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Apple snuffs iPhone privacy complaint with Korean peanuts

Phill Sacre


"...to join in a lawsuit over the iPhone data-collection imbroglio"

I have only one question: Was it an epiphenomal imbroglio?

(Sorry, coat, taxi, last week's meme etc).

Apple accused of iPhone ban on 'all single-station radio apps'

Phill Sacre
Jobs Halo

St. Jobs' response

Just add some more stations. Not that big of a deal.

'Dossiers on enemies' found in Italian Scientology raid

Phill Sacre

behind locked doors in a basement office...

...with a sign on the door saying "Beware of the leapord".

So it was probably as accessible as the local planning office.

Oz firm seeks talented IT developer

Phill Sacre
Thumb Up

Gotta love Australians

I bet someone complained there was something offensive on the advert, so they removed SQL Server.

Should you lose your religion on your CV?

Phill Sacre


I agree - I put my religion on my CV at the end with other hobbies and interests just to give potential employers an idea about what I'm like as a person.

If they're not interested they don't have to read it!

Swedish parents win right to name sprog 'Q'

Phill Sacre

The law

"And if you read the law, you are allowed to be named after a letter."

But is it the letter of the law?

Coat, door, taxi, etc...

Muse eye Bond theme

Phill Sacre


There was a Facebook petition (and you know things are getting series when there's a Facebook petition) before the last Bond film was released to have Muse do the title track. I was hoping the film studio would go for it, but still.

I'd love to see Muse do a Bond theme, especially if they'd do it anything like the album released this week. Bond themes should be epic, sweeping, and uplifting with a hint of darkness. There hasn't been a good one since 'The World is Not Enough' IMO. The most recent ones have been completely forgettable.

Futurama back from dead again

Phill Sacre

Good News

I think a quote from Bender's Big Score is relevant here.

"Those asinine morons at Fox who cancelled us have themselves been fired for incompetence. And not just fired, but beaten up. And pretty badly, too".

Let this abomination unto the Lord begin!

First case of sleep emailing documented

Phill Sacre

Sleep working

"Sadly, my coworkers comment that my best code is the code I don't remember writing."

This gives me a great idea. Why can't scientists make a drug which would make you sleep-work?

You get to work at 9am, take the drug and fall asleep. You then work throughout the day, asleep, and wake up when it's time to go home.

Then you've got the rest of the day / night to do whatever you want to do. Sounds like a plan to me ;)

Beeb reprieves Xmas Top of the Pops

Phill Sacre


"Top of the pops has never been bigger" - they were probably just talking about the amount of hype this will generate...

Supermarket offers phones for a fiver

Phill Sacre

I agree

Don't know the 1112, my wife has one and I have the colour screen version. They're great phones if all you need is something simple!

w00t voted 'Word of the Year'

Phill Sacre


"the exclamation is also known to be an acronym for "we owned the other team" - again stemming from the gaming community"

It can't be an acronym, any self respecting gamer would spell it "we pwned the other team", or (more precisely) "w3 pwnz0r3d th3 0th3r t34m"

IE + RealPlayer = Security hole

Phill Sacre


@Richard Neill: "Incidentally, I'd love to see a "Plug me not" extension for firefox, which does the same as konqueror: all plugins are replaced by a button, and the plugin is only started on request. Eg flash,java,etc are too useful to uninstall, but they should only run when prompted. Flash adverts should never run, even when running a flash plugin to display content on that page."

I believe Adblock does this for Flash, unfortunately I haven't (yet) seen the same thing for Java applets etc.

El Reg deploys (extra) comment icons

Phill Sacre


I like the new icons. But as suggested I think it would also be good to have a Linux one as well.

Oh, and something to do with 'Bulgarian airbags'.

Zero-day security flaw leaves Firefox wide open

Phill Sacre


Hmmm. I just tried the PoC site, with NoScript installed, and the site was able to launch Calculator.

Then I updated to the latest version of NoScript, and it seems to block that exploit now. So if's worth checking if your NoScript is the latest version.

Catherine Tate to accompany Doctor Who

Phill Sacre


Everyone is saying how 'Blink' was a great episode (which it was indeed, probably the best one of the series)... but what about Human Nature / the Family of Blood? I thought that was one of the best two-parters of the new series. Probably the most thought-provoking anyway, although I guess you might not see that as a good thing.

In terms of Catherine Tate... well, I don't think she was as annoying in the Christmas special as "Am I Bovvered" from her comedy sketches. Shame to see Freema Agyeman go though, I think I preferred her to Billie.


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