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Let Europeans sue America for slurping their data – US Senate


Re: Feed Our Lawyers

Indeed, almost the same mechanism by which China defeated the invading Mongol empire, within a couple of generations they were assimilated despite having nominally "won".

Mind you, on a brief glance around it appears that process is highly advanced on this side of the pond :(

In memoriam: Christopher Lee, Hammer's Count Dracula


we'll be seeing him again

... unless of course he's been beheaded, stuffed with garlic, staked, doused in holy water and then placed in a crystal coffin in close orbit around the sun.

And even then I wouldn't be sure.

Good actor, good man by all accounts, glass raised.

Queen's Speech: Snoopers' Charter RETURNS amid 'modernisation' push



Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, and eternal surveillance and control is the price of ... err, hold on, freedom? They keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means.

But it's only for terrorists and paedophiles, so good, honest, upstanding folks like us have nothing to worry about. I'm actually surprised they haven't arrested them all already, given that they obviously know who they are, i.e. not us. Obviously.

Theresa May: Right, THIS time we're getting the Snoopers' Charter in



Eat the Rich had the right idea ( and easily one of the most charismatic Home Secretaries, although Nosher might have displayed a touch too much integrity for the current lot ... )

Every government seems to be pushing for more and more surveillance, which is odd, given the apparent inability to extract meaningful information from the captured data already being gathered by existing methods.

It's almost like the intent is to ease retroactive meaasures rather than proactive prevention, which is the stated aim.

HORDES OF CLING-ONS menace UK.gov IT estate as special WinXP support ends


Re: The NHS

Software maintenance clause in the contract?

What am I thinking, silly me, perhaps a lie down in a darkened room ...


Re: err, what?

Perhaps driven by PR mouthpieces, but it reads like a canned quote from somebody at least exposed to the process. Pure PR would be stating that it'll all be fine once they refrobulate the reciprocating flangulator


err, what?

'That includes applying existing Windows XP security patches, antivirus updates, “heightened security vigilance,” escalated security procedure and “reinforced staff awareness on security risks,” '

Seriously? They are now getting around to applying the fixes that have been released? And updating anti-virus? The business of not having a comprehensive security policy is pretty much standard ( alkthough deplorable ).

OK, I appreciate patches et al need to be tested against the apps they already have, assuming we're not looking at standard desktops here, but oh dear oh dear oh dear ....

Take time to get to know the flash you think you love



Transistors - huh. Just a passing phase, they'll be coming back to valves, you'll see ...

SHA-1 crypto hash retirement fraught with problems


+1 What John H Woods said - *no* hash is immune to collision attacks, all the better ones have is a greater level of difficulty in fabricating two blocks which generate the same hash.

Wikibon takes Fusion-io founder's FaME to logical conclusion


What goes around ...

This smacks of the old extended/expanded memory cards (shudder). And it's great, non-volatile and all - but useful only for single user workloads, unless we're talking about stuffing servers full of these things, in which case the bottleneck shifts elsewhere as always. Most of what we deal with is either insanely large seismic survey datasets ( your costs in having multiple copies of that are unlikely to make bean counters happy ) or stuff which needs to be collaboratively dealt with, in which case you are usually better off operating in the fully connected model with access and tracking mediated by a central resource.

If you've got the right workload, then fine, but otherwise ...

Beowulf Gods — rip into cloud's coding entrails


Know Thy Workload

The joy was always in trying to balance up a mix of workloads to get maximum utilisation of all the layers, something you could only achieve with a clear understanding of what your apps did and how hard they were used. Doesn't matter if it's one box, two boxes or a shiny n-tier load balanced doo-dah, baselining the workload and profiling it is king. Once you've got that, you understand what to scale and how far.

YMMV - but not likely.

Drug drone not high enough: Brit lags' copter snared on prison wire


Smart Phones?

Why the hell not a feature phone with a battery life worthy of the name, or is the lure of Facebook et al too strong ? It might also present some difficulties in status updates if the location service is enabled ...

So, you know those exciting movie-style 3D visual cyber attack ops centres?


It'll be used by bean counters

Having been involved in getting Highly Immersive Visualisation Environments up and going ( basically three high resolution projectors giving you a curved screen roughly the size of the local cinema ), you find that the main use is not for the display of spiffy, multi-coloured spinny super-shiny graphics, but for spreadsheets.

Apparently it's all about the number of cells on display.

BIG DATA wizards: LEARN from CERN, not the F500


Re: Creative solution of the year!

Magnet. They've got a few lying around ...

Urine a goldmine for fuel-cell materials: boffins


Ah, history ...

Gunpowder used to use urine as a source of Pottasium Nitrate, so we already knew about using the human body as a source of pretty damn useful/convenient chemicals ...

I QUIT: Mozilla's anti-gay-marriage Brendan Eich leaps out of door


Has no-one noticed

... this guy was one of the EICH, people! Eichbren is now returned to the noisome depths of Eddore, confident his task of sowing discord amongst us is complete - and he's right.

Drones with freakin' CLAWS grab objects like eagles


Do I not remember ... ?

Hawk the Birdman in Buck Rogers not having a ship that did this?

<Engage Yorkshire Accent> Consult t'Wiki ...


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