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Seagate ready for the HAMR blow: First drives out in 2017


SMR for consumers, is only good for hybrid hard drives, which have GBs of cache to cache the writes.

Like the Seagate FireCuda 2TB laptop drive with 2 1TB platters.

But otherwise, it'll be HAMR that'll bring up to another leap in bit density and hopefully boost sequential transfer speeds up and over 200MB/s for laptop drives and 300MB/s for desktop drives.

Still no laptop hybrid drives with more than 8GB of flash memory, come on now. GTA 5 is 65GB in size!!

Seagate inflates 12TB helium drives, floats them to IT bods to test


Should be a 5 year warranty on these high end drives. Buy 2 so you can keep a synchronized backup of your primary one in case of failure.

Fab-ulous: Toshiba debuts 10.5K 1.2TB spinner, joins SanDisk for 3D flash gig


Why not 4096 bytes per sector instead of 512?

Seagate flashes 60TB (yes, sixty) SSD monster


No pics of the 60TB SSD? ... why

You're fired! No – you're acquired! Reality TV hits Silicon Valley startups


He looks way, way too much like martin shkreli

He looks way, way too much like martin shkreli. That guy that was arrested for fraud after his company jacked up the price to $700 a pill or whatever.

Watch out Seagate: Here comes WD with a hybrid flash/disk drive launch


Re: Single Volume?

SATA DOES NOT. At least pure SATA, not sure about the SATA express stuff.

WD's black2 dual drive, which is a 2.5" 1TB laptop drive with 120GB SSD all in one, it uses a controller chip to have the first 120GB of the volume seen by the SATA controller to be mapped to the SSD, the 1TB after that mapped to the hard drive. The computer sees ONE volume. That is why they need that chip.

Only 1 drive per cable. If you want more, it's virtual, like multiple file systems, a controller chip, etc.


No picture?

No picture of the hybrid 3.5" drive with a PCI Express interface? How lame.

I can't find WD's SSHD drive with more than 16GB and usually 8GB of flash online like ebay. Cannot buy one with 24GB of Flash memory.

The WD Black2 1TB 2.5" hard drive, 120GB SSD is pretty much cancelled now. Way overpriced.

Toshiba tosses out uber-slim THREE TERABYTE HDD


Typo in article, it's Samsung M9T not MT9.

So, Samsung's M9T 2TB laptop drive is only 9.5mm thick, which is the standard thickness for laptop drives. But has 3 platters. So why didn't Toshiba make their 3TB laptop drive be 12.5mm thick? that should be enough for 4 platters, since, the industry has shifted 1 platter laptop drives from 7mm thick to 5mm thick. 2 platter drives from 9.5mm thick to 7mm thick, and 3 platter drive from being 12.5mm thick to now 9.5mm thick (like the Samsung M9T).

Also, Seagate must be using 5 platters to get 4TB in a 2.5" drive, yet their drive is 15mm thick too, indicating further that Toshiba could have put it in the 12.5mm form factor, so it could be used in some laptops, like the Asus G50VT and others and also the optical bay of laptops with the hard drive caddy.

The 2TB M9T is slightly less than $100 to buy, might as well get that.

Top boffin Freeman Dyson on climate change, interstellar travel, fusion, and more


Carbon Dioxide helps more than it hurst? Oh goodness, I guess the majority of scientists and Elon Musk are wrong.

Mars water discovery is a liberal-muslim plot, cry moist conspiracy theorists


Picture is from what movie?

The picture of the aliens at the top of the article. What is that from?

Graphic designs: Six speedy 17-inch gaming laptops


Re: Clevo laptops

My Asus G50VT gaming laptop is still going strong; running seti@home on the 9800m GS video card nearly 24/7 along with the CPU for years now and no failure. Though the main screen backlight went out but that was cheap to replace.


It's too bad most of those don't have upgradable CPUs

All or almost all of the laptops including the latest MSI and Asus laptops just offer soldered CPUs, not socketed. This means you cannot have a 4940MX Haswell Extreme CPU in these laptops, which offers wicked fast X86 performance especially when you overclock with Throttlestop. Asus used to have a socketed CPU in their top of the line gaming laptop, I think the Asus G75, but after that, soldered.

MSI's GT60 and GT70 laptops, which are only a year or two old, heck even has Intel Haswell inside, has a socketed CPU. But their newest laptops like the GT72 and the GT80 (Which is marketed to be super upgradable) does not!

It's a trend, and I think it is via pressure by Intel. These big computer companies won't admit to that but what other reason is there?

It is nice to be able to have a high end gaming laptop, which can also have superior x86 computing power, or offer a chea[ performance boost via a CPU upgrade when the laptop gets to be older.

Internet Explorer 11 at it again, breaks Microsoft's own CRM software


No IE11 for Windows 8.0?

So Windows 7 SP1 users can get IE11, and Windows 8.1 users get it stock, but Windows 8.0 users can't get it? WTH?

Win XP alive and kicking despite 2014 kill switch (Don't ask about Win 8)


Kill switch? Not quite

Title of the article mentions kill switch. No, no more updates will not prevent users from using XP. I bet the majority of them could care less and will keep on using it. It's a lean mean operating system these days

IT'S HERE: Seagate ships 'affordable' desktop hybrid drive


5400RPM? Ewww

5400RPM for your 3rd gen Hybrid drives don't make sense. It is opposite to your policy of desktop drives, where you no longer make 5400/5900RPM desktop drive but just 7200RPM drives. This was because you think 5400RPM drives waste time and don't save that much power and you are exactly right.

Why not make the same policy for laptop drives? Power consumption isn't an issue. A 5400RPM vs 7200RPM drive takes less than 1 watt more on average. I know hybrid drives are a bit different but they still benefit from fast mechanicals since it's only 8GB of flash and doesn't cache writes.