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Suprise at spelling snafu sanctions

David Bell
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If you can't beat them, join them...

I'm an engineer and write technical specifications all the time. The way it's written has an affect (effect? no) on its meaning, therefore I hate this attitude.

But I can't help thinking.......could we apply this to other things.

How about "we can't stop the yoof from smoking weed so lets not bother" Oh, we already did that!

Mine's the one with the twatting stick in the pocket! Come here you little scrote

Busts 4 Justice battles Bulgarian airbag tax

David Bell

Engineering Effort

The extra £2 is, I expect, to cover the cost of all the extra engineering involved in order to keep the massive mammaries in place. The stress exerted on a bra to hold G cup wangers is considerably more than that required for a B cup dissapointment, and in the age of the blame culture where nothings ever the fault of the person to whom it happened, then you'd better make sure that the bigger baps don't break free, otherwise someones gonna be suing your arse.

To all those who think it's a tax against the gluttons, If M&S wanted to penalise the fat, then surely they would put the tax on the back measurement.

Obama bloats Vista by 11MB

David Bell

@ JonB

The nagger can be killed. I have a fairly locked down workstation running XP and cannot change any settings regarding updates. The nagger annoyed me until I decided to write a simple batch file to kill it. I now keep this on my desktop and If i get prompted to restart, I simply run the batch file. Ridiculously simple but oh so satisfying.

@echo off

net stop "automatic Updates"

Enjoy ;-)

Fixing the UK's DAB disaster

David Bell

What's the point?

FM Radio sound quality is good enough and has a certain 'Atmosphere' to it. Sometimes sound quality is not the only thing you want.

Plus, I've been looking at buying one for a while but the majority of them that I've looked at don't play CDs or MP3s so it's radio only, a bit limiting me thinks.

Add to that they just replicate existing radio station with a few commercial radio stations added (Double Glazing Anyone?) and Black and Asian music which for me is akin to having bamboo thrust under my fingernails, then I have to ask......

What's the point!

Internet s&x auction ends in pregnancy, legal feud

David Bell


Reminds me of the machine that made the "milkshake" in the movie "Twins" for some reason, only she's the machine.

Perhaps she'll have twins, one tall and muscular, like Arnold Swartzerwotsisname, and on short and fat like Danny De-vito, and we could make a quite unfunny film out of it!?

Cops hunt charred power cable thief

David Bell


Having watched "idiocracy" the other night, i firmly believe that the HSE should just let darwinism win out.

We constantly protect the stupid so that they can reproduce (we even give them money to live on) and bring up similarly uneducated idiots, yet the intelligent among us can't afford to as we have houses to pay for and tax, and....well....we're just too busy working and the like.

Stop giving out benefits and stop putting ridiculous safety signs on everything otherwise we're gonna be a race of incompetent idiots!

Academics propose carbon-capture kit for cars

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Paris Hilton


Come on Nick. If you feel the need to reply, at least read the article. The fuel is not burned as such it s run through the reactor first and changed into CO2 and hydrogen. Remember your GCSE Chemistry? The hydrogen is then burned to make water.

Paris? Cos she can't read either...

TomTom files patent for camera sat nav

David Bell

To Callum

Yes You Could.

You can patent an idea and then just licence it to someone else. Get them to do the hard work and watch the cash roll in. Now all I need is an idea....