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Look! Up in the sky! Proof of concept for satellites beaming energy to Earth!


Daft idea

If you collect energy from the sun in space and beam that down to the Earth, you are literally making the global warming problem worse by increasing the energy falling on the planet.

Scientists pull hydrogen from thin air in promising clean energy move



High voltage DC can ship power over thousands of kilometres with very low loss, due to the very high voltages.

Supreme Court urged to halt 'unconstitutional' Texas content-no-moderation law


The first amendment also limits companies.

In the US, no company has natural rights. A company exists purely due to corporations law. Any rights a company has, exist only because corporation law provided those rights. The corporations law is subservient to the first amendment. The law cannot therefore allow a corporation to impact upon a human's first amendment right to free speech.

A company could be given free speech rights but that would only apply to speech that is inherently that of the company. It would not apply to employees or customers of that companies as their rights are inherent to the indiviual.

Pentagon opens up about its database of 400 smudges that may or may not be UFOs


An incredible still

of smudges and blurs. Can I see and interview of an actual alien rather than infrared photos of geese?

Google unrolls search features to tackle misinformation


oh dear,

The father of lies unrolls search features to tackle people ignoring it's propaganda.

Intel to spend €17bn on chip mega-factory in Germany


This fab is going to require electricity, I assume.

Good luck with that. Germany closing power stations by the fistful. Can't buy gas, won't use nuclear power, closing coal fired power stations. Power cost rising faster than inflation. etc, etc....

8 years ago another billionaire ploughed millions into space to harvest solar power and beam it back down to Earth


Daft idea

This makes the global warming problem worse not better. Your increasing the surface area of collected sunlight. Every watt beamed from space now has to return to space via atmospheric convection and radiative loss. If we are already getting too warn effectively increasing the sunlight the planet absorbs will not correct that.

President Trump turns out the lights on solar panel imports into US


Chinese solar companies are engaged producing polution.

Chinese solar companies are manufacturing solar cells that are of obsolete design and whose total lifecycle energy cost is about equivalent to the total lifespan energy output. The environmental damage from the manufacturing process is huge.

By ensuring these Chinese cells are not dumped in the US it become much more viable for advanced technology (such as sliver cells) to be produced in the US. The environmental cost will be reduced, the TCO of solar installations will be reduced and the more advanced cells being produced will be far more energy positive that the imported ones.

Chinese solars cells are little more than frozen coal powered electricity and are not helping the environment one iota. By adding these tariffs the net effect is an improvement to the environment. Win, win, win.

Don't bother buying computers for schools, says OECD report


Re: 15 year olds require more than the basics

derp. Oh well....


15 year olds require more than the basics

Teaching basic literacy and numeracy, the report adds, “will do more to create equal opportunities in a digital world than solely expanding or subsidising access to high-tech devices and services.”

If your teaching basic literacy and numeracy to 15 year olds, you missed the boat.

NBN cable rules spark electricity network push-back


Place Names


"West Australia's Office of Energy Safety" should be "Western Australia's Office of Energy Safety". There is no such place as West Australia.



Cheers, Bill Gates. Who wouldn't want drinking water made from POO?



"all the water we drink now has been pissed in, shit in and wanked in time and time again"

and it _remembers_.

I put alcohol in my water to help it forget.

Australia's marriage equality vote should take place online


Tell 'em they're dreaming

"What better way for the DTO to encourage people to sign up for government accounts, and introduce the look and feel it proposes for all government web sites, than with a plebiscite?"

If you are writing about MyGov accounts then nothing will help. The people behind MyGov are utter fucking morons. They can shove MyGov up their arse, rotate it clockwise until it locks and then yank it out with a bus.

Not playing that game, just not playing. Must stop writing now as every remaining word I have to say is foul and vulgar.

Playing with graphene? All the cool kids are using TIN – atom-thick sheets of stanene

Black Helicopters

Tin Hat

Stanene felt fedoras coming soon to your nearest psychic security stockist.

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits


Not enough meat

Clearly the problem is, there is not enough meat at these trade shows. I propose booth set up frying pans with bacon in them. Free bacon for attendees because bacon.

Free buns with that bacon and some sauce as well.


NO WARRANTS NEEDED for metadata access, argues Oz A-G


Storing data on phone calls is a direct attack on democracy

In a country like Australia where a secret ballot is essential to ensuring an honest election, this is an attack on people's right to vote for whom they prefer.

Any person should be able to speak or act, for or against an incumbent executive government. By tapping my calls without warrant, by looking at who I call, where and when, even legal political activity can be curtailed and suppressed.

Should I choose to campaign (as is my protected right to free speech), I can no longer be assured that the executive government will not interfere. If I argue with Australian voters the attorney-general cannot be trusted and should be replaced, can I expect this to be ignored by those currently in power? Should I choose to argue that the security forces need to be curtailed can I expect now to appear on a watch-list that restricts my access to like mined individuals?

Those who have nothing to hide have no vote.


Renault unveils mini-SUV equipped with a QUADCOPTER DRONE


Re: Parallels of Disaster

"I don't actually understand why anyone would want this,"

To get me around the booze bus induced traffic jams that frequent my area.



What's with that?

"The presence of the magnetic field, however, is inimical to spectroscopy"

My question is why?

DOOMSDAY still just MINUTES AWAY: As it has been since 1947


Re: Forgetful?


Hello Warsaw: Greenland ice loss will be OK 'even under extreme scenarios'


Re: I have said it before i will say it again

The simplest solution for people who think the world is too full of people is for them to leave. I don't see you volunteering to become a barrel of soilent green diesel.

Dark HEAVY METAL star fires up jets, vomits hot ROCK into space


Nickel Jets

"So we want to understand better the impact jets have on their environment."

Just in case they cause anthropological global warming and we have to ban them.

WD unveils new MyBook line: External drives now bigger... and CHEAP


Re: Bad Experience

First drive dead out of the box.

Replacemnet under warranty dead out of the box

Next replacement under warranty dead out of the box

I just gave up at that point and just ceased buying WD drives (or should that be WMD drives). Who needs the grief?


Green German gov battles to keep fossil powerplants running


The answer is obvious...

Start investing in more sustainable green power.

Replace coal/gas fired power stations with HFR geothermal power stations. The construction costs are similar to coal fired power stations. The running costs are lower than any other type of power station. The footprint on the planet is smaller than any other type of power station. The emmisions are near zero. Thier operation does not create waste products. They provide baseload power 24 hours/day. As a green/renewable powersource they get priority on the grid.

Seriously, this is a solved problem, I wish people stop whining like a bitch and just get on with implementing it.

US federal judge: Yes, Bitcoin IS MONEY


Re: Duck test = fish test!

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is probably a dragon disguised as a duck.

Are driverless cars the death knell of the motor biz?


I love the idea and desperately want one but what about professional drivers

Truck drivers, taxi drivers, delivery van drivers, there are a huge number of people who will be put out of work by this technology. For example, a large trucking company would want to automate their trucks as soon as possible. The trucks will suffer less wear and tear, use less fuel and tyres, and be able to run 24hours a day without a break except for maintenance. Lets face it, the maintenance will becopme automated too, so goodby mechanics. This will result in a significant saving for the trucking company but what government is looking ahead and putting plans in place to find work for the displaced drivers, mechanics, etc. Do they just get chucked on the rubbish?

Star Trek: The original computer game


Back in the nineteen seventies...

The computer club at the school I went to had a Star Ttrek program running on a Wang 2200B written in BASIC running in real time. It was great. If you didn't move eventually all the klingons and Romulens would eneter your sector and attack you. Not a bad inteface for a 80 by 25 Character B/W screen. The machine had 8K of RAM and a 32K ROM based basic interpreter, twin tape drives and a card reader. Nice keyboard though, with smart function keys.

Boffins plan to drop €250,000 TEST-TUBE BURGER on London


The real question is..

When can they grow a girlfriend? I can get a burger anywhere.

Hands up who wants 3D finger-controlled fridges? That's the spirit


People will patent any old nonesense

All of my frides have always been three dimensional and finger operated.....

Self-healing chips survive repeated LASER BLASTS


This has applications for space technology

Routing around damage from a cosmic ray, for example.