like i said we are small player - cisco servers? big boys only

Tom Parkinson

Re: Should not have Netherlands VAT ...

of course we do have spares, the process pre brexit took over a week! but also i want my 5 year warranty upheld and this wasn’t the deal... they should be sending warranty replacements via sales channels in local countries to avoid this like toshiba do. 4 hour swap out cover? nah that’s me i do that bit. seagate should cover the replacement with no fuss or red tape.

Tory 'Cash Gordon' campaign suffers Web2.0rhea bum rush

Tom Parkinson

i say hand me the laptop darling i feel the need to 'tweet'

eton toffs/tories: if they cant organise a decent advertising campaign and marketing strategy 'on' OR 'off' line which they have absolutely failed at in every single quarter - theres NO HOPE they can actually run the country properly IMHO... they had the cash; they had the brains; they had a mediocre incumbent administration... they have FAILED to take advantage in a spectacular way - they SHOULD be a country mile ahead... ask yourselves why they continue to f**k up the simplest of operations... very very poor FAIL! DOUBLE FAIL.

123-Reg takes weekend off

Tom Parkinson


get outta there guys! we DID HAVE 140 domains there until the weekend shite HIT THE FAN ..and yes most of ours FAILED with the hardware dying at 123 ...and yes the dns has been on the blink for months... my server monitor has been reporting dns outages weekly on a spray of 123 domains on different web servers... Weve left now...taken half already to heart internet (ex 123/webfusion folk) great online interface ...but no tel support :-(

we tried fasthosts but they got hacked recently... and they cant host uk,com/centralnic and they hav ONLY TWO A record options in their dns! eh? so no ftp? no cp? no txt? no spf? why not try zoneedit they say eh?? who??

ah well out of the frying pan ... etc etc BIG doh!

Q: what to do where to go for smb semi-enterprise (ie not TOO expensive but sla'd) mid level domain management with GOOD dns options?

gap i the market? anyone up for tax dodge fund investment... ahem ... maybe not...

Hundreds for chop as Tiscali launches Pipex jobs purge

Tom Parkinson

good home / smb isp? try bethere.co.uk...

im a pipex corp customer with 4mb leased line so im shaking with fear that that div will go the same way of their dedicated server div - which has SERIOUSLY gone down the pan - we left after a raid failure and due to an SLA small print change we hadnt noticed... left us without a web server for 5 whole days in jan this year - moved out to datagate.co.uk much better smaller always answer tech questions within mins real people - and well now pipex dsl has gone too jeez get outta there people! i recommend BE 24 meg LLU (owned by O2 but dont let that worry u too much...) and well if u are NON LLU exhchage - yeah probably bt now theyve swallowed waitrose... theres noone left! ***thinks**** gap in the market ahoy/ quality customer service fast reliable domestic and smb dsl isp... hum wheres the bank managers number...?

Fasthosts customer? Change your password now

Tom Parkinson

if you move from fasthosts...

do not under any circumstances go to 123-reg - they have totally lost it ...was great once upon a time...you COULD speak to someone (at a silly call rate but you could get a human) now its email support only and DNS outages are getting silly... where to go now with my 200 + domains though? was gonna go to fasthosts! any recommendations? need control panel and advanced A TXT and CNAME DNS control...

C&W kicks Bulldog rump into touch

Tom Parkinson

totally rubbish

- bulldog - bullshit more like

my tale of woe was so tedious (over 6 months of utter nonsense with sdsl) i shan't bother you all with it but needless to say C&W screwed up a really excellent company and pioneer of LLU BB (and post indie status their accounts couldn't count or arrange a direct debit if it hit them in the face)

DOUBLE SHAME on you c&w!

(how much does their senior management get paid to screw things up time and time again?)

pipex leased circuit we moved to from sdsl is so-so ok but still copper tho ...will no one sort fibre cheaply in suburban london (NW6)?

pipex aren't much better overall tho and are in a right fix at the dedicated server end where weve just escaped from too


second class service and overpriced broadband UK - again - positively rubbish - embarrassing

Think ill raise the peoples army and seize control of the state...



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