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Fancy a viaduct? We have a wrought Victorian iron marvel to sell you


Very interesting and impressive.

I still prefer the Crumlin viaduct. What a beast to have living overhead!

Essex drone snapper dealt with by police for steamy train photos


Drone down

This is the sort of thing that a mis-piloted drone can result in. Being yankee land the threat of litigation probably weighs heavier than the fear of an extremely unlikely minor fine.


Google Glass driver told she CAN wear techno-specs while on the road


Dunno if you're in the UK, but here you can pretty much drive with uncorrected eyesight with impunity.


UK gov dials 999 over Serco prison escort fraud claims


Re: Good that it was privatised.

But at least when it's in-house there aren't teams on each side monitoring KPIS and legal teams employed to argue the transgressions. The supposed cost savings in outsourcing invariably get eroded with management and enforcement of the interface.

REVEALED: Google's GINORMOUS £650m London Choc Factory


Re: Missed an opportunity

My thoughts exactly. Some 10 metre high teak veneered copies of Gresley carriages. With the servers in the guards van.

Yorkshire plods LOSE 9,000 GUNS in rogue BOFH database blunder


Re: Actually there *is* a use for this register.

My distrust of the police, both as dodgy individuals and as an incompetent organisation, makes me think giving them details of where every legal firearm in the UK is is asking for trouble. I see in the news only yesterday a house near me in Essex was burgled and its gun safe stolen. The less people who know you have guns in the house, the better.

The same goes for owning certain valuables, eg gold.


Re: Actually there *is* a use for this register.

You are certainly correct to distrust the Dunblane goings on.

The official report has a 100 year non-disclosure notice on it. What on earth can be so sensitive to require 2 generations to die before it's revealed.

RBS and NatWest FAIL downs services across UK


Re: Clocks Outage for All banks

Err, no. All the other banks' cashpoints connect to your bank's computer. If your bank's computer is AWOL it won't make any difference whose terminal you try to access from.

I'm amazed so few people here have no redundancy in their banking arrangements. I bet you'd all advocate some redundancy in the banks' computer systems!

Have several current accounts, circulate £1k around each month, keep a float in each to cater for these emergencies. If one happens to have a good offer on, shift more money there. For instance, Santander 123 at the moment, 3% interest up to £20k - better than any savings account.


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