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Facebook's freebie for poor people under fire again


No internet better than facebook's internet

The sub-title had me confused as it seemed to conflict with the main title. On further reading it cleared up - phrasing?

Phoney McPhoneface: The thrilling tale of ZTE's crowdsourced mobe


Phoney McPhoneface

I feel a sudden urge to buy a phone with that name - something to do with being cool etc. (Not necessarily with those specifications though) Great marketing idea lost then?

Google kills copycat TfL congestion charge payment ads



No one worried about Bing users? No one? Ok, i'm off.

Virgin Media spanked by ad watchdog over 'in your neighbourhood' fibs


Moved houses recently and Virgin offered us a bandwidth increase to ensure we continued with them. They kept saying all was well and arranged for a time/date to set it up. One day before, a virgin van came along, checked our premises and then we got a call - no connection possible as they'd have to lay a 15m cable to connect our house. This after we were assured that we would be connected - and I work from home, so this was probably as close to a disaster as it could get. Went for an ADSL with Plusnet (which for some reason Virgin didnt even offer).

Yup, received a flyer yesterday saying - VM is in the neighbourhood!

Microsoft fears XP could cause Indian BANKOCALYPSE


Re: Mass starvation and widespread looting.

The self service tills might run XP embedded. Give that looting a couple of years more as XPe support runs out in 2016.

Pirate Bay Warg accused of hacking international police database

Big Brother

Re: My main concern here is

There is no more 'we', all of your data are belong to us!

Review: Sony Xperia SP



How would you rate it against Acer's Cloudmobile that got rave reviews on this website? Now available for £170.

They WANT to EAT YOUR COMPUTER - welcome your ANT overlords



is fighting back...!

(From Avatar (Shamed to have mentioned Avatar in this forum, that's why I'm getting my coat!))

Dell axes IT channel middlemen, installs Windows in the factory


I thought the channel increased reach?

The channel developed so OEMs could manufacture and ship out to a large number of little customers without having to invest and manage in developing a large sales team?

Is Dell only focusing on the enterprise kind here then?

Google extends trademarks-in-ads policy to whole world


Re: How does this affect people with adblock installed?

This refers to the 'paid ads' that appear in google search results in the top and the right - since these are plain text, they should not be affected by your adblock.

What I'm keen to know is can one use trademarks? (I know one 'shouldnt' but can one?)