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Tape rocks for storage - if you don't need to, um, access your data


SSD is NOT Cold Storage.

An SSD can never replace a tape due to the fundamental physics of the flash devices that SSDs are made of. The charge in the cells used to define a 0 or 1 degrades over time. For example some flash devices the powered off retention time is a month. Therefore the SSD/Flash device will need to be powered on all the time. In addition the charge can be disturbed so the data must be scrubbed to prevent bit rot. So in summary for the cold storage back up everything forever tape or disk are it. Tape winning due to cost for a long long time.

Intel, Apple forging chip-baking deal?


It would be a very interesting turn for Intel to fab Apple products. Here are some questions to think about.

o The risk for Apple is that Intel is not in the fab business and could lose interest in fabricating Apple products pretty quickly if demand turns up for Intel mainline products. It has happened a number of times with other Intel products that got squeezed out when Intel optimizes it's profit and revenue per wafer.

o Intel fabricating Apple products would mean that Intel has determined that it can NEVER make a competitive x86 mobile product so it must either build the Apple products or develop it's own ARM products to grab a slice of the mobile pie relegating Intel to just another Fab house or ARM vendor with lower margins and smaller profits.

o If Intel where to build Apple products it would improve Apples competitive position and could potentially ensure the lockout of Intel x86 mobile products.

o Intel believes that it's process technology is it's secret sauce and giving that away to Apple would the admission of Intel's failure in mobile.

For all these reasons I think that the likely hood of Intel fabbing Apple products is less than 5%. Intel does not want to cut it's own throat, give away the family jewels or admit failure.