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NYC, LA mayors hammer Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger


More competition, not less

There needs to be more competition, not less. Exclusive cable and telco franchises granted long ago by cities should be eliminated, allowing more competition.

ONE EMAIL costs mining company $300 MEEELION



Terrorism of any kind is far from a prank. How is this any different that destroying property?

Google forges a Silver bullet for Android, aims it at Samsung's heart


Google doesn't own Android, its open source

Google has no control and hardly sells any real products, just services. Samsung and other that control 99% of the Android device market, have the resources to roll their own.

Spy back doors? That would be suicide, says Huawei


It didn't hurt Google

Of course Google is never held accountable, it's open source after all.

Apple's strong iPhone sales crush Wall Street moneymen's tepid expectations


There is clearly a double standard

It's funny how stock analysts and the press comment on new products from Apple, while Google can do no wrong. Google has announced products so long ago, that they are starting to seem like urban myths, since there is no launch date, years later.

Dropbox defends fantastically badly timed Condoleezza Rice appointment



Yet another typical Marxist attack. Demonize anyone with an opposing view.

Anatomy of OpenSSL's Heartbleed: Just four bytes trigger horror bug


OpenSSL is open source, most financial institutions don't use open source encryption.

Free services like Google and Yahoo use OpenSSL, but many commercial sites use Verisign or similar closed source encryption.

Pine trees' scent 'could prevent climate change really being a problem'


Climate scientists

Exactly how many scientific conclusions are a tax? Are climate scientists practicing social science or political science, instead of a physical science?


The Earth is self healing

CO2 rises, temp rises, CO2 creates more foliage, which consumes CO2 and produces oxygen, warmth allows foliage to grow in higher latitudes and foliage everywhere grows faster, larger and coverage is more dense. The plant life stores water, so there is less run off and heat raises the evaporation rate and ocean levels don't rise. Plants die and decay, creating a future energy source.

Wanna change the world but need cash? Fret not: Billionaire Eric Schmidt has some spare change


Eric's a great guy to have on your side

Remember he was on Apple's board of directors, right up to the time Google decided to copy the iPhone. So if your startup has any value to Google, watch your back.

Update your Mac NOW: Apple fixes OS X 'goto fail' SSL spying vuln


This is funny

Has anyone come forward that was effected? Like hackers are hiding under my bed or getting access to my home network via WiFi. This is just more anti-Apple banter. How fast are flaws discovered in Android fixed, even in the most recent version? I have been using a Mac since the 1980's and have never had a virus, been hacked or lost data and I have never spent a single cent on anti-virus software.

Tizen devices are HERE.... Hello, Samsung Gear 2 smartwatches


Tizen isn't new

Tizen isn't new. It was Samsung's open source mobile OS, before Android.

Democrats introduce net neutrality legislation in Senate and House


Re: passage

Obama can't be reelected, he's had his two terms. These bills are typical for the Democrats, that feel the need to control every thing. If they get their way, everyone will have slow internet and investment will dry up.

Google rolls out fibre to 3 million Ugandans: Ni marungi*, nyan cat


Coming soon

My father was a Ugandian prince, there is $1 million dollars in a hidden account that I can't claim, but you can. Please send me your banking information to xxxxx@gmail.com

Samsung v Apple: Titans await jury verdict on damages of MILLIONS


How much MORE the damages will be

They already awarded $600 million in this case, discounted from almost a billion, what this jury is deciding is how much over the $600 million. This is only on of several cases against Android vendors, that should end up costing Android vendors many billions, not just to Apple but to several companies holding patents that Android violated.

We've invented the FONBLET, says Samsung


A $4 billion ad budget

The company with $4 billion ad budget came up with FONBLET? The same company that copied an iWatch rumor? Vision du jour.

Another DEVASTATING Chelyabinsk METEOR STRIKE: '7x as likely' as thought


Instant climate change

Geological evidence shows that a giant meteorite about six miles wide smashed into the Yucatan Peninsula close to the current Mexican town of Chicxulub 65 million years ago. According to the standard theory, the impact set off volcanic eruptions, massive earthquakes and tsunamis that sent dust flying high into the atmosphere, where it lingered and blocked the sun's light for decades or centuries.

Deprived of the sun's life-giving rays, plants and animals began to die. The dark skies also caused temperatures to plummet and white-hot debris falling back to Earth ignited wildfires all over the globe, the smoke of which mixed with rain clouds to create a scalding acid downpour.

Many scientists believe the combined calamities killed off most of the life on Earth, including dinosaurs, in the so-called K-T extinction event .

Apple will FAIL in corporate land 'because IT managers hate iPads'



Apple iOS has a huge lead in both the enterprise and K-12 educational markets. They have something like a 90% market share. I doubt very much they could have built this lead, if IT managers hated the iPad.

Mark Shuttleworth labels Mir opponents 'the Open Source Tea Party'


Does the open source Tea Party not like big government and the taxes that they collect? That is the basis of the Tea party, even though they are not really a Party, the media demonized them by inventing other motives and platforms, that are propagated to the point people believe them. Free press, ha!

Android adware that MUST NOT BE NAMED threatens MILLIONS


Google is an advertising company, what would you expect?

Google IS an advertising company and over 95% of their profits come from advertising, so why wouldn't you expect to be tracked and haunted by adware? It's Google's business model, pure and simple.

NSA in new SHOCK 'can see public data' SCANDAL!


Top to bottom, the Obama administration is the most corrupt the USA has seen in a century. The NSA, CIA, DHS, DOJ, EPA, and IRS are all guilty of breaking laws, but they are even denying the existence of any scandals.

Foxconn: 11 hurt in 'personal' fights between workers


Why is this news?

This is only news, because of the press and the unions are attacking Apple. How many US organizations have China Labor in their name, existed 3 years ago? Where do they get their funding? I think these are questions that anyone can guess the answer to.

Apple CEO Cook: 'We're not in the junk business'


Are there lines outside the Apple stores a day early in the UK too?

It's all about demand, Apple doesn't need to join the race to the bottom, with a growing customer base and continued demand for their products. Here in the US, a used iPhone 4 has a higher resale price than some Androids phones new street price. Its all about growing their customer base and introducing more people into their sticky ecosystem.

Apple to uncloak new iPads, iMacs at October 15 event?


Re: still waiting

I use an Apple wireless keyboard on the iPad and on Apple TV.


I don't think iOS will be running on the Macbook Air

They have been getting more powerful and run real computer apps. The 64bit processors will find their way into the iPad, where they will have a bigger immediate impact, than on phones.

We made the iPhones, now we want OUR 'UNPAID' WAGES – student Pegatron toilers


Re: Who funds the CLW?

US Unions.


China Labor Watch is not even in China, they are an American Marxist activist group attacking Apple an American company. Apple doesn't manufacture in China and Pegatron has hundreds of customers, besides Apple..

Google cursed its own phones with wacked Wi-Fi, say Nexus users


Imagine if this was an iPhone problem.

There would be hundreds of articles a day written, lasting weeks after the problem was solved. Is there a dual standard for quality assurance? Is it because it's open source? With the top of the line iPhone's selling for the same as the the of the line Android phones, aren't you buying the software and hardware? Does that make iOS free software?

Climate change made sea levels fall in 2010 and 2011


Climate Change = climate speculation

So called Climate Scientists and actually social activists. Climate science is a social science designed to new create taxes, fund social activists and re-distribute wealth.

Students, rejoice ... and squint! Google rents out textbooks to mobes


A bit late to the party

K-12 textbook publishers in the USA and Europe have already standardized on iPad (iOS). They didn't do this recently, they have been providing iPad courseware and books for a couple years. Pearson is the largest and they have a full offering available for school systems. There are millions of students in the USA that the school systems provide iPads to and the students can bring them home during the school year.

Google Chromecast: Here's why it's the most important smart TV tech ever


Deja vu

I think I remember reading something like this about WebTV in 1996.

'Nearly 1,350' HP Enterprise Services staffers strike over redundancies – union


HP has union employees?

Tech firms don't typically have unions, now I know why HP is in trouble.

Senator: Surveillance state based on secret law 'has no place in America'


They say one thing and do another ....

They say they are using surveillance to catch criminals and terrorists, but far to ofter they use it for political reasons.

Legal eagles pit Apple v. Samsung in thievery test


MAC address

Every network device has a unique MAC address. It can be spoofed, by transmitting a false one, but it is still there on the network chip. Why can they log them when a phone is sold or added to a network. It would catch all be the most sophisticated thieves.

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit


Jobs legacy

These law suits are Steve Jobs legacy. He was quoted saying "I don't care about the money, I have money, I want them to stop copying Apple". He was referring to the litigation and monetary awards.

IBM axes nearly THREE THOUSAND staffers in North America - union


Unions and IBM?

Are they letting just union employes go? If so, it is a smart move.

Google accused of hypocrisy over Glass ban at shareholder shindig


They don't want to be embarased

It might be obvious that the batteries don't last long, as everyone wearing them, removes them as the batteries die.

Film crew plans dig to find lost burial ground of Atari's E.T.


One question


Google on advertising-funded cesspools: We don't like them either


Apple and Coke don't buy Google Adwords, so they never show up in porn.


The reason you don't see Apple and Coke on those raunchy websites is simple, neither buys Ad Words advertising from Google. There is also very finite control of the media and geography with the Google Ad Words platform.

Warming: 6°C unlikely, 2°C nearly certain


Is "nearly certain" somewhere between a "strong maybe" and a "we think so"? The "climate scientists" don't have enough real data points and don't even understand all the elements and variables yet. It is just as easy to use the data that leads these people to believe in their guess, to say civilization thrives during warm periods and suffers during cold periods. Here is another theory: plants eat CO2 and it spurs growth, so the planet could be more green in 2100 and consume more CO2, because of the extra foliage, while human production of C02 stabilized decades earlier. There is no tax to collect, so my theory is not actionable to feed governments, in their minds.

First Samsung Galaxy S4 review leak: Stop FONDLING, start FINGERING


Android is not an Apple killer

Apple's last quarter was the best in history, not just for Apple, but for any tech company ever. They are just beginning to dent the Chinese and Indian markets, which account for more than 50% of the worlds population. Apple thinks long term and Apple customers are the most loyal tech customers on the planet. Apple will be just fine, because they are really a software company with the best software and Android will continue to show the faults that plague diverse Open Source distribution deployments. Consider the news that Samsung's new phone ships with an old Android Operating System as an example and you won't have to wait long before viruses and the like become an issue on Android. At some point Samsung and the others will be forced to become software companies and take full ownership of the Open Source version they want to take forward.


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