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MoD laptop losses expose government data indifference

Kim Hancock

Well now

Maybe all those lost details will, via dark black market forces, find their way into another database from which some enterprising people will offer a competing ID card?

Fark attempts to trademark NSFW

Kim Hancock

it "might be a little difficult to protect and enforce this mark"

...is putting it mildly! The endless litigation alone would sink them financially, just ask uncle Darl over at SCO.

Dear customer: you owe us $211 trillion

Kim Hancock

What a pity

It was a mistaken debit and not a credit. But then it always is, innit?

SCO gets offer for Unix biz

Kim Hancock

Who remembers SCO Unix?

And so, what once was a great company becomes just a puddle on the floor.

The worst is that it's all completely self-inflicted. Greedy bastards!

Drunken Indian elephants take on electricity pole

Kim Hancock


Lucky for the villagers they didnt find a car with the keys left in?

Women's panties threaten Burmese Junta

Kim Hancock

Business opportunity for the junta?

I can see their advert already -

Pre-worn underwear, hermetically sealed and delivered in discreet packaging. £50 incl p&p.

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

Kim Hancock


So I can continue to measure speed in furlongs per fortnight then. Righto!

Malware license agreement tells it straight

Kim Hancock


At the end of the day isnt that what most EULA's try to say?

London NHS paper reveals plans to share patient data

Kim Hancock


From healthcare to stealthcare.


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