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Brit firm PinPlus flogs another password 'n' PIN killer


Great article

Thanks for the article. I looked into gridsure a while back but they didnt really have a product that we could use but we had to make our own. Looks like pinplus are trying the same thing, "here is a pretty picture, just spend 1 year of coding to make it work". Interesting business model, my bet it ll be as successful as gridsure.

Looking at winfrasoft though, they seem to have sdks, products and proper 2FA ready and waiting with a patent for whats its worth. Worth reading what they - they even have a token for my dodgy nokia from days of yore.


Re: um winfrasoft pingrid

hehe! Lawyers will be getting paid. winfrasoft show they actually have a patent so my money is on them

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Re: Five words

True, big issue as in Operation High-roller but reading Winfrasoft's solution they have a transaction verification which seems to solve this.