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Feeling lucky, punk? Storage biz crams virty PCs into RAM

Mark Nijmeijer

Trevor, feel free to send me email at my first name AT atlantiscomputing DOT com if you have follow-up questions.

Mark Nijmeijer

Hi Trevor,

Within Atlantis Computing, we like to rever to it as pixie dust, as it makes VDI fly! :)

For more information on the product and how it actually works, please visit Andrew Wood's blog (http://www.virtualizationpractice.com/atlantis-ilio-persistent-vdi-4-0-vdi-game-changer-20573/) or listen to our Director of Marketing Seth Knox' podcast with Doug Brown (http://www.dabcc.com/media.aspx?id=2282)


-- Mark

Mark Nijmeijer

Sounds good but...

Hi Skoorb – The Atlantis ILIO Fast Replication technology, new in Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI 4.0, constantly synchronizes the state of the virtual desktops to persistent, shared storage in a consistent manner. While committing the state of the desktop to storage, Atlantis ILIO applies two tiers of optimization (context-aware IO processing, inline deduplication, compression, coalescing, etc.), once on the host where the virtual desktops are running in RAM and once centrally across multiple virtual desktop hosts. This reduces the network bandwidth and storage performance and capacity requirements by up to 95%.

The virtual desktops themselves do not interact with the storage directly, but rather run straight out of server RAM and provide a user experience that is better than a PC or laptop, even if they are equipped with an SSD.

So, if there is a server failure due to a power outage or system failure, the hypervisor’s High Availability functionality will automatically restart the virtual desktops and the Atlantis ILIO virtual machine on a standby server. Atlantis ILIO enables the standby host to quickly rebuild the local server RAM datastore from shared SAN/NAS storage.

Hi Phil – Thanks for the feedback. Stay tuned for more details on Atlantis ILIO for Servers!