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Microsoft Xbox gaffe reveals cloudy arrogance

Tomas K.

There are a lot of people removed from reality

There are many people with an electronic toy addiction as perpetuated by all who profit from such anti-social behavior, ignorance and abuse. They are in complete denial and can't buy a clue.

Movie bosses demand Google take down takedown notices

Tomas K.

This is a reasonable request

Any source of means to pirate should be removed from the Net. As facilitators of piracy (see The Pirate Bay and others), are being prosecuted for their crimes, people are coming to understand that these online links are in violation of copyright law, and should be removed.

Memory vendors pile on '3D' stacking standard

Tomas K.

This is OK but not a big deal

If for some reason you need increased RAM density this might be fine but otherwise it's a solution for a problem that doesn't really exist for most consumers.

Chinese game addict MURDERS girlfriend after she leaves him

Tomas K.

Where have we seen this before?

Really video game addiction? Who knew? It's amazing how many people there are that are out of touch with reality.

Man's 'I own half of Facebook' claim branded 'fabrication' by judge

Tomas K.

Ya think?

Does it really take a 155 page report to know this guy is a liar?

Are the PCs all getting a bit old at your office? You're not alone

Tomas K.

Few businesses need new PCs

The PC market has basically matured and there is no need for a new PC every couple years for Biz or personal use. Mobile toys are all the rage atm, but they too will eventually plateau in sales volume when the next distraction arrives. There will always be a clueless market for worthless toys.

The days of a new Windoze O/S creating major PC hardware sales is gone. Many businesses are switching to Linux and don't need Microsucks crapware. Perhaps the worldwide economic meltdown has motivated more people to start using their brain instead of just being sheeple?

Oi, Microsoft, where's my effin' toolbar gone?

Tomas K.

The only people who don't...

...cuss out Bill Gates and Microsucks a half-dozen times per day are those who don't turn their PC on.

Nvidia stretches Tesla GPU coprocessors from HPC to big data

Tomas K.

Mostly just hype

Nvidia has been on a marketing campaign lately looking for new revenue streams from servers. When you investigate the details you find their server designs have a lot of bottlenecks and aren't anywhere near as impressive as they'd like people to believe.

Microsoft responds to Chinese software contract bribery claims

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Kinky Android X-ray app laid bare as malware

Tomas K.

Couldn't happen to more deserving people

Who but a sleaze would download such an app?

Researcher sets up illegal 420,000 node botnet for IPv4 internet map

Tomas K.

As ye sow...

...so shall ye reap.

Boeing outlines fix for 787 batteries

Tomas K.

Seems plausible

Maybe this investigation will prove beneficial to all who employ lithium-ion batteries?

Drunk driving: No more dangerous than talking on handsfree mobe

Tomas K.

This is precisely why...

...all who drive DUI or use cellphones/text, etc. while driving should lose their license for a year, be fined 5000 Euro and sent to jail for six months or more.

UK cops, boffins to crack out war plan against cyber-crims

Tomas K.

A little behind the times

The UK has become a haven for cyber criminals and the problem will get far worse before authorities gain some control over the crims.

Aaron Swartz prosecutor accused of 'professional misconduct'

Tomas K.

What a crock of shitze

This is typical and a futile attempt to try and discredit the DOJ for properly convicting a criminal. Swartz wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, he was just a tool. He chose to take his own life because he wasn't man enough to do the time for his crime.

AMD releases new 'Elite' laptop chips

Tomas K.

This is a nice improvement

Increased frequencies and lower power consumption for portables is all good.

Foundering OCZ snatches megabuck lifeline in white-knuckled grip

Tomas K.

OCZ was a wing and prayer operation

Their whole history has been one gimmick after another IMO with poor if any customer support for products of questionable quality. Unless the new CEO has some magic and they find a niche to fill, the cash will soon be gone because few businesses or consumers want to deal with an entity that may be out of business next week.

Cash-strapped AMD drills for green gold in Lone Star State

Tomas K.

This is a smart move

As noted this is the smart means to get a better return on your fixed assets. It provides tens of millions of dollars operating capital at below market rates and it has good tax advantages. It's all just a "paper deal".

AMD's recent wins for Xbox, PS4 and from many OE laptop builders will improve AMD's cash flow substantially in the not too distant future. Richland is actually shipping and OE systems with Richland should start to go on sale next month with more lower powered 17w Richland chips to start shipping next month to OEMs.

PayPal enters 21st Century with developer tools refresh

Tomas K.

Re: It's a shame

PayPal does tend to update their website in the U.S. fairly frequently which takes time to adjust to unless you're on it frequently. I do like some of the changes but not all. It's a process and different people think and work differently. There is no application that I know of that everyone 100% likes or is intuitive, because we don't all think the same.

Seattle drinking den bans Google Glass geeks

Tomas K.

Wrong again...

The dumbarse geeks are not banned. Wearing the dumbarse geek glasses inside the bar is banned, not the dumbarses wearing the dumbarse geek glasses.

On International Woman's Day we remember Grace Hopper

Tomas K.

What a contribution to mankind

This woman definitely had her act together and celebrating her gifts to mankind should be supported not maligned as a PC policy. If more people were contributors and less were takers, this world would be a much better place. I fully understand why she felt that teaching was her greatest joy.

As far as "Bugs" are concerned, the folks at Microsucks studied Hopper carefully. Then they injected millions of Bugs into their code and they have continued to do so in every new product, due to their carelessness and apathy. Unfortunately for Microsucks they missed the plot as Hopper wanted to remove Bugs, not inject them into the code. She wanted to simplify code, not make it more complex and hopelessly Bug ridden. Microsucks is a perfect example of a company and culture gone bad. By missing the plot from the beginning Microsucks has corrupted and defrauded the world for 25+ years.

Europe tickles Microsoft with €561m fine for browser choice gaffe

Tomas K.


Microsucks is sticking out it's tongue and laughing at the EU for slapping it with a lunch money trivial fine. Gates spends more than that on a weekend house party. This is more proof that crime really does pay and it pays billions per year for Microsucks.

Seagate takes 7.2k notebook drives out back - and shoots them

Tomas K.

Notebook hard drives are so inferior

I've tested 7200 rpm notebook drives against 5400 rpm drives and there is no significant performance gain in my experience. Bothe speeds of laptop hard drives are terrible as far as data processing speed.

Banged-up Brit hacker hacks into his OWN PRISON'S 'MAINFRAME'

Tomas K.

This is not a problem as I see it

Just add 10 years on to his prison sentence.

Megaupload extradition bid - Feds WON'T have to hand in their evidence

Tomas K.

Re: It's not about justice, OK?

You are incorrect. The judicial process is the same for Kim Dotcom as it is for anyone else accused of a crime. The full evidence is presented to him prior to trial. The extradition process only requires reasonable grounds for conviction. Extradition has nothing to do with finding a person guilty. It's a legal process to bring the accused before a judge who will decide if there is merit to the case. Justice is not served by allowing an alleged criminal to flee to a different geographic location to avoid judicial process. That is why extradition agreements exist.

Kim Dotcom seems to have created his own problems by hosting pirated materials. With his money and team of lawyers he will probably escape any serious punishment for copyright infringement.

Yet another Java zero-day vuln is being exploited

Tomas K.

Unless you actually need Java, don't install it

That's the advice from many security analysts.


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