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Still waiting

I lost touch with American scary annual arrival theory's.

I was still awaiting the highly aggressive Africanized Bees.

Or may the American scare press is the real pest plague.

Sergey Brin emasculated after HORROR smartphone disaster

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I for one agree, just because you’re a ‘Geek’ or an evolved man as I so often hear should not should mean you have to shed you masculinity as so many males have these days.

I for one am sicken at the sight of young men standing around in bars in London wearing tight trousers and expensive shirts, foundling their mobile phones instead of talking to women as if the mobile phone is now their USP.

It’s a sickening sight, no wonder the divorce rate is so high, when these boys have forgotten how to be masculine, just look at the amount of money men now spend on hair gel.

(Oh well, I also blame the tidal wave of cheap & camp TV shows for that).

I have even seen these ‘men’ when faced with fights, raise their mobile phones to their ear rather that put their fists up.

Who would have imaged 5 years ago that a man would actually want a to own ‘white phone’.

The corporate marketing machine have done their jobs well to dumb men down to point were there is hardly any boundary between men and women.

So I say good to you, for saying how it is, as the truth hurts and often offends.