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It's true, the START MENU is coming BACK to Windows 8, hiss sources



I did not try to censor you, I reported you for abuse.

You made no attempt to engage me in a discussion, you came out and said I was no better than the oppressive, religious far-right and trivialised abortion while you were at it just because I aired an opinion you did not agree with. Then when I pointed out how absurd your statement was you replied by calling me a douche. That's the normal behaviour of a troll.

Re-read your posts and then try and point out where I directly attacked you, insulted you or otherwise post anything remotely disparaging toward you. You attacked and insulted me just because I said adding a Start Menu was the wrong thing for Microsoft to do.



You may want to speak with the person reporting the abuse before making a generalisation about why they are reporting abuse.

You have a user quite happily telling other users that because they posted an opinion about a bit of consumer software that they are no better than someone who tries to prevent a woman from having a termination in quite a graphical way. This user has gone through a termination with their then partner, this user was there when the GPs were telling us why they didn't want to approve our request for a termination like their opinion was more important than ours, I was there when they put my wife on a maternity ward filled with people about to give birth while they cancelled, and recancelled her termination. I have first hand experience of being in a situation where someone was trying to remove a woman's right to chose what she does with her body.

The fact that someone could compare what we went through, the hardest and most upsetting decision we ever made and had to live with to someone saying a menu button on a consumer piece of software isn't a priority is sickening and deeply upsetting. It doesn't matter whether I was even the person the post was directed at, I should not have to see that on a website discussing technology.


Re: Missing the woods for the trees

Not at all. As a "Pro-choice" supporter who's travelled down this road with my then partner the "choice" belongs purely to the woman carrying the fetus. Even the partner has no "choice" in the matter, they have input into the decision making process but the choice ultimately lies with the person who's pregnant. I was lucky in that me and my partner agreed on the "choice" that was best for us though we struggled with the consequences and eventually split up because of it.

Choice by its very nature is exclusionary, the choices you make will exclude others and remove the option of choice from them. In my case our "choice" excluded the fetus and that fetus will be prevented from ever making a choice itself. Not just that, the system has the right to make a choice on our behalf, the system tried to make that choice for us and religion wasn't involved. Its frustrating, infuriating and deeply upsetting being sat across the room with someone you don't know judging you, telling you they don't like the choice you made and seriously considering rejecting the hardest choice we ever had to make. It was only with the birth of my daughter with my wife was I able to come to terms with being involved in the decision.

So for someone to try and compare someone posting about a poxy button on a bit of software to the system I had to endure is just disgusting and abhorrent.


Re: Missing the woods for the trees

So just so we are clear, you are saying that people who remove a woman's right to take ownership over her own body and then punish them for it are no worse than someone discussing whether a consumer product should have a button or not?



That's the thing, even if it was because its widescreen it still doesn't make sense as there's this huge space ablove the columns on the Start Screen and no space on the sides.

I had to use Google to find the shut down button. That should have just been on the charm bar itself.



But instead of tutorials they could've made the interface easier. Realistically what software has main user menus on the left and right of the screen compared to the top and the bottom? Even the start menu is a bottom "pull up" menu.

Menu's aren't put on the sides because our brain is trained to read left to right/right to left, so that gesture is for switching screens, turning pages, etc. Its a navigation gesture and having menus placed over the navigation gesture is confusing and counter-intuitive and that's Win8's problems, its easy to use user interface is not easy to use.


Missing the woods for the trees

For me adding the Start Menu back is the wrong thing to do. Now before people start negging I appreciate people want it back and Microsoft was wrong to ditch it this early but clamouring for it back diverts attention away from the main issue, the Start Screen just isn't good enough.

While I'm happy with the Start Screen there's too many issues with it and number one is that its a desktop replacement that doesn't do what a desktop should and Microsoft should be focusing on getting that working.

There needs to be a "Metro" File Manager and Control Panel.

There needs to be a facility to pin folders and individual files to the Start Screen.

There needs to be the option to change the appearance of the start screen such as skins or colour coding apps based on column or app type (Green for games and purple for sports/news for example).

They need to expand the idea of "hubs". The games hub should allow you to add non Windows App Store games for quick launching and the Music Hub should automatically add other services to it such as Deezer and Nokia Music so that you aren't cluttering up your Start Screen.

And for the love of God Microsoft sort out the Charm menus! The Right and Left side swipe menus should be a single swipe menu at the top of the page with a clickable icon for mouse users, just like it is on almost EVERY OTHER WINDOWS SOFTWARE. Replace Devices with a "Send to" option and restrict Share to emails/social media/ messaging.

Simply adding the Start Menu to the desktop won't make the OS better and it won't get customers back as its not fixing the fundeemental problems that are pushing customers away.

EC competition chief points troll-hunting guns at Nokia


There's a big difference between a company that has patents and one who only has patents

The EU's statements would appear to class Nokia as a company who's sole business is to extract money from patents which seems to omit the fact that Nokia kept most of its services when it sold off the devices section and actively licenses its tech such as HERE maps to Microsoft, Amazon and Honda.

Even after the sale Noka will still not differ to companies such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, etc so singling out Nokia just seems like pointless posturing on the EU's half.

Inside Steve Ballmer’s fondleslab rear-guard action


I've been doing office jobs for about six years now and personally think that Win8 would be well suited for most office jobs.

Essentially in my time doing desk work, be it application processing, payments, call centres and helpdesk I've rarely needed more than two applications on the screen at the same time. My current role requires me to have an email client, a web based booking system, our database and access to another organisations database (read-only). Of course I also need general internet access and Office.

The full screen, snap to fit and drag to drop multitasking is surprisingly easier than the minimise, maximise, resize, reposition, etc routine that you have to do with desktop programs. I only need about five program shortcuts so the desktop and start menu shortcuts are pretty much wasted in my day to day duties and having to minimise every program just to get at a desktop shortcut is a huge pain compared to just clicking on the "Start Button" and going back to the Start Screen.

Of course there are flaws that need fixing and refinements that need to be made.

1) Microsoft have to make the start screen look professional and allow skins or colour uniformity for live tiles. My WP8 handset looks more professional with its blue livetiles on a black background than Windows8 current Fisher Price colour splash.

2) Microsoft has to allow files and folders to be pinned to the Start Screen.

3) Microsoft needs to help companies get their programs as Win8 apps.

Think of it from a tech support aspect, the more options for untrained staff is harder to support. The Win8 Start Screen is quite locked down, its got huge icons and fewer commands so while it takes longer to get used to its a hell of a lot easier to talk someone through it remotely. Power users are still better off with the Desktop but in your average large firm how many users are power users?


Re: Consumer vision

How powerful does your PC need to be able to that though? If we move away from the iPad which can only really be considered a consumer device there are an ever increasing number of tablets coming out with HDMI and USB sockets, Bluetooth etc, especially the Win8 tablets like the Asus T100. These tablets have more than enough power to handle most end user requirements and the connections to make it a terminal.

Thats one possible direction the market could take, instead of PCs at your desk there's a docking station connected to the monitor(s), keyboard, mouse and network and you just dock your tablet in, that tablet is then taken with you if you need to hotdesk or work out of the office.

Microsoft researchers build 'smart bra' to stop women's stress eating


Re: Amid the predictable puerile jokes....

Very liekly because its a proof of concept model and are looking for the best results as oppossed to a markettable item.

As noted in the article the best place to get the results needed is from the area around the heart so the researchers would focus on an item of clothing that covers that area and with plenty of skin contact. Vests, T-Shirts, Shirts, etc would be too loose so wouldn't give you that consistent skin contact needed but a bra would. Now seeing as men have no need to wear bras it would be focused around women hence why it would appear to be aimed exclusively at women.

Once the concept is proven to work they can then start refining it and looking at other form factors such as rings, wrist starps, watches, etc and once again, as noted in the article, they won't nessecarily rlease the proof of concept model as a retail model.


Re: And let the flood of ...

But I had so many good jokes...:-(

Well at least seeing that Microsoft developed it all I've got is images of the NSA telling Merkell to have a snickers as she's a diva when she's hungry.

IDS finally admits what EVERYONE ELSE already knows: Universal Credit will be late


Seeing as most IT projects are outsourced and handled by the private sector sacking civil servants would have no effect on the production of a working system.


But the government do have a high percentage of schemes that either;

A) Cost more than they should

B) don't offer what it was designed for

C) don't work

D) scrapped

E) any combination of the above.


Re: Good job Iain-Duckegg-Smith doesn't work at Tescos.

Actually I'd have to say the opposite. My wife and I tried completing some child benefit forms because she was going from full time to part time to look after our baby and f**k me if it wasn't a nightmare. One government website said we were entitled to this, one said we weren't but were entitled to something else, another government website said we were entitled to nothing. And HMRC wants to know my work history and payroll details?...You do my sodding income tax, you've got the details there on your system under my NI number!

The system is there to discourage you from applying, this new system, with just one application, will be so easy to apply for more people will be getting hooked.

Also universal credit is just the individual schemes merged into one system, your universal payment is still made up of these smaller payments so its very likely you'll still be stuck in the same situation.

Internet Explorer 11 at it again, breaks Microsoft's own CRM software


A few of the websites saying to upgrade the browser are classing IE11 as IE7 or at least that's what the websites are saying I should upgrade from.

It would also help if the compatibility mode option was somewhere easy to see on the Metro version of IE11.

Microsoft: Anonymous hacktivists DDoSed us? Really?


It just reminds me of that scene in Iron Sky where the UN ask who's responsible and North Korea says its them...followed by everybody pissing themselves.

Have to watch Iron Sky again, that was a good movie.

Judge upholds UK ban on HTC phones, but HTC One gets a pass – for now


What's Microsoft got to do with this?

Two of the phones banned are HTC's only WP8 handsets and its not like the rest of HTC's handsets are going to upset the Android/WP8 balance in Microsoft's favour.

Blighty's biz bods get their paws on Nokia phondleslab


Re: With John Lewis

Actually the law doesn't give a timescale, you'll have precedents, guidelines and rules of thumb but nothing black and white.


Makez more senee for John Lewis than Nokia

Outside of the normal exclusivity benefits (guaranteed buyer and joint promotional activity) I'm struggling to see any tangible benefits.

While John Lewis has been pushing electronics lately they don't have the mind share of Amazon, PC World/Currys, Argos or even Tesco Direct and they definitely don't have store presence, there isn't a John Lewis west of Cardiff.

In America they had the right idea, give exclusivity to the networks who can not only subsidise it with their data packages but also push that instore.

Google's new cloud CRUSHES Amazon in RAM battle


"If Amazon is an arms dealer, then Google is an army that happens to also sell guns. For this reason,"

Does that make Eric Schmit Destro?

SLAPPING an iPhone out of a corporate drone's hand: You're not the only one who longs to do it


Re: "must have" apps

The list keeps changing. Instgram is the flavour of the month but that will probably be replaced in a couple of months by some new photograpy based social network the same way Twitter replaced Facebook which replaced MySpace.

iOS is the lead platform for most new "movements", swiftly followed by Android and a WP port is dependant on the devs own bias/perception of market share.

iPhone slips in Europe as Windows Phone claims OVER 10% market share


How long can Apple keep dictating terms?

With market share decreasing and the 5S and especially the 5C not giving the expected results it would be interesting to see how long Apple can keep its stranglehold on the market.

Apple was able to dictate policies, price plans and promotions to the shops based on its market presence but with that faltering it may not be too long before one of the network providers calls Apple's bluff and refuse to meet Apple's demands.

Brit-boy Bates is Silicon Valley's pick for Microsoft's CEO


Mulally is just Ballmer MK2

While its fashionable to mock Ballmer he was never as incompetent as people made out. Microsoft constantly increased revenues while he was CEO and has demonstrated the same positive attributes you listed for Mulally.

Ballmer's failings were that he missed too many boats and reacted to change instead of leading it and Mulally has yet to show he's any different. Microsoft is losing ground, not profits and they don't need someone who can fix the ship, they need someone who can build a new one.

Windows 7 outstrips Windows 8.x with small November growth


Re: if you had to migrate your business from Windows XP

If you had to migrate from your outdated windows to a newer version would you upgrade to the newest or the the next one down?

Its nothing to do with Windows8, businesses have always shown to be reluctant going to the newest version of Windows.

Krakoom! OCZ flies into the ground. Time to salvage the engines and look around


The main problem OCZ has was that they earned a reputation for being the SSD you you shouldn't buy. The reliability of their SSD's were atrocious and people were vocal about it. It didn't matter whether it was cheaper or performed better than its rivals such as Kingston, in customer reviews, deal websites and message boards there were continual horror stories. I took the plunge and bought one of their SSD's and it as well as the two replacements failed within 15 minutes of being used, two weren't recognised at boot and one decided to quit during a Windows install...and this was the norm among the complaints.

Apple dodges data privacy sueball: Fanbois didn't RTFM*, says judge


Re: Nobody is expected to read it

Nobody is expecting everyone to read every piece of documentation but what is expected, and its the same for British law, if you have specific requirements in relation to your purchase the onus is on you to make those requirements known BEFORE you purchase the item.

If you are then sold an item that doesn't meet those requirements it is mis-selling. The plaintiffs could not prove they made their requirements known and thusly there's no proof that Apple actively mis-sold those iPhones.

DVLA declares J14 HAD on BU14 SHT and SL14 AGS


DVLA have no involvement with creating or ammending regulations. Any ammendments are done by central government.


Being an ex- DVLA employee, technically DVLA don't sell you the registration, you lease/licence it from DVLA. The registration mark is the property of the Secretary of State for Transport (the position, not the individual), what you purchase is the right to display it on A vehicle.

PS-PHWOARRR: We review Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4


The problem is that the current gen is still current

When The Xbox360 and PS3 were released the GameCube and PS2 had stalled, good games were still coming out of course but they were almost indistinguishable from what was being released the year before and the year before that with God of War being the only "There's still some life in her yet" game.

Outside of graphical pretties on the PS4 and XboxOne current gen owners are still enjoying new releases of Grand Theft Auto, Assassain's Creed and Gran Turismo is only around the corner. Not only is there little reason in owning the next gen consoles but we still have reasons to keep playing on the current gen.

Both Microsoft and Sony shot their loads too early and I think customers would have waited an additional 8 months for the consoles to be released without the bugs and rough edges and games that didn't feel rushed.

Microsoft bans XXXXBOX gamers for CURSING in online combat


Well my gaming tastes don't match those of my real life friends, they play FIFA and COD, I'm playing Mass Effect 3 and Trench so I've got no option to dive into those scum infested public lobbies.

Microsoft: SORRY for the BORKED Xbox One disc drives, here's a free game


Re: Doesn't look good

How many of those one stars are registered owners? Amazon allows you to review products without even owning them so its not an accurate measure of how many returns there are.

XBOX ONE owners rage as HDMI SNAFU 'judders' Brit and Euro tellies


Re: You can bet

You do realise that all Blu-Ray players have to have the HDCP DRM and it has nothing to do with this issue.

The XboxOne only enables HDCP on movies hence why it can support external video capture out of the box.

On the other hand the entire PS4 is under HDCP hence why it doesn't support external game capture out of the box and why one of the resolutions to the blue light error is to update your TV's firmware.

Xbox One FAILS to beat PS3 - yes, PS 3 - week one sales


Re: Too pricey and burned by "no trade ins"

Even though Microsoft publically reversed that policy within a week of E3?

Also seeing as you can get three games and a year's Xbox Live at game for £550 that's more HMV's issue than Microsoft's.


Actually that's completely irrelevant as launches are stock limited. Also N/A includes Canada and 13 territories is not worldwide.

Microsoft launched in 13 times as many territories not with 13 times as much stock. Both companies are selling consoles faster than they can distribute them and its not outside the realm of believability for Sony to ship less than a million consoles for the European launch and the UK could easily see less than 100,000 units for launch. Stock will then be restricted further as Sony gears up for its Japan release.

Then there's also the simple fact that it will take months for Sony to launch in all territories while Microsoft is keeping a continual supply line and both companies are launching where they have less of a foothold to get momentum going.

Launch stats are irrelevant, insignificant fanboi bait.

Those Xbox One first-day glitches: GREEN screens of DEATH, disc crunching


Re: Is no one capable

The XboxOne's BD-ROM is an off the shelf model so the hardware is no less reliable than what goes in most PCs, both OEM and customer built, the console faults are more noteworthy than the same faulty part in a PC.


Well the USB drive update was never official and Microsoft even put up a warning message before the console was released telling people not to do it as it didn't have the full update. We can notch that one up to people jumping off a cliff because some website told them to and blaming the ground for breaking their leg.

Angry Nokia staff protest Microsoft deal in China


Well until someone spills the beans as to what the difference is between the old and new contracts its impossible to say whether they are being exploited or not. Having been a union member for almost a decade what Nokia is saying about staff, especially union staff, crying foul to better their existing terms is quite common.

Lumia 1520: Our man screams into ENORMO new Nokia phondleslab


Re: Microsoft account needed for Facebook? ??

Not exactly, you can access the website fine but the review said "out of the box".

Microsoft allows you to link Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc accounts to your Microsoft account and Windows 8 and WP8 will display updates in your People Hub without the need of seperate apps or accessing the individual websites.

If you can't add your Microsoft account during setup it can't pull through the linked accounts and the people's hub does not work "out of the box".

As a side note you'd need a Microsoft/Google/Apple account to access the Facebook and Twitter apps on their respective platforms.

XBOX ONE ROUNDUP-of-the-ROUNDUPS: Everything YOU need to know


Re: The tough questions.

If you plug the PS3 into the HDMI in then yes it does. XboxOne is technically more backwards compatible with the PS3 than the PS4 is.

It's the games, STUPID: Sony makes 'about $18' on each PlayStation 4


Re: Sony say otherwisenot just that

It may cost Sony $381 to manufacture the games console but they don't sell direct to the public, that $399 is the retail price for the stored to sell at, not Sony and any profit does not go back to Sony.

Sony manufactures the console, they then sell it to an official wholesaler, the official wholesaler then sells it to the retailer who then sells it at $399. Sony gets paid by the wholesaler, not the retail outlet and not the customer. Now considering the retail outlet needs to recoup shipping costs, as well as turn a profit they would not buy these consoles from the wholesaler at $399 per unit. The wholesaler also needs to recover costs and make a profit while selling it at a price the retailer can cover costs and make a profit.

That $18 difference between manufacture and sale price is not going to cover the retailer's, the wholesaler's and Sony's costs while making all three of them a profit. Someone has to make a loss and its not going to be the retailer or the wholesaler


Sony say otherwise

In an interview with Eurogamer back in September Sony stated they will be making a loss on each console and recoup the costs if its sold with a game and controller at RRP


Company selling you out? You've been TUPE-ed


You'd think that but the overlords in the Public Sector aren't as stupid as they are made out.

In Department For Transport organisation you have your contract and you have a staff handbook. The staff handbook is enforceable guidleines covering everything from sick, to flexi to grievence and disciplinaries and is treated as terms and conditions. They are not and are not covered by TUPE.

In TUPE most public sector workers get to keep their pay and their annual leave allowance and that's it. All the other favourable aspects such as flexible working hours, pension, public holidays (including the Queen's birthday), sick leave, maternity, paternity, emergency/special leave both paid an unpaid (covers family funerals, baby is sick, my house is flooded), bonuses, pay rises, etc are lost when the member os staff is TUPE'd because it wasn't in their original contract.


Re: you stay at the end of the Tupe's salary protection period!

Thats open for dispute. When the Shared Services I worked for was being privatised and the staff TUPE'd we had different legal advisers telling us that TUPE did and did not run out, the lowest time being three years.

PlayStation 4 BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH blamed on power cords, TV sets, butterflies in China


Posted it above but the compatibility issue may be a HDCP issue.


Re: Seriously...

They may actually have blamed the DRM.

The PS4 uses a single HDCP encoded HDMI slot to connect to the TV. The TV compatibility issue might be that the HDCP on the TV is out of date or not configured correctly and the firmware update on the TV set may be a HDCP update.


We've covered all the primary colours so what' next?

Red Ring Of Death

Yellow light of death

And Now Blue Light of Death

I'm just hoping that the Xbox One, the PS5 and the XboxTwo have Green, Violet and Indigo fault lights just so we can have a rainbow.

Sony scoffs at the Microsoft EX-BOX: A MILLION PS4s sell in ONE day


Re: Recent Adverts on US TV...

Gaming in Windows8 and WP8 comes under the Xbox brand.


Re: Take the figures with a pinch of salt

Works properly? C'mon, it can open some apps not all of them, can't switch the machine on and can't navigate between menus, that's less functionality than the 360's kinect. The Playroom looks fun but all the major sites who've reviewed it have said its four tech demoes that gets boring quickly.

At $60 with no games, no functionality outside of some token commands and a facial recognition system that wont recognise your face without a controller in your hand its a waste of money. Lets also not forget Sony's track record for supporting extra hardware, anything outside of an additional dual shock 4 is a wasted purchase.


Re: Resogun

They may have the features but not the quality. Some components, especially panels just don't come down in price and the only time you'll really see a high end panel in a mid-range price bracket is when a high end model has been reduced to clear because its been superceded by a newer model.

My dad's £1,000+ LED TV he bought two years ago still knocks the spots off brand new £500-800 sets.



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