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72 flights later and a rotor blade short, Mars chopper loses its fight with physics


At least it was bolted on, so no Boeing involved

Alaska Airlines' door-dropping flight was missing bolts


If the flight recorder is perfectly capable of over 2 hours storage, why is it even an option to write over after 2 hours?

Missed expectations, zero guidance: Tesla's 'great year' was anything but


Re: Musk vs. the investor class

While I vicariously agree, the trouble is that when the music stops it's not the investor class who end up paying the economic costs of the subsequent bust. They get bailed out.

Amazon Ring sounds death knell for surveillance as a service


I'm tired of this whole fatuous argument that just because I am out of the house in public, I have no expectation of not being constantly surveilled and have no right of privacy.

Apple's on-device gen AI for the iPhone should surprise no-one. The way it does it might


I've been trying qwant, but it's early days.

Lukewarm reception for Microsoft's Copilot Pro amid performance, cost grumbles


It's seem currently that all tech companies are like chimps lined up to throw AI poo at users and see what sticks.

Tech billionaires ask Californians to give new utopian city their blessing


Re: Biggest problem.

Voters are still thick enough to give them what they ask for.

CLIs are simply wizard at character building. Let’s not keep them to ourselves


You mean like the dark red or dark blue text on a black background that some terminals default to? Or for that matter the idiotic color scheme on Google assistant which similarly has dark grey on a black background at times.


Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping seems quaint in comparison to modern bloat.

AstraZeneca bets $247M AI can create a cancer-fighting antibody


Re: Even if they find it

Sure. There are 10s of 1000s of scientists in on the ruse and only a plucky group of ignoramuses such as yourself know the truth.

Wayland takes the wheel as Red Hat bids farewell to X.org


Re: Wayland itself is getting old now...

systemd will probably contain linux before long.

Palantir bags £330M NHS data bonanza despite privacy fears


"People want to understand the arrangements to ensure the NHS does not find itself locked into a relationship with any specific vendor."

No. People want to ensure that the NHS is not providing their health information to invasive data slurping operations without permission.

California governor vetoes bill requiring human drivers in robo trucks


Re: Requiring drivers in autonomous vehicles should be for safety reasons only

You mean the regulatory framework that is ramming WaymoMoolah and Cruise down the throats of residents in San Francisco against their will and the demands of the elected city government? No thanks.

Artificial General Intelligence remains a distant dream despite LLM boom


TL;DR. Nobody knows what "intelligence" is or how it works. Nobody knows if the current fad in deep learning is capable of generating "intelligence" in silico.

TSA wants to expand facial recognition to hundreds of airports within next decade


"Next, it verifies the person pictured on the identification card is the same person standing at the TSA podium, while also verifying the person is, in fact, traveling in the next 24 hours, and whether they have PreCheck, regular screening status, or are on a list to receive additional screening, Langston said."

None of which require facial recognition technology.

Forget these apps and AI, where's my flying car? Ah, here's one with an FAA license


Given that a significant proportion of drivers can't handle 2 dimensions, this doesn't seem like it will end well.

Google accused of ripping off advertisers with video ads no one saw. Now, the expert view


Re: Facebook cutting off news

I have no idea how I achieved it, or perhaps it's just uBlock; but I never see news on Facebook anyway. All I get is the feed with posts from friends, interspersed with ads that I ignore.

Red Hat strikes a crushing blow against RHEL downstreams


Re: GPL violation

Agree. The TL;DR is "get stuffed Redhat".

NASA to tear the wings off plane in the name of sustainability


Somewhat of a kwasi-wing then.

US Senators take Meta to task for releasing LLaMA AI model after token safety checks


I'm confused. Zuckerberg was released into the wild years ago.

Microsoft's big bet on helium-3 fusion explained


Well, Windows is well beyond iteration 7 and...

Move over, Google Earth. Caltech's here with a fresh 3D tour of Mars


Re: VR Version?

I was thinking the same. The only use I can think of that I would have for VR is to be able to zoom around landscapes, the solar system, galaxies, inside the cell etc. Not stupid made-up "worlds".

Bing AI feels like ChatGPT stuffed into a suit – not the future


I'd like to play around with ChatGPT a bit, but refuse to give them my mobile phone number. Oh well.

SpaceX cuts off Ukraine's 'offensive' Starlink use


For free? Funny hos Musk has forgotten the billions in corporate welfare lavished on him by the government over the year.

IBM says it's been running 'AI supercomputer' since May but chose now to tell the world


By the time the dust settles I suspect the overall contribution will be similar to Watson, namely a rounding error in spacetime.

Twitter dismantles its Trust and Safety Council moments before meeting


Getting more like Chief Twat by the hour.

Washington DC drags Amazon to court for 'yoinking' driver tips


This type of behaviour will never stop until they start charging and imprisoning the CEOs of these companies who commit theft. Guarantee there'll be a quick change in tunes then.

Windows 11 still not winning the OS popularity contest


I'll wager that most of these gains and losses are sampling fluctuations, not meaningful changes. Much the same as the hapless ventilating over miniscule changes in polls over political campaigns.

Do they really expect this sort of rollout babble to convince my mother to upgrade?

"On November 30, 2022, an out-of-band update was released to improve the Windows 10, version 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, and 22H2 out-of-box experience (OOBE). It provides eligible devices with the option to upgrade to Windows 11 as part of the OOBE process. This update will be available only when an OOBE update is installed."

Mythic bet big on analog AI but has run out of cash


Re: 10 years old?

Because some things are hard and take more than 10 years to get to work? Just a thought.

Gelsinger takes ax to Intel after chip sales slump, profit nosedives


Re: Did Born Again Pat take a cut?

I think the poster is on a lot of RX.

Shareholders slam Zuckerberg's 'terrifying' $100b+ Metaverse experiment


Regardless of what you think of Meta (and I don't think highly) all this smacks of is short-sighted investor greed. They present no alternative vision other than to milk the cash cow.

Post-Brexit 'science superpower' UK still hasn't appointed a science minister


Think how bad it's already going to get when they have to slash the research budget to finance eliminating the top income tax rate for their rich buddies.

California to phase out gas furnaces, water heaters by 2030


Re: Nukin' it J-Style

Try doing some of the research to answer these things instead of lazily and hysterically throwing out innuendo and supposition?


Re: Are they mandating the replacement tech?

Macbook Pro when Microsoft Teams is running.

Document Foundation starts charging €8.99 for 'free' LibreOffice


Re: Does that mean there's will be a version with proper accent entry?

Had no idea that was there on my Mac. Cheers for saving me an occasional frustrated fumble around Word menus.

New Outlook feature: It freezes up when dealing with tables in emails


Re: ...and on Mac, don't dare to use emojis

Thankfully it was possible to roll back the "upgrade" to new Outlook for Mac, but I suspect that will be shortlived.

Google calculates Pi to 100 trillion digits


Re: They'd get a shock...

Finding the first occurrence within pi of N repetitions of digit X in a row sounds like a really interesting problem in number theory!

Google helps develop AI-driven lab machine to diagnose Parkinson's


The description here, which is straight out of the press release, does a poor job representing the study. What they did is to take skin-derived fibroblasts from Parkinson patients with one of two very specific gene mutations. They then grew them up in a dish and trained a neural net to tell the difference from microscopy images. So the take away is that a) it's detecting influence/presence of a mutation not Parkinsons - in skin cells, it's not even in brain cells; b) while interesting it will never be used clinically - 79% accuracy is not useful for screening given the false positives. Also, with only 91 samples using internal cross-validation (no external validation data) the model is likely overfit.

Zuckerberg wants to create a make-believe world in which you can hide from all the damage Facebook has done


Will the Flash at least be around to deal with Harrison Zuck?

Nothing says 'We believe in you' like NASA switching two 'nauts off Boeing's Starliner onto SpaceX's Crew Dragon


Or worse, crashed with it.

Spot the dog? No, we couldn't either because Spot is a robot employed by United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority


I remember back in the 80s as a 6th Form student doing a summer job at Marchwood Engineering Labs. Some of the 1st year university student interns were working on software for a robot to decommission nuclear stations. Occasionally it would have whoops moments where it rotated the opposite direction from expected to reach a position. I on the other hand was merely allowed to rewrite the database software in Clipper for how to weld the stations together. Those were the days....

Google staff who work from home might see pay cut under corporate policy – reports


And at the same time the employees subsidize Google's costs for power, water, internet etc. Nice.

So, bye-bye mighty nerd haven Fry’s, took Silicon to the Valley... and now you must die


On top of that, the last time I was in Palo Alto Fry's (before it closed in 2019) I waited over 10 minutes at the checkout for no person to appear to ring the item up. No, I am not exaggerating - everyone in the line was incredulous. I left and never went back.

Tech ambitions said to lie at heart of Britain’s bonkers crash-and-burn Brexit plan


You mean randomly pumping your arms in the air and babbling incoherent nonsense in Latin did not result in a trade deal? I'm shocked.

The biggest reveal of 2020 has been that maybe Corbyn wasn't the worse option after all.

Google wants to listen in to whatever you get up to in hotel rooms


So that's what the champagne bucket is for...

'We go back to the Moon to stay': Apollo vets not too chuffed with NASA's new rush to the regolith


Re: Academics

"So Trump wants the glory of going to the moon,"

And we will be very happy to send him. One way.

Lyft, Uber drivers boost app surge prices by turning off, tuning out – and cashing in


Too bad someone hasn't come up with an app that cuts the middleman (Uber/Lyft) out of the whole transaction

Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster


Re: Beanie?

I thought beanie was the smell that comes 12 hours after eating a burrito.

Gigabit? More like, you can gigabet the US will fall behind on super-fast broadband access


"While the US is weighed down by an oligopolistic market with a small number of large broadband companies that avoid competing with one another to form local monopolies and maximize profits",

and by a corrupt corporate shill leading the agency that is supposed to regulate them.

UK space comes to an 'understanding' with Australia as Brexit looms


Put Boris into orbit at a Lagrange point for reference. His ego would be visible from all points on earth, no need for a complex satellite system.