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REVEALED: The gizmo leaker Snowden used to smuggle out NSA files

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Re: Disable USB for mass storage ...

The elegant solution in 'nix, but anyone with root access can chg your settings too... Just like anyone on windaz can mod the registry. You can define all these controls in policy, but organised crime, hackers and those w enough balls to act to defend freedom in our not so free now (and worse to be soon) society, can still circumvent.

There is no such thing as a secure system. Private data has to be managed as private data, else it will become public. The real problem here is more about what data governments want to keep secret:

Apart from their citizen's personal information, what data should they even be allowed to keep secret and for how long- if they are doing the right thing? As they tell us they are...

The problem here is two fold; the amount of seriously bad stuff governments are doing and the amount of data theyre classifying as secret. They store most of it as secret as no one tells them not to (and they're proven to be no better at managing their data bloat than the average MOP (member of the public)... Being able to keep it secret removes a lot of the onus on them to do the right thing.

Wholesale Data Surveillance like PRISM, corporates sharing Customer activity and assigning Universal unique IDs to everyone, ISPs like Telstra storing customer usage details and comprimising their customer's private data- all of this combined with constant surveillance makes the problem exponentially worse.

Turning the Net into the world's primary surveillance system is totally unsustainable of course. But they don't care. And how will it end for us? So why accept it now? Why allow them to keep shooting the messengers and turn so many people against us when we should be using this time of prosperity and opportunity to bring Nations and people together?

Until we expect more from those who govern (and tell them so) all this will combine with population and resource challenges to end in cataclysmic permawar. Our spooks don't want this, but they don't see it either.

Microsoft offers free keyboard covers for Surface RT

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So on July 1...

June 30: free keyboard offer closes

July 1: MS surface RT includes keyboard.

Pity they didn't include it in the first place. But what else would you do if you we're having trouble shipping demo models to the shops in time for the product launch?

China ponders joining controversial IP trade treaty

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The great copyright robbery!

They probably even think these are healthy policy amendments or Continual Policy Improvement or something, not devolution. Borg lawyers must be driving it with their own (secret) industry version of a kickstarter project contributed to by their mates (and their mates' companies).

The systematic Rape and plunder of the public purse of each country is not enough; now the Borg wants to legally own (rather than just 'to have and to hold' our data)

Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups; so what does that make the process of legally but unethically 'Assuming ownership' ?

A. L-A-W, not theft, to those that take. Societal breakdown to those that create. The great copyright robbery!

Kinky? You're mentally healthier than 'vanilla' bonkers

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Why on earth conclude that?

Ie that S&M ptactitioners are more psychologically healthy than the community?

what was measured was in fact 902 online forum members Vs 442 ostensibly women's magazine readers?

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild

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And once they release 8.11...

With a start menu as well as a start screen, then the order will really start rolling in?

I don't think it will make much difference, (except to the support call volumes going to each bleeding partner- "where's my start menu" " how do I launch word?" Lol

Australian government launches cloud strategy

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Looking forward to the day the ACS and NBN boffins will offer me hosting at a comparable price to Europe so I can host locally.

Can't see any of them working out how to deliver a Linux host w >100gb data and automated Config management for well under <$10 though. Good sentiment certainly. Howard let the horse (or rather, the entire stable) bolt on this one a decade ago when he privatised Telecom Australia and let them ignore investing in FttN and FttH.

Industry execs: Network admins an endangered species

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Re: ...management monkey imagines they know enough to fire the help and save some cash.

Yea, the management kept most of its bonuses and the public refilled the trough with gold...

Now it gets serious: Fracking could RUIN BEER

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Streuth! This could change the CSG debate in Oz!

Streuth! This could change the Coal Seam Gas debate in Australia. If anyone knew where our water came from! (.. pass me another can would you, Stan...)

Tipsters exposed after South Africa's national police force hacked

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Not so fast you lot....

There may be a different group behind all this...

Perhaps someone paid (or otherwise motivated) some ass-hat script kiddies to collect and release,

Maybe someone 'left the door open' knowing its only be a matter of time.

Maybe someone edited the list before, during or after the theft.

There are just soooo many possibilities.

Look ma, no plugins! Streaming web video with just JavaScript

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It's just another...

It's just another way to turn everything that is so cool about the Internet ecosystem into c and b grade media streams interspersed with ads. AND encourage humanity to stay asleep at the wheel; continuing to under utilise the amazing tech it could otherwise be saving its own kind (and entire planet's future) with.

Xen hypervisor leaps into Linux Foundation

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It's not the hyper visor that counts...

... so much, it's the management functions. What makes and breaks vm platforms is all the dry stuff like scalability, storage, reliability, metrics, maintenance... VMware is not just there a quality hyper visor, it's the relevance customers can subscribe to: third party support with strong product lifecycles and features, all the key components of Total cost.

Now sure, Xen (and KVM) have a lot of cool stuff too, but they are not as simple to run for non-nixers and the like. Hence the take up of virtualbox despite Larry the Reaper's shadow, not to mention others fighting over the same bodily remains- eg devlish perpetrators like RedHat and MS shouting Hype through every hailer.

Besides the BSD kernel and stack has a lot to do with VMware's uptime advantage with paying customers. Once Linux can keep its pants up under serious load the KVM vs Xen debate will be an interesting one.

For reliability at any non-desktop level it still goes BSD, Nix/win, ie VMware, OSX plus VMware or parallels, nix or windows plus your choice of hypervisor. HyperV probably still competes with non-custom versions of Xen on non-custom kernels... Such as The ones amazon codes and deploys to maintain AWS uptimes.

Tibetan and Uyghur activists targeted with Android malware

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Although this is clearly start sponsored w

There are enough unpaid cinozealots hacking anything that moves to claim dibs and kudos (for a chance at an official hacking job) that they will pick on anyone, particularly poor monks in the mountains.

This regime will last as long as we want it to last. There is no chance of running out of Chinese hackers, hungry for money or perhaps even edible sustenance (food)!

Googlification of Britain: Forget 'IT worker', we're all just 'digital' now

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Another round of over simplification

By those incapable of imagining complex data and capabilities as anuthinh more than web pages and PDFs. When the web forms won't do, theyll build phat-ass java applets that won't work on more than one OS version, collectong millions of dollars, whilst each achieves the collective output of two or three SQL queries. On the process they'll use logic built on layers of vulnerable code they don't understand and cannot maintain, producing unstable apps that barely work but can be hidden by funnelling help desk and maintenance to third world DCs where the staff can earn 5x the wage selling the data it's all based on.

Meanwhile anyone capable of pulling the data with a few lines of code or SQL will be laid off so the data can be made redundant and deleted once organised crime types have it all nicely indexed and dynamically updating from each government website...

France demands Skype register as telco

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Is it not illegal to encrypt

(Avoiding locally approved interception) yet allow uncontrolled plain text access to each node doing the routing in foreign jurisdictions?

How UK gov's 'growth' measures are ALREADY killing the web

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Well at least they aren't blocking it

(Great Chinese firewall like), as they are here in Australia. Fearlessly speak openly (for we can castrate your words) and censor your kids from speaking any further ills (we know where u live dissenting punk... Bwaahahahahaaaa$

Retailer challenges Visa penalty fees in data security dust-up

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But what about the real victims?

And how many of those whose personal information was exposed have been informed? Had an opportunity to verify their accounts (rather than have to do it every month, if they remember, and then write a letter, follow it up, shake them down, follow it up again, etc all in the hope that $1100 payment will might may one day be returned?

If that had been done, the Court would have as evidence what and who was impacted, rather than be debating the amounts.

Sony chairman Howard Stringer set to retire, explore 'new world'

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Inevitability's a bitch

When the road runs out, which way so you go? Into the wilderness or onto obscurity? If you can no longer blaze a trail for any reason, liquidation is the only homourable option, as it gives everyone something for their time and/or investment. If you don't you are surely captaining a truly pirate management crew- and are effectively abandoning all the years of loot and toil to the boldest enterprise/s anyhow.