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NHS frets over Brits' genitalia

Colin Dines

a balanced diet

... which the NHS should be advocating ... should always include meat and two veg ...

Shell in Hawaiian algae biofuel pilot

Colin Dines

re: about time

Biofuel as it stands is not even REMOTELY carbon neutral. I'll repeat that - it's not even CLOSE.

To make it you need to convert huge areas of land into growing crops. This means that first of all you release the carbon in the forests, then you release the carbon on the forest floor, in leaf litter and in the soil, and it just gets worse from there.

In Indonesia they are draining peat swamps and cutting down the forests to grow palm oil. If this is not the MOST environmentally indefensible action there is then it must be pretty close.

Draining the swamps is estimated to release 30 times as much CO2 as will be saved by not using fossil fuels. Currently this activity is equal to about 8 PERCENT of the entire world's CO2 output from fossil fuels.

Yeah, real bright idea that. The only reason they are doing it is so smug people like you from rich countries can feel good about yourselves while as usual the other side of the world suffers the consequences. The difference here is that climate change is going to screw us all so you're not even being selfish, just stupid.

So, Anonymous, continue patting yourself on the back with a great big goofy contented smile on your face - whatever you do don't bother doing any research or thinking for yourself, just let the car and oil companies tell you how environmentally friendly they are.

Reaper aerial killbot harvests its first fleshies

Colin Dines


Afghanistan IS part of the whole thirst for oil thing ... not because they have it but because dubya & co wanted to run a pipeline through there without their ex-pets the taliban going around blowing it up all the time ...

Sod robots, send people into space: report

Colin Dines


Branson's mob will NOT be putting anyone into orbit any time soon - just a quick sub-orbital hop to 100 km or so. You need to go at least twice that far to get into orbit.

Subterranean mole-bot under development

Colin Dines

it's craptacular

well, theres a minute of my life i wont be getting back. what an incredibly boring video. Anyway, wouldnt some kind of tracked arrangement work better for digging? Sort of like a tank but with tracks all over the sides and top and tapering at the ends of the machine? this thing looks pretty flimsy and useless ...

Water found on extrasolar planet

Colin Dines

re : Lordy

Steven: some comments ...

Firstly, the word "God" was enclosed in double quotes - a very clear sign that the writer did NOT believe in God. Such a statement does not as you say "pre-suppose the existence of God" - obviously it does exactly the opposite.

Secondly, what the hell is THIS supposed to mean : "specifically precludes the determination of information which cannot be determined and/or controlled by physical means" ? What other means IS there ?

Finally, I am not at all surprised to find you are an agnostic, as any other position would require you to form an actual opinion.

Chilean scientists crack lost lake mystery

Colin Dines


According to my calculations, assuming standard tournament chess boards with 2 1/4 inch squares, a single board is about 0.209 square metres, so there are about 47,847 chess boards per hectare.

So the lake had an area of around 191,387 to 239,234 chess boards

while I applaud the refreshing change from constant football pitch comparisons, i think this is a bit cumbersome to be a new standard !


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