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BOFH: Backup server's failed? We have a backup backup server


I think I need a >ca-click< device for our data-centre tours

Terror cops swoop on couple who Googled 'backpacks' and 'pressure cooker'


Re: [Scene: Front door, external]

He's not a tewwowist, he's a very naughty boy.

Flippin' Equus! Unfeasibly old horse bone DNA triumph


Re: Stablised

Stubbing a toe that size must be extremely painful

MSX: The Japanese are coming! The Japanese are coming!


I'm gonna go home and watch Micro Men now. Such a good documentary.

Puppet gooses admin tool performance with Enterprise 3.0


Re: Close that Window, it's getting shilly in here!

As with most Microsoft products aimed at the Data Center/Enterprise you need an advanced PhD to understand the pricing mechanisms behind it's licensing procedures (seriously, I downloaded the datasheet from their website and it's like trying to read ancient Egyptian).

Not to mention that it doesn't actually tackle the same pain points as Puppet/Chef but hey, never mind that eh!

REVEALED: The gizmo leaker Snowden used to smuggle out NSA files


Re: Root password, sure, but why wasn't the data encrypted?

It's very easy to remove access to USB entirely, either physically or through software. What I'm more shocked about it the apparent lack of a File Access Monitor.

Surely an organisation like the CIA can afford access to even a basic one of these to report if someone is copying stuff off site? I'm not experienced in the slightest when it comes to this stuff, although I have played with a few from the big vendors in this market and they're well within the budget of US.GOV.

Who's to be the next Dr Who? Sherlock beats Maurice - says you


Complete left field option: Robin Williams.

I would love that.

What do you mean WHY is Sony PS4 so pricey in Oz?


You can't factor in extra charges for PS+ and PSN as they are paid for separately by the user (or free for PSN access itself).

The currency fluctuation would only really swing 10% either way and would, as near as dammit, average out over the first year, which just leaves: greed.


Re: Ugh

To be fair, the Xbox One (surprised I'm sort of defending it) is similarly overpriced @ $599AU, so it's not just Sony that this article should be aimed at, even thought the increase in price is greater on the Sony console.

MacBook Air now uses PCIe flash... but who'd Apple buy it from?


Re: Cost

"If you have to ask, you can't afford it" would be the best analogy.

Microsoft in sexism strife again over XBOX rape joke


I watched that section live, and the only thing I did was cringe. They claim it wasn't scripted and I believe them. He'd probably thought backstage of things that would be fun to say during the (clearly not live) gameplay and instantly regretted it.

His personal shame will live much longer than Microsofts for that section.

Author Iain (M) Banks falls to cancer at 59


Re: Oh god.

Thank Om for that. I'm expecting at least one more excursion into Discworld before I have to hear that news.

BSkyB-owned BE slams into traffic pile-up over 'unlimited' broadband lie


Re: Come on 150GB a month

Two people netflixing, iplayering (and other on-demand apps) youtubing/twitching as well as my cloud backup solution and other legit downloading and I can hit about 700Gb a month (up and down). Not a peep from my supplier as yet.

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf predicts the future, fears Word-DOCALYPSE


What about .org files?

Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want


Re: Caps Lock?

I was under the impression on higher res screens - 1080p, essentially - you can have three (with the desktop classed as one, so effectively, unlimited)

Who should play the next Doctor? Nominations needed!


A few suggestions from me:

For an older spin: Sir Ian McEllen or Sir Patrick Stewart. Either would satisfy the nerd in me. Oo-er missus.

however, as it's run by an increasingly younger target audience: how about James McAvoy?

Paterson Joseph, as much as I like him, has already been in two episodes of Who in the episodes towards the end of Eccleston's tenure on Satellite 5 (he was the other remaining contestant on the Weakest Link show). As much as Moffat and Davies like reusing cast it just wouldn't work.

BOFH: Go on, beancounter, type DROP TABLE asset;


Re: Did Simon forget

My best one was made out of Lego Technic. Never failed once in over three years of use.

And no I'm not joking.

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild


Re: What is missing

You're not playing guess the filename, you're typing the name of the game:

SimCity: "sim..." and there it is

Knights Of The Old Republic: "kni" and there it is, or even "rep" and there it is.

It's not hard, in fact it's the same as windows 7 in functionality just with a different visual look.


Re: Straight to "all apps"?

Mine looks absolutely nothing like that. You have language packs listed as apps which prompts me to think you have a problem somewhere along the line.


Re: @John P re trying windows 8 before damning it

There's a lot wrong with that post.

I regularly use dual monitors with my Windows 8 laptop (sometimes three, but it's not quite powerful enough for heavy usage, but that's specs, not software). I have on several occassions had:

Netflix app snapped on far left (Usually playing Red Dwarf or Black Books or something else suitable) with Chrome in "metro" mode next to it on one monitor; then on monitor two I've had the desktop open with as many apps as I'd like to use and a Metro Twitter app snapped to the right. All of them updating in realtime or in the case of Netflix, continually running. Suspending of apps ONLY happens if the coder says it should.

I can also happily hit the windows key on my keyboard, type the first letter or two of a non-metro app that I want to launch and there it is. Which is EXACTLY how Win7 operated just in a tiny menu. Really if you cannot grasp the new method then you're just looking for reasons to not like it.

I'm not saying it is perfect, but then neither in Windows 7 (if it was there would be no other operating systems anymore)

Review: Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Ultrabook


Re: Caps Lock?

My Lenovo (Thinkpag Edge E335) has no visible capslock or numlock indicator, it has infuriated me on numerous ocassions.

Facebook: Yeah, we'll ban chainsaw beheading vids - when journos call us


I've seen the first mentioned video (not via facebook directly, but through a friend on fb). Quite frankly, it made me feel sick to the stomach, regardless of whether it's real or not. It was graphic enough to me, and I have watched a lot of the recent torture films like all the saw films and hostels.

Stuff like this does not belong on a social media website. I see absolutely no reason for it to remain there apart from to garner more advertising revenue on their site from page impressions.

And that to me is almost as disgusting as the video itself.

Why next iPhone screen could be made of SAPPHIRE - and a steal...


I know it's not the bastion of reporting that El Reg is but CNet did a similar report a while back mainly concentrating on the applied tech rather than the research behind it.


Apple: You thought Google dodged taxes? Get a load of THIS


Re: @reno79

I'm not sure how your first paragraph there has anything to do with my post. I didn't question the capability of one of the worlds richest organisations to repay this sum. 6 months and they'll have covered it.

What I mentioned was how Apple haven't really done anything radically different in their last two hardware revisions for their primary mobile devices (iPhone and iPad), and if we're allowed to forecast from their previous revisions of hardware for the next one, we won't see anything new in the 5S or next ipad, just a spec bump.

As a company they are now just iterating, rather than innovating and this has started to reflect in their faltering stock price. They have an opportunity to invest a huge amount of cash into their product range to bring something new out but aside from a watch (which to many is doomed to failure before it's even out, but that is just opinion) there is little sign of this thinking changing with Cupertino.


Re: "The market is going to be all over it,"

He didn't mention anything about his preferred range on mobile manufacturer.

I am an apple fan (and android, admittedly) myself but people like you are what gives us a bad name. Keep your vitriol to yourself please.

Even I can see Apple need to do something different, if not drastic, to make up the kudos they've lost with underwhelming products for the last two product generations.

2,000km-wide Eye-of-Sauron MONSTER hurricane spotted on Saturn


Re: Holiday on Saturn?

Still better than a weeked in Grimsby

Apple fanbois get one last chance to see spectre of Steve Jobs


I have a new word of the day, right there.

Microsoft to unveil new Xbox console on May 21


Re: Genuine Question

Have you seen PS Vita media?

The only problem I see with it is the huge costs they pass on to the consumer, but other than that it's a step in the right direction. Home consoles will however probably never go back to that sort of media as disk based is just easier. The day they can get digital 100% licked for available space on the console and (although this part has nothing to do with Sony/MS) download speeds being reliable enough to download 30Gb of game quickly enough, is the day used games die completely.

Spies catch Acer's Windows 8-incher before it hides


If these new smaller form factor tabs are indeed running Pro instead of RT (or some other heretofore un-announced stripped down version) I may actually consider getting one. Pricing will be interesting to see (only skimmed the article, so didn't check for that)

Review: Disgo 8400G 7.9in Android tablet


You can buy converters on eBay for about a quid that take either nano or micro sims and make them full size

Ofcom fines TalkTalk AGAIN - a whopping £750k over 'abandoned calls' gaffe


I would agree with most of the comments that will undoubtedly say "well done OfCom". However the problem is TalkTalk will not be the ultimate bearers of this payment. It will go to the two companies that actually made the silent calls meaning TalkTalk get nothing but a bit of bad press (and let's face it, that shitstorm of a company gets that everyday but still comes out the other side).

Samsung vs Apple: which smartphone do Reg readers prefer?


Re: @Tom

Are you sure? Do your texts and pictures migrate back to the phone. Does it restore and re-install all the apps, their settings and info? Does it also restore saved music and accounts for non-Google stuff (like Exchange / Dropbox)?

Music, no (but by god that would take years on 3G for my 40Gb of music on my S3) but everything else, yes. I've done it several times. All my music is stored on SD card anyway. How is your SD card in your iPho..... oh sorry.


Re: Support

If you're talking about Android, no. Not even slightly.

Everything is stored in the cloud and tied to your account - contacts, apps, even wifi settings (and SMS if you read up on how to do it). Sign in and it begins resyncing. And it's all automatic.

Netflix plotting move to HTML5 video - but only if DRM works


Re: Closed Web

"DRM in all its forms inconveniences the user"

It's very rare that I will deny this fact, but in the case of Netflix, how are you inconvenienced by it's current DRM (unless you only specifically use Linux)?

Oh wait, I've just noticed who I'm responding to...

Facebook Home gets SMACKDOWN from irate users


Re: FB Phone

You misspelled adverts and data-mining.


Re: I wonder...

"In fact, I thought most were not so much G+ users, as "has a Google account, but never uses G+"-people."

That certainly applies to pretty much every Android user in my office at least. I logged in once to see what it was like and left pretty swiftly.

'Sorry, I don't get the drama around having an always-on console'


Re: 'Sorry, I don't get the drama around having an always-on console'

Quite frankly, no. I am a gamer. I am also a techy (software and package developer with long history of support).

I purchased Diablo 3, Sim City and have a lot of DRM infused software on my PC. I hate every single aspect of it. The main time I get to game is while I'm travelling, either by train or once I'm actually in a hotel. Both of the games I mentioned previously do not work without an Internet connection.

If for whatever reason my internet goes down I do not want my console suddenly telling me I cannot play a game I have legally purchased prior just because Virgin/BT/ISP of choice is having a technical burp.

Then imagine, for whatever reason, that technical burp goes on for a whole day, a few days, whatever. You still, for reasons outside of your control, cannot use your console for the purpose it was intended and purchased for. Would you accept the same from your laptop? Your television? Your mobile? Of course not. That it what the uproar is about. There is no bandwagon. There is genuine distrust from the supplier of the console that assumes that everyone lives in fully built up areas with 100% uptime records which UK ISP's cannot provide.

I live in a rural area where cable (or equivalent ADSL) services haven't permeated the entire region. A lot of people I know locally have only had basic ADSL installed within the last 2 years and can only just achieve 1 or 2Mb (with ridiculous latency and downtime galore) thanks to the distance from the exchange. I would never be able to consciously recommend they purchase a console that requires this sort of 100% connectivity as they would only be able to use it half the time, if they are lucky.

Even though I am lucky enough to have a decent connection, which *knock on wood* has had great uptime so far; and the fact that I actually prefer Microsoft on the current generation of consoles, this decision has made me think twice on the next generation. Sony, for all they've done wrong in the past, has made me reconsider.

Disney shutters Star Wars game unit with 200 layoffs


The little we were shown of 1313 until now actually showed promise. While I agree LucasArts haven't really shone in recent years this act of corporate barbarism from Disney doesn't exactly promote them as having faith in the Star Wars franchise beyond pumping out a quick trilogy for $$$ and abandoning everything.

Major blow for Apple: 'Bounce back' patent bounced back by USPTO


Am I the only one who is getting sick and tired of companies that are supposed to be innovating in their chosen field, but instead choose to find out the next best way to sue their immediate competition?

This is not just aimed at Apple (as Samsung has filed a few counter complaints, and everyone sues everyone these days. I just want something actually new to come out of one of these companies, rather than mild re-hashes to pay for their ever ongoing legal battles.

I hope they end up suing themselves into oblivion (actually, that means the only people who win are the scumbag lawyers!)

How the iPad ruined the lives of IT architects

Paris Hilton

Re: A testing!

Having been hit in the face by an airborne iPad before (don't ask!) I'd rather have the egg whisk from earlier please...

Paris because she's used to foreign objects in her face.

Sony joins iWear face-off


Re: "...LG also hopes to attach itself both to eyeballs and to arms,..."

We're only a few steps away from brain slugs becoming a reality.

Next from Microsoft: 'Blue', the Windows 8 they hope you don't hate


Re: desktop

The reason is has this multiple personality disorder is purely because it needs to support it's legacy apps and the users who cannot be bothered to try and learn something new.

I was sceptical, heavily so, when I saw what was coming through the beta & RC phases but quite frankly my day to day use of my laptop has changed about 2%, in fact there are a lot of features I think Win8 does much better. Win & X takes me to a nifty shortcut menu for many of my most used commands quicker than they do in Win7; Win & I, straight to my app settings, I can pin Netflix to the left side of my screen and carry on whatever else I was doing. Once I spent some time learning the new ways it's actually a lot better.


Re: Think I'll wait for Windows 9

No idea what you're on about, my mouse works perfectly in Windows 8

Furious Stephen Fry blasts 'evil' Reg and 'TW*T' Orlowski


Re: None are so clearly upset ...

Like the spouse who, when asked "are you alright" merely respond "I'm fine!". You know the solid waste is rapidly approaching the rotary blades.

(Note, this applies to BOTH sexes)

Review: HTC One


Re: No SD card slot, no removable battery

One could argue the Nexus series share those traits?

Modder hacks SimCity for unlimited offline play


Was going to buy Sim City on launch day, but knowing the DRM problems that were going to appear I went and bought Cities XL platinum instead and I've had about 3 hours sleep a night since. That's pretty much my yard-stick for good gaming, if it's so involving it makes you forget to sleep.

Medicos hack iPhone into lab 'scope


Close up pics of poo now appearing on an Instragram feed near you!



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