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South Africa launches formal objection at OOXML



You are confused mate, South Africa was the originator of the little knowm company called Verisign you may have heard of it, And also a little known Linux distro called Ubuntu, but then again you have probably not heard of either.

What did the German say when he pushed his mate of a cliff?? "Look ma, no Hans!"

How to be a failure at Guitar Hero III

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Whew dodged a bullet there, thanks...

Much appreciated, I have just entered the foray into the world of PS2 (having been a PC gamer for years the price of the PS2 has finally come down to a viable level) and a guitarist for about 12 years I have been toying with the idea of getting this "Guitar Hero" game to play around with. The only real exposure I have had with it was the Snickers stage at the Download festival last year on Thursday nght with random members of the crowd going up on stage and trying to jam along to Megadeath and AC/DC and such like.

Needless to say the show was rubbish as all the players was doing was watching the screen monitor in front of them. (It took me about 15 minutes to figure out what was going on).

After reading this I am definately not going to consider such a game as I CAN play Megadeath and AC/DC on a real Marshall with my ESP and it rocks far more than a Playstation simulator could ever do.


X-Factor singer withdraws over 'happy slapping' vid

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what a..

useless chav. she deserves all the ad press she gets.

Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk and Kill



...Does not wear sun block, the sun wears norris block!

Drunk-astronauts doc says NASA is in denial



Beem me up schkotty *hic*

German hurls computer from apartment block


"he opened a Window and it promptly crashed!"

and you would think the officers would have had the decency to boot it up for for him... Taxi!!

McLaren suspends top F1 engineer



"Formula one should remove all the brands and do what they do in A1GP, have identical cars"

Surely then it would just be A1? The GP2 series has identical cars and while I agree the racing is better (as it is in A1) it lacks the glamour and prestige of F1.

I think F1 has 50/50 appeal, 50% on track and 50% politics, which are juat as entertaining. Who can forget a certain Mr Button jumping ship from BAR only to be slapped on the wrist and forced to stay for another year, then when he could have gone to Williams they lost thier engine supplier and he chose to stay with Honda. Brilliant.