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Microsoft has Windows 1.0 retrogasm: Remember when Windows ran in kilobytes, not gigabytes?

Rogue Jedi

with regards to the survey

I chose fix windows 10, but I would be ok if they just stopped further breaking it every 2-3 months.

Each feature (removal) update seems to break something major

One broke HP network printing, another broke all wireless networking onthe laptops and tablets we have, another wiped user profiles, another removed devices from the domain, another broke our VPN, another broke our antivirus (or at least the way it interacted with another piece of security software) but it is company policy despite all these disasters to roll out updates as soon as they are available with no testing (if it is good enough for MS....)

MS also keep modifying the (unchangable for anyone outside M$) fonts colours and layouts in Office 365, and in general trying to make the interface, icons ect as hard to diferentiate between and as ugly as they can, all I can conclude is they are trying to make O365 unusable for people with bad eyesight.

Amazon files patent for 'Death Star' flying warehouse

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I would like to know more about this

how much could this flying warehouse hope to hold?

how long would it stay in the air?

from the patent notes it looks like restocking (including returning the drones) would be handled by another airship but there is no explanation of how much it would carry, how long it would stay airbourne or any other relevant limits,

e.g. the article mentions people ordering things at a sporting event, would the UAV somehow locate the person in the stadium and drop the item directly to the person, would hundreds of drones descending to drop off snacks or souvenirs not be considered a problem by the other spectators?

90 per cent of the UK's NHS is STILL relying on Windows XP

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IT upgrades should be done every 3 years,

a few years back I was working in a school, and there were IT upgrades every 3 years, the "most important" computer rooms had there PCs replaced every 3 years, those 3 year old PCs were then put in the lower priority rooms, and 3 years later in the lowest priority rooms, at about 9 years old they were (usually) retired.

Unfortunately the lowest priority rooms tended to be the ones which ran things like Computer Aided Design packages, which did not like the 6-9 year old hardware, while the highest priority areas were the rooms used for ICT lessons (head of ICT was also the network manager, so set the priorities) now ICT mostly being the MS Office suite did not really need the most powerful PCs but the current years versions of AutoCAD and Solid Works were more resource intensive but of course CDT did not have the budget to purchase new PCs every few years.

Most of the computers were updated to Windows 7 in 2012 but when I left in early 2015 we still had about 40 PCs (out of about 750) running Windows xp because there was no Windows 7 compatible network driver available for them

User needed 40-minute lesson in turning it off and turning it on again

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Re: Can you hold down the power button

You managed to find a keyboard that's old enough to have an L–shaped Return key, but which has it labeled as Enter like newer ones do?

I have seldom seen a keyboard where the return key is not L (well really more like _l ) shaped, as far as I have seen only Apple equipment does not have the L shaped return as standard

The enter key is on the number pad of full sized keyboards

That is just the standard UK keyboard layout, I know the us layout is different e.g. @, and " have their position swapped, several other characters are in the wrong place or even missing and as I understand it the return key is only about half the size it should be

NHS IT bod sends test email to 850k users – and then responses are sent 'reply all'

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since when is 1.2 million people 1% of the UK population?

The UK population is about 67 million, so the 1.2 million figure is 1.7% and therefore much closer to 2% than 1%

unless of course about 43 million people have entered the UK in the last few months

C’mon Lenovo. Superfish hooked, but Pokki Start Menu still roaming free

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Like antiviruses?

Many of them fit your defination, oftern preinstalled, hard to remove, and some even break stuff when you do uninstall them.

I am frequently told not to image new laptops destined for Teacher use, despite the facts that I have the image ready, it would be much easier and quicker to image than install the 20 odd pieces of software and remove the bloatware usualy including 30 day trials of Norton, Mcafee or Kaspersky,

Then of course a few days later most of the Teachers bring them back asking if they could have Windows 7 on the Laptop instead of the preinstalled 8.

Jupiter Ascending – a literally laughable train wreck of a film

Rogue Jedi

I saw it and did not think it was taht bad

On saturday I watched both Jupiter Ascending and Kingsman, Kingsman was unquestionably better but I enjoyed Jupiter ascending, yes nether the plot and script were perfect nether were they terrible, and the effects were amaizing.

it would have likely been improved with a slower pace prehaps told over a 3 hour running time rather than 2, or possibly by elimanating one of the subplots to give the charictors a bit more time to develope

Chrome devs hatch plan to mark all HTTP traffic insecure

Rogue Jedi

In theory this could be a good idea, but when you factor in user psycholigy this could easily make things worse.

Right now it is unusual to get a warning, so a lot of people will pay attention when they see it, if 10% of websites display a warning average users will not even look at the message, they will just click ok or take the risk, or go for it or whatever the confirmation message looks like, even if the front page mntioned that if you click ok you will die instantly, they just will not notice.

For warnings to stand any real chance of being headed they need to be something you rairly see.

That is why I do not think this will prove to be a good idea in practice, if you disagree that is fine.

How HAPPY am I on a scale of 1 to 10? Where do I click PISSED OFF?

Rogue Jedi

on one occaision after contacting my mobile phone service provider I recived a text message asking if I would be willing to complete a survey, I responded "yes". the first question was "on a scale of 1-10 how much did the customer service repreasntative care about your call", I answered honestly "I do not know" strangely the survey did not continue.

Google kills CAPTCHAs: Are we human or are we spammer?

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I would guess I have about an 80% sucess ratio at decyphering captcha. certainly some types are much harder to decypler than others, the hardest I have found looked like old black and white photos of crumpeled newspaper articles, it took me 6 attempts to sucessfully decypher one.

also some captchas only seem to accept lower case answers, others do not care about case while others are case sensitive, this seems to account for about half of my failures

Star Wars: Episode VII trailer lands. You call that a lightsaber? THIS is a lightsaber

Rogue Jedi

Re: bashed fingers

After having this happen a few times I would love to add a guard to my favorate Lightsaber, I just cannot figure out a way to do it that would withstand a few hits and not look stupid.

in the meantime gloves work for protecting fingers

Tough Banana Pi: a Raspberry Pi for colour-blind diehards

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does the Banana Pi include RAM? is that just the speed and you need to popurchase the RAM seperately (I did not see a RAM socket)

the capacity should be more useful than the speed, or did the author mean 1GB?

The gender imbalance in IT is real, ongoing and ridiculous

Rogue Jedi

I work as IT support in a school with students aged 13-19, I oftern have students who are interested in IT ask me for help and advice on many IT related issues ranging from basic computer repair and maintenance to how to get into a career in IT, I answer these questions and enchourage this curiosity. in 5 years no female has ever asked for this kind of help.

it seems by the age of 13 girls have already been put off IT.

2 of the 3 Middle Schools which provide our students have female IT Technicians, as does my school.

if, even with positive female IT role models from the age of 9, no 13 year olds are interested in IT this will not be easy to change.

Dodgy thruster won't stop Philae hurtling toward comet showdown

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Re: fridge sized?

not sure about austrailian washihg machines but most UK washing machines are about the same size as the average sized fridge, of course the huge US style (double wardrobe sized) fridges also exist in the UK but are less common (at least in my part of the UK) than the smaller washing machine/tumble drier/small freezer sized refirgerators

Long armof of the saur: Brachially gifted dino bone conundrum solved

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"hints that there are probably thousands of dinosaurs that we still do not know about"

Based on the current number of reptilian species and the time scales involved, I would be surprised to find that there are not at least hundreds of thousands of Dinosaur species.

“The study of this specimen has shown that even in dinosaurs like Deinocheirus, an animal that has been known for almost half a century, we can still learn surprising things about their anatomy,” said Currie.

Having had the arms for almost 50 years, discovering more of the skeleton told them something new. Is this realy a surprise?

Doctor Who's Flatline: Cool monsters, yes, but utterly limp subplots

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Re: Ridiculous! Idiotic!

I was under the impression that the 2d people had absorbed the diminsion increasing energies from the 2dis mk1 when it failed to make the door handle 3D and released the smoke.

my biggest problem with that episode was that the Doctor used the Sonic Screwdriver to send the ailiens home after going on for quite a while that he needed to recharge the TARDIS to stop them, yes it appered that the Tardis had frozen them in place but could he not have just asked Clara to return the screwdriver for him to reprogram then return to stop them, and is the screwdriver powered directly from the TARDIS?

That's no – actually it is: DEATH STAR MOON 'could be full of life-friendly water'

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Re: Time to shake up the tinfoil hat brigade..


life here began out there, far across the Universe, with tribes of humans, who may have been the ancestors of the Egyptians, or the Mayans, or the Aztecs

Star Wars is actually a dramatization based on some "Historical Documents" (think Galaxy Quest) found by George Lucas

a long time ago, after the destruction of the First Death Star Emperor Palpetine may have sent techs to a Galaxy far away to build a Death Star safe from the interruption by the Rebellion

the techs decided not to take the newly completed Death Star back to their home galaxy, so parked it in orbit of a planet near to a world where they settled

we are the descendants of the Death Star builders

Facebook scammers punt fake 'sexy vid' of Emma Watson

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Re: That talk

"She didn't stand up against sexism, she asked men to get involved in women's fight for "equality". She didn't mention men's equality, ergo she is not anti-sexism."

did you even listen to that talk, because I did and I clearly remember her going into into detail on inequality for men as well as women.

posting opinions is fine but please do not state something untrue as fact

Microsoft's nightmare DEEPENS: Windows 8 market share falling fast

Rogue Jedi

did anyone else notice that according to StatCounter the 8+8.1 share was steadily increasing.

I am not a fan of Windows 8 but on seeing the 8 + 8.1 market share from 2 diferant sources I did some maths, it seems the Reg found 2 contradictory sets of results and averaged them, as the average shows a drop they decided the share was decreasing, one source saying increase while another says larger decrease is not enough to prorve anything or to form any scientific conclusion, they need more sources (preferably at least another 3 all showing a decrease) ti conclusively declare that the Windows 8.x share is decreasing

'Biggest bird ever': 21-foot ripsaw-beaked flying horror

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Largest ever flying bird?

why do we frequently hear of the largest ever or fastest ever, just because we know of nothing larger does not mean it does not has not and will never exist.

I would much rather people use terminology like "largest discovered to date", "possibly the largest ever" or "fastest built to date" and not potentially look like an idiot in 6 months if a larger creature is discovered or a faster vehicle is created.

e.g. many dinosaurs have been declared the largest ever, only to have a specimen from a larger species discovered a few years later.

Is the headline value really worth the potential of looking like an idiot in the near future?

Stephen Fry MADNESS: 'New domain names GENERATE NEW IP NUMBERS'

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Re: Well...

Assuming I have not miscalculated there are 28,147,976,710,656 possible IPv6 addresses, properly written out that is:

Twenty eight trillion, one hundred and forty six billion, nine hundred and twenty six million, seven hundred and ten thousand and fifty six possible IPv6 addresses,

this is far from infinite at about forty thousand addresses per person on the planet

Gigabyte Brix Pro: You don't need no steenkin' Xbox... when you have 4K-ing amazing graphics

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yes some PC games require patches

just like consoles which also get broken games requiring in some cases gigabytes of patches to get them working properly.

These days with local installs on consoles and widespread internet access no-one worres about releasing a broken game on most platforms

Most Americans doubt Big Bang, not too sure about evolution, climate change – survey

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I doubt the big bang, evolution, climate change and most other scientific theories.

because they are theories, many of whichhave noted inconsistancies, if they are replaced with new theories which better fit observations I will doubt them too, the same as I doubt that the world was created by someone who looked like a human and populated with its current range of life forms over a 144 hour period, if I beleved any of this it would be blind faith.

I view the world scientifically. it could be the Americans answering this survey also were intelligent enough not to mindlessly believe what they are told

Schoolkids given WORLD'S CHEAPEST TABLETS: Is it really that hard to swallow?

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Some African countries are overflowing with unemployed university graduates

who are massively overqualified for the jobs available locally

much like England then, although many of the university graduates have managed to get work which they are massively overqualified for.

off topic but what idiot decided it was a good idea to have almost half of the UK population get a university degree when there are degree level jobs available for at most 20%.

parts of India are very rich, but India has wealth distribution which makes English wealth distribution look great.

This changes everything: Microsoft slips WinXP holdouts $100 to buy new Windows 8 PCs

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Re: $1000 wouldnt be enough

$1,000 would be plenty, buy a £600 laptop with Windows 8 pro then ask MS for a key to upgrade it to Windows 7, or put your favorate free OS. An hours work and you would have a free reasionable spec laptop running the OS of your choice (unless it is XP or earlier).

Sysadmins and devs: Do these job descriptions make any sense?

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I dislike those definitions

the respoinsbiilities I have suggest I am levels 3, 5 and 6 on that scale. however I am paid as a level 1

SCRAP the TELLY TAX? Ancient BBC Time Lords mull Beeb's future

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Re: Unfair Tax?

You are mistaken, if someone wants to watch television in the UK but never watches the BBC they still have to pay the BBC TV licence.

The fair way to do it would be a subscription, where you decide if you want to watch the BBC (not television in general) and if you do not want to watch the BBC you do not pay the subscription.

Whitehall and Microsoft negotiate NHS Windows XP hacker survival plan

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Re: have they not heard of MDT?

I was suggersting trained compitant IT staff do the work(I understand how IT staff could be misunderstood to mean first line who do not know much), if things are setup correctly it would work, I have done this at several schools, hundreds of PCs can be imaged overnight sucessfully.

Yes I understand there are diferances between schools and GP Surgeries/hospitles however the basic infrostructure remains the same.

Rogue Jedi

have they not heard of MDT?

assuming (as the article suggests) the testing has been done and the NHS is ready to start the migration, many areas of hospitles and doctors surgeries are closed overnignt so just get an IT team in to convert premises using an MDT image, presumably they buy PCs in bulk meaning there would be a limited number of models to prepair for and assuming a reasionable network connection (100Mb+) an MDT deployment will easily complete overnignt.

Offer NHS IT staff/contractors additional payments of e.g. £10 for each NHS PC they persionally upgrade from XP to Windows 7/8 outside their usual working hours before the deadline and I suspect the vast majority PCs would be converted on time, saving about £190,000,000 (assuming £200 each for a million PCs requireing extended support, and £10 paid per PC)

Minecraft developer kills Kickstarted Minecraft movie

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Re: IP, you say...?

Star Wreck was was losely based on the Star Trek IP but it did not claim to be Star Trek, to make any money off it (assuming you are refering to in the Pirkening) they had to redo all the VFX replacing the origional Star Trek and Babylon 5 ships with home grown designs, in the Pirkining cost about 500 euros to make (excluding VFX, all of which were done by, if i remember correctly, the director on his home PC)

The Proposed Minecraft film was clearly claiming to be Minecraft, and was seeknig large sums of money.

If someone proposed a no budget film called "Professor Where" about an excentric man who traveled through time and space solving problems in a TOURBUS (Timetravel Orginising Unsafe Red Bus with Uncomfortable Seats) , would the BBC have grounds to sue?

UK picks Open Document Format for all government files

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Yes, but they ask in the most confusing way possible. as I recall it is something along the lines of: would you like to use open document format or open office document format.

the file format used by OpenOffice is the open document format, so without research it is hard to work out which is the od? and which is the MS format

Is your IT department too tough on users?

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In fact IT is not nearly tough enough,

I work in a School and a group of students are quite good at bypassing the security we have, I am in favour of increasing security to usable levels but have been forbidden from doing so, suggestions have included a banned by default software restriction policy, forcing everyone to change passwords once a year and some form of password complexity requirements.

It seems the school values the students freedom to play computer games in lessons more than basic security.

Teary-eyed snappers recall the golden age of film

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to be a good photographer you must understand your equipment

Using the best kit does not automatically mean you get great pictures, learn to properly use the camera and more oftern than not you will get good results

I am a keen amiture photographer, and now have reasionable kit, I taught myself how to compose the shots, control the settings and in general use a superzoom camera to its potental, on several occaisions at a wedding or day out with freinds I was prodicung better photos on full manual with a £150 superzoom than people using £1,000+ DSLRs.

Now I own a DSLR and instantly noticed how the better camera makes it easier take great pictures, but still I can produce better photos consistantly with manual settings on a my 7 year old superzoom than most people with a far better camera can on auto mode.

I have trouble producing reasionable pictures without a viewfinder or manual settings.

Sysadmin job ad: 'If you don’t mind really bad work-life balance, this is for you'

Rogue Jedi

how many schools with 40+ teachers, teaching assistants, etc have 1-2 IT support staff?

I cannot tell you the number of schools in that situation but the school I work in has about 100 staff and 3 IT Technicians, 1 is usually off at local primary schools, another mostly provides classroom support for ICT lessons (we have no specialist IT teachers).

I am often the only technician available to support 1100+ users and about 700 computers, I am paid £10,500 a year. So if anyone knows of an IT support job in East Anglia paying £18,000+ a year which does not require a degree please let me know.

Can't wait for 4G? Take heart, 5G is on the way

Rogue Jedi

forget 4G and 5G, I want 3G

Much of Suffolk England were I live has no 3G access,

When the NHS outsourced some of its admin work a company who decided to save money by closing Suffolk offices and provide 3G enabled laptops for staff to work from home, they rapidly reconcidered on discovering that most of Suffolk could not get a 3G signal.

I like living in a rural area but connectivity issues continue. I doubt Suffolk and the other rural counties will get 4G outside the largest towns or citys for several years.

Who’s Who: a Reg quest to find the BEST DOCTOR

Rogue Jedi

As has already been said, the first doctor you remember naturally holds fond memories.

I remember great antisipation when finding out Doctor Who was to return with the new 7th Doctor, as a child I enjoyed the adventures of Silvester McCoy's Doctor and Ace (I was 10 when it finished). I have seen episodes from each Doctor but still prefer McCoy.

second place goes to Tennant, but all of them were good

PlayStation daddy on new PS4: She's ALL 'PLAY', NO 'Station' this time

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Advanced Processing Unit (APU)

Sorry but it is Accelerated Processing Unit, not Advanced

BROADBAND will SAVE THE ECONOMY, shriek UK.gov bods

Rogue Jedi

no, the Government definition of SuperFast is 2Mbps, or 4 seconds to download 1 MB

Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO

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The current ICT syllabus

is designed on the basis of inclusiveness, dumbed down so that any child can learn it and so that ICT can be taught by someone with no qualification in the subject.

that line is inaccurate, it is designed to be taught by someone with no KNOWLEDGE of the subject.

I am an ICT technician in a school for 13-18 year olds, and my workspace is a bench in the main computer room year 9 ICT is taken by whoever has gaps in there timetables and is heavily supported by technicians because the teachers assigned (despite having step by step instructions) generally do not have a clue how to teach it.

for GCSE and A level IT we have a maths teacher, a textiles teacher and a PE teacher taking it, to be fair the Maths teacher and textiles teacher are compitant (and have been teaching ICT for more than a decade) but the PE teacher has no interest and works from lesson plans prepared by another teacher

Long time ago? Galaxy far, far away? You ain't seen nothing yet

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Re: Just curious

The BBC article made reference to it being how the galaxy looked 13 billion year ago and that the galaxy would now be 30 billion light years away. For this to be true the we and the galaxy must both be moving at an average speed of at least 1.15 times the speed of light since ever since (probably faster as I doubt we would be moving in the exact opposite direction).

The only way this could not be faulty maths is if Faster Than Light travel is not just possible but our galaxy is currently moving FTL (and by extension we are too).

Apple slams brakes on orders of (not so cheap) plasticky iPhone 5C

Rogue Jedi

the 5S, it's cheaper, but not really cheap enough to be a budget model"

The 5c is high end

I would define budget a budget smartphone as costing significantly less than £100, with mid range as £100-£300, the iPhone 5c costing more than £400 is still firmly in high end terratory.

Diamonds are forever POURING down on Jupiter, Saturn - boffins

Rogue Jedi

Re: “And we think we're pretty certain.”

you beat me to it,

Certain means this is correct there is no doubt, so why did they feel the need to use 2 qualifiers before certain, this implies they are reasonably confidant but far from certain.

Expert chat: The end of Windows XP and IE6

Rogue Jedi

At the school in which I work we upgraded most of our PCs to windows 7 in August 2012, the approximately 100 are now 7 years old and are missing vital hardware drivers for Windows 7 (display and network) so must last until we can afford replacements probabally August 2015.

Oh, shoppin’ HELL: I’m in the supermarket of the DAMNED

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express lane

Sorry for the wall of text but I needed to get this out of my system.

I only use the so called "express lane" or other supermarket equivalents if there are at least 2 trolleys waiting at each manned till (unfortunately my usual supermarket has recently replaced about 2/3 of its tills with unmanned ones. it is ironic that the “express lane” frequently forces you to wait for attention from a shop assistant because it is “verifying item weight”, often causing it to be far slower than waiting 5 minutes to use a manned till.

The supermarkets all have signs up saying please bring your own bags, I always bring my own bag, a large backpack which also contains tools and other equipment required to strip and repair a Bicycle or Computer which I frequently require but is plenty large enough to hold my shopping as well, and strong enough to hold 20 kilos without problem. You cannot place a bag like this in the bagging area without assistance because the scales detect that it weight a few kilos and decides you are trying to steal something from the shop (ignoring the fact that if you wanted to steal something you would simply not place it on the scales), you cannot place your shopping loose in the bagging area then transfer to the bag without complaints from other people waiting to use the checkout so the supermarket obviously wants you to use the disposable carrier bags, if the supermarket is busy (and if it was not I would wait for a manned till)I place my shopping in the carrier bags then move to a seating area and transfer the shopping to my backpack before placing the carrier bags in the bag recycling, a waste of time and the energy used to recycle the bags.

Conclusion, the so called “express lane” is a conspiracy by the major supermarkets designed to reduce labour costs and annoy paying customers by forcing them to waste much more time than if there was a real human (or other well trained primate) at the till(how else can you explain all supermarkets starting using them within such a short period). The trend of one person to 6-10 unmanned tills is way too low, at most it should be 3 tills for every person, preferably 1.

'Stupid old white people' revenge porn ban won't work, insists selfie-peddler

Rogue Jedi

Revenge is not a Christian value

Yes it is, the Bible clearly states that you can take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Transferred into a modern context if someone assults you, steels your car, robs your home or even kills someone you know you are permitted to respond in kind.

also there are many instances of “God” endorsing or performing acts of terrorism in the old testament the story of Moses springs to mind.

This is a small part of the reason I stopped being a Christian before reaching adulthood

Doctor Who to land on the BIG SCREEN and in 3D in November

Rogue Jedi

There is no such thing as future proof

just future resistant. As anyone working in IT knows if you buy something state of the art or future proof it will be outdated in 5 years, 8 if you are very lucky.

I have little doubt that when 4k starts being widely adopted 8k or 4320p or some other unnecessarily high resolution will be introduced.

Boffins have constructed a new LIGHT SABRE. Their skills are complete

Rogue Jedi

build your own "Lightsaber"

you can make realistic looking lightsabers unfortunately they are not capable of cutting through anything but can be used for dueling, a quick webserch should turn up several online shops offering the parts, or indeed assembeled non lethal (unless you hit someone over the head with the heavy metal handle) light sabre type objects

Greece ends extra hols for civil servants forced to use hated computers

Rogue Jedi

the largely unjustifiable perks & pay levels of the public sector

I am a public sector worker, the only IT support for a School in Suffolk containing 1,000 users and about 600 computers on a windows2008r2 domain all managed by me, my "Network Manager" is a maths teacher who is highly compitant with using Windows but had minimal admin skills.

For this I earn £10,750 a year (37 hours a week, 39 weeks a year) when I recently asked for a pay rise pointing out I was doing a job that would pay 20,000+ a year in the public sector the school just gave me a £300 a year pay rise (mainly because would have been under minimum wage when it rises in October)

Does anyone think this is an unjustified level of pay?

Unsurprisingly I am looking for alternate work.

David Attenborough warns that humans have stopped evolving

Rogue Jedi

The Theory of Evolution

First this is not an attack on any beliefs but in a story about evolution I believe this needs saying.

Evolution is a theory, a theory which is widely accepted but still a theory, it has not been proven and may someday be disproven or it may be adapted to meet new evidence. I will remain sceptical until I can see direct evidence of evolution.

I have before now heard it suggested that the adaptions made to Canis Familiaris (dog) are proof of evolution however the breeds all belong to the same genus and can interbreed, there are many other examples all of which may be convincing circumstantial evidence but are far from proof.

on the other subject of the article

I would be in favour of some form or population control, preferably in the form of removing benefits for any other than the first child (unless 2 or more are born as a result of the first pregnancy)and excempt any children born before or within eleven months (to alow for long pregnancys) after the law came into force, it would also need a provision for someone who previously could afford more children for a number of years who is made unemployed. This would mean people would only be able to have the number of children they can afford, but still mean there is a safety net if required. The less wealthy tend to have more children and are often reliant on state help this should at least reduce population growth if not reverse it.

T-Rex tooth find shows dino may have been a pussy

Rogue Jedi

fight it hand to hand They've only got little arms, no reach

those arms may be small for its body size but are still bigger and stronger than human arms, not to mention that they end in claws.

fight a tyranosaur hand to hand and you will loose



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