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Windows 10 Linux Distribution Overload? We have just the thing


Never going to be useful because.....

To have W10 to have a section of it with a quality Linux distribution means Micro-Shaft and pop in and see whatever is being used data wise..... And they could just ditch it at a whim.

Now I current use a Hard Disk .SSD disc to hold both W7 or W10 on the same drive and so far that has worked well provided W10 is installed first and Linux installed second.

I've not met any problems doing this. Al-tho I do have a Desktop with W10 only on it not plugged into Internet running a very fast card database through Dosbox.

Windows 7 is still as good as Micro-mush goes in OS's for the many OMHO.

Simple and fast is what I like, new features are a pain not an asset. As long as I can download applications that are trust worth.

BT: Let us scrap ordinary phone lines. You've all got great internet, right?


Wrong Goal Wrong aims

Having fast Internet to everyone who wants it needs the fiber to arrive into every customers building.

(4G works fine but has speed limits and 5G has yet be generally available and may not be affordable)

Can BT / Openreach deliver the fiber into every one who wants it by 2015 ? Absolutely no chance as their track record is appalling.IMHO.

A MAJOR change is needed to do this and even if there is a strong will to achieve this 2030 is more likely.

The fix over what is currently happening to what is desperately needed is vital.

I took the view that 4G would render the use of copper as obsolete and ditched my landline. A good decision. (the last 1/2 mile of copper is real an awful decision often not worth having better investment is going all the way,

Rant over...

Distro watch for Ubuntu lovers: What's ahead in Linux land


Re: FreeBSD wireless device support

Edimax from Amazon have a stick that is accepted by Ubuntu without question and works exceptionally well.

IMHO don't bother with any other as there are loads of rubbish ones out there !

: ))


Farewell Unity, you challenged desktop Linux. Oh well, here's Ubuntu 17.04


File Browsers: Files AND Dolphin

I use both Dolphin and Files for some years, Each have some excellent features (and can be run at the same time)

Files allow you to eject your data DVD/Memory Stick with great ease and Dolphin (as installed using 'Terminal', and gives better information detail. The is another Dolphin one that is truly terrible !)

Don't know anything about the others... Dolphin is by far the better.


'Windows 10 destroyed our data!' Microsoft hauled into US court


Coping with Windows 10 - Replace it with Ubuntu 17.04

I look after a Community computer room, and often get asked for help from struggling users who got upgraded from Windows 7 etc to Windows 10.

Trashed Data often has occurred. I don't attempted to repair the OS as its vastly inferior to any Ubuntu which I regard as a professional product.. Which cannot, in my view, be said on most of Microsoft's offering on Desktop PCs .

One of the methods I use is to remove the Disc out of the desktop PC or Laptop. use GP Parted to wipe the hard disc, create a partition and format it to NTFS using all of the discs capacity.

Put is back the computer. Put an installation disc in the dvd player or memory stick and find a way of booting from it and install Ubuntu 17.04 which is available 13th April. Its worth the wait !

Note its free of charge !!!

Professional operating systems all use a mostly Unix variant. aka Solaris, BSD Linux.

In my opinion Microsoft won't be offering Desktop/Laptop OSs within 3 years, so so might as well get started now. With Microsoft out of the way computer operating systems choice is Linux or Apple Macs (its core is BSD) , hopefully companys will stall installing that retuned and offer that for sale.

Others may disagree with me, but very few who met some of the grimmer aspects of Windows 10 !

I upgrade one or two computers a month for those who ask for help in the community I support free of charge.

Sad for those who must have software that only run on Windows. Buy a second hand Windows 7 box and turn updates off as every so often one o9f the updates may well be toxic.

As an engineer I like stuff that just works.

'Webroot made my PCs s*** the bed' – AV update borks biz machines hard


Sort of curious, if a PC is 'Bricked' how do you get to install the fix ? as there is no way in.

Personally I keep an image of the hard drive also the data on a separate partition.

So recovery is easy, but then I'm not in the corporate world.

Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband


Re: Summary of BroadBand on Fibre,,

Around 1974 Microwave tubes where the best long haul technology, but it became obvious that fibre was a massively better option. It was a sad time because there was a final conference held and the news microwave was being ditched was announced a few weeks afterwards. Where did that leave all the R&D engineers who had spent a good few years refining that technology ? Sad times .

Now it was fully understood getting fibre installable would take a few years but it was 'enginerable'.

A bit like we new the microprocessor was a massive advance, but 4 bit processors worked which lead to 8 bit then 16 bit, 32bit and 64 bit. Sure we had to wait, such as reliable professional operating systems had to emerge. Some shabby ones were cobbled together but Unix shines and most Microsoft ones didn't.


Re: Summary of BroadBand on Fibre,,

Their are various totally non BT routes to getting fast fibre. The is a farmers collective which have laid their own fibre through fields they own. Virgin has some stuff they own too..

Maybe a dozen collectives exist (best guess).. The relevance is avoid BT like the plague....


Summary of BroadBand on Fibre,,

In the mid 1970's is was Obvious that Fibre was the solutions and all new homes should have that fitted, not copper. I was in the Line Transmission R&D section of Plessey on GPO destined transmission equipment.

It was a N0-Brainer. GPO management was at the time a Gutless lot at that time failing to look after the needs of the UK's population.

If a business or home upgrades their Broadband they need fibre from the exchange to the box in their house (say in the living room) where the fibre optic signal can converted to Broadband that the household can use. Its obvious that the part copper solution was a temporary bodge, rather than a wonderful solution.

The tradition of having useless top management in the GPO and been reliably carried forward by BT.

I say this because look at what Southern Koria has achieved but using 100% fibre for many Decades !

A cull of the top two layers of BT management, would save a lot of wages and be able to increasing funding of training linesmen also getting fibre to all customers who want it regardless of location.

This has been blatantly obvious for approx 42 years.

London's Met Police has missed the Windows XP escape deadline


For working computers follow the French government

I can't see any future using an OS that has spyware built into it.

Most other sensible governments can see a good future without having to pay Microsoft any money...

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: This design needs a dictator


Re: I HAD Win 10...now I don't. You can't get there from here.

Yes it removes the Master Boot Record and puts in UEFI which goes into the firmware that allows BIOS to be ignored.

Very rude of Microsoft IMHO.

I found Installion CDs were ignored But it did unexpectedly allow a Windows 7 CD to boot and I installed W7 which I immediate overwrote with an Ubuntu 16.04 , which worked just fine.

As my 3TB disc was nearly bricked by W10 I never went back to W10, which I regarded as dangerous rubbish with its capability to knacker my expensive hardware.

Do wiki UEFI which explains a lot more....


Windows 10: Happy with Anniversary Update?


Microsoft have finally done it ! A massive slow grinding machine....

.... that will drive people back to XP (still available) or Macs or Linux.

No one in their right mind would share that much data with a company like Microsoft, so the only sane choice is to go somewhere else for their OS !

Apple's iOS updates brick iPads


I voted on this buy moving from ios 7 to Android

For me it was international symbols which meant nothing to me ....

If you accidentally swipe from the bottom up a screen comes up with a load of comprehensible ikons. I had accidentally touched the 'do not disturb ikon

That caused all incoming calls to go to voicemail.. After several weeks I lost patience with it and put my sim card in a phone that would ring when someone phoned me !

On trying to restore a previous backup using iTunes the updated latest version of Itunes no long recognised I'd just plugged by phone into the computer. that followed upgrading my ios to 7 which blew my contact list away...

So if you have a iphone 4 do not upgrade the ios to 7 ! IMHO unless you value the hugely improved compass ! *LOL*


I voted on this buy moving from ios 7 to Android

For me it was international symbols which meant nothing to me ....

If you accidentally swipe from the bottom up a screen comes up with a load of comprehensible ikons. I had accidentally touched the 'do not disturb ikon

That caused all incoming calls to go to voicemail.. After several weeks I lost patience with it and put my sim card in a phone that would ring when someone phoned me !

So if you have a iphone 4 do not upgrade the ios to 7 ! IMHO unless you value the hugely improved compass ! *LOL*

Asleep on the job: Students dream of GROPING RACKS after darkness falls


Very very short video... like zero.

A vulture glitch I fear !

Only 1 in 5 Americans believe in pure evolution – and that's an upswing


Teaching Rubbish --- Ugh !

Any scientist engaged in pure reasearch, will shudder at lessons being taught that are laughable rubbish.

USA seems to have cornered a lot folk who are hell bent on making their educational curriculum in some states on matters of evolution a very sad event.

Spreading ignorance is about as bad as it gets.

Its a bit like finding major errors in text books, or tick a box exams where the person who created the exam didn't understand some parts of the topic ! I've found both in the UK.

Cringeworthy in the extreme !

Oi, Microsoft, where's my effin' toolbar gone?


Makes LibreOffice and the like a very creditable alternative !

I hate context sensitive info. Its like hidding a steering wheel on a staight road ! Who would want car like that !

A text editor called 'Kate' moved the 'Print' off the toolbar a year or so ago, another 'own goal' !


BT engineers - missed appointments


No-Show and fed rubbish !

Living in a rural part of the UK, all the copper is up on poles. At the end of last November, the line went very noisy and Broadband dropped out, 10 days later very skilled Engineer came out and fixed.

Ditto december, ditto January but this time it was a no-show.

Winging a lot, I was told that it was a 'new' ticket (my jargon) and another 10 days would pass. Explaining that they hadn't done any thing with the first 'ticket' and may I speak to the suppervisor's supervisor , they fixed it in 3 working days. (Excuse was Engineer had tested it in the exchange and line was OK ! = rubbish)

Meanwhile the telco '3' has a new mast with G3 on it nearby ! It's speed if on occasion up to 6MB/s. and the copper offer 1MB/s tops often less, I bought a WiFi dongle andget the familly's tablets, laptops etc running on it.

As soon as I've got my Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) Desktop PC running on it I'm ditching the landline as an expensive joke.

(This OS is a bit picky as to WiFi Dongle and a compatible one should be with me this week)



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