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Google ships WannaCrypt for Android, disguised as Samba app


Already fixed


Looks like they received and merged a PR to set the minimum SMB protocol to SMB2.

They also have https://github.com/google/samba-documents-provider/issues/7 which looks like they are working to fix the issue of allowing manual selection of protocol version.

Hackers uncork experimental Linux-targeting malware


Re: A built-in password list


Router cockup grounds United Airlines flights WORLDWIDE



'Nuff said.

Can't stop Home Depot-style card pwning, but suppliers will feel PCI regulation pain


A good step forward...

While I don't think this addresses all of the issues, I think this new standard is a good stem in the right direction.

Legendary Brit physicist Stephen Hawking gets full Intel comms refresh


Re: The main question is

Dalek!! Definitively!

There is a cute scene in the new movie "The Theory of Everything" after he gets his voice box, he rides around the house with a box on his head, having the machine say "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Spawn of Galaxy Alpha and a Note 3 unveiled


Re: And the great thing is

I just got off the phone with an authorized retailer for Verizon, offering me a $200 credit for the trade in of my GNex. My jaw literally dropped when I heard about the offer. We'll see on Monday when I read the fine print whether it is too good to be true.

You! AT&T! The only thing 'unlimited' about you is your CHEEK, growl feds


Monetarily, yes, but if it succeeds, it could help to set precedents that help us against the evil, anti-net-neutrality behavior that they have been pushing for as of late.


Re: What I still don't understand

Well, I think the term limited has specific context when discussing plans. Unlimited is supposed to refer to the amount of data transferred. No one says you'll have unlimited speed, unlimited use of your choosing, unlimited child porn, etc, etc. Now, that being said, I disagree with throttling users just because they are "unlimited," and I agree that AT&T should have notified customers, but I totally disagree with your assertions that unlimited means you can do whatever the hell you want on it. Unlimited is proposed vs a capped data transfer limit, so inherently, the unlimited means unlimited data, and nothing else.

Mozilla hopes to challenge Raspbian as RPi OS of choice


Just what we need!

<sarcasm> DOM, CSS, and JS in robotics! I can't wait! </sarcasm>

US government fines Intel's Wind River over crypto exports



NICE! Spell check ftw.

"US governemtn fines Intel subsidiary over crypto exports"

Rebellion sees Chromium reverse plans to dump EXT filesystem



I've never been terribly fond of the leadership at the Chromium browser and Chromium OS projects.

Want to break Netflix? It'll pay you to do the job


Re: "You keep using that word, but I don't think...

The phrase "controlled failure injection" is way over used in this article. I was reading going "hmm, so glad they clarified that one for me."

Linux systemd dev says open source is 'SICK', kernel community 'awful'


Re: Hostile leadership vs hostile software

Gentoo. KTHXBAI.

Verizon: We're throttling broadband. FCC: WTF? Verizon: Lol, jk!


I hope your first paragraph is wrong

For all our sakes...

NAKED CELEBRITY PICS LAW BOMB dropped on ad giant Google


Re: Eh????

"'We are suing Google execs after the whole celeb nude pic thing', say celeb lawyers"

Leaked: Mobile operators' SCARE campaign against net neutrality


As I learn more...

I grow more and more sick of "Think of the children!!!"

DARPA joins math-secured microkernel race


Just a reminder...

IIRC, NICTA announced that their 'provably secure' microkernel, seL4 was not mathematically proven secure when DMA is used. seL4 is a great achievement, but there is still a long way to go.

Bad boy builds beastly Bash bug botnet, boxen battered


Re: New Bash update in for RHEL

You are missing out, 4.2.47 has the dirtrim patch. Garbled dirtrim drove me crazy.

NSFW: Click here, watch iPhone 6 being TORTURED


How could you forget?!?!

Instead of that crummy blender....

You needed "Will it bend?" Apparently, putting it in your front pocket is torture enough for the poor iPhone 6 Plus. The frame is too small at the volume buttons, causing the phone to bend and deform under pressure.

Le whoops! Microsoft France boss blows lid off 'Windows 9' event


Re: Time flies

Minus TIFKAM and the start button debacle (remedied with the program Start8), I've found Win8 to be quite pleasant to use (on the rare occasions that I use Windows)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone movie: report


Re: Looper

Understatement. I think that was one of my favorite time travel movies.

Claimed Home Depot credit card hack could be biggest retail breach yet


I hope this leads to change...

Disallow all third-party storage of credit card details. They clearly aren't doing a very good job with it.

Epiphany hits Raspberry Pi founders, users


That name...

So Gnome's web browser dropped the name "Epiphany", and changed it to "Web", RPi Foundation adds some features to it, and then calls it "Epiphany" again? That's really confusing.

Super Cali signs a kill-switch, campaigners say it's atrocious


Once again...

If you re locked out from a network because a govt chooses to lock you out, you can roll your own mobile networks. This was done using mobile cell sites during tha Arab Spring. If the gov't decides to lock you out using a kill switch, you are SOL.

There is a major difference between a killswitch and network lockout.

Your move, sucker! Microsoft tests cloud gaming system that cuts through network lag


The real concern

What happens when the provider of your streaming game decides to cut you off? I would rather keep my single player games offline..

Amazon 'adware' laden Ubuntu passes ICO's data smell test


That's why I love Gentoo.

New iGasm: Apple to unveil not one but TWO iPhone 6 models on 9 Sept


Left out

The more pertinent question is, how will El Reg respond if it doesn't get an invite?

Comcast, Time Warner boost net speeds in Google Fiber city – COINCIDENCE?

Thumb Up

Re: It's nothing to do with rural!

If I could give you more than one upvote, I would. Well said.

Multipath TCP speeds up the internet so much that security breaks


Re: Madness

I think you are missing a fair bit of the other commentary in the article.

While increasing speed, it also increases traffic by multiplexing communications, which would further hamper networks.

Stateful systems aren't equipped to handle distributed state, thus pretty much any system that isn't an endpoint of a MCTCP connection is useless at doing anything besides simply forwarding the packets.

What I will agree with you on the whims of corportations is regarding the research on "side channel attacks." I don't really understand why being able to infer throughput, congestion, packet delay, etc of other ISPs is an issue. None of that information sounds horribly proprietary, but what do I know.

Israel's Iron Dome missile tech stolen by Chinese hackers

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On the plus side, when everyone has an Iron Dome defense system, the entire world will be safe from missile attacks :P

Google Maps community competition falls foul of Indian regulations


Bureaucracy at its best

Only one organization licensed to produce maps?! What poppycock!

OKCupid: OK, STUPID, YES we set you up with BAD DATES. On purpose


Nothing to see here, move along...

OKCupid has a proud history of coming up with interesting (and absurd) analyses of their users and habits. They have done so publicly since 2009: http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/about/. Plus, the website works by having you answer endless questions about yourself, it's a data analytics playground, unlike some creepers like Facebook.

CAPTCHA challenges you to copy pointillist painter Seurat's classic


Quite simple, really..

The guy just doesn't want people to contact him, but doesn't want to be SUPER obvious about that fact.

Google devs: Tearing Chrome away from OpenSSL not that easy


Use the send corrections button above

Chromecast hack Rickrolls Google's TV stick



If your simple goal is to Rick-Roll, anyone with access to the Chromecast can cast something new in place of something currently being cast. It's already simple to Rick-Roll.

Microsoft's anti-bug breakthrough: Wire devs to BRAIN SCANNERS



How often are bugs committed by someone who confidently thinks they have done it right or has overlooked something? To think that bugs are primarily created because people are stressed out seems a little naive, sort of like their Bayes classifier :P

What's that burning tire smell? It's Microsoft screeching away from the No-IP car crash


If only...

I know that i'm using them as a free service, but I'd like to see No-IP offer me some compensation for the down time (obviously Microsoft would be responsible). Upgrade to premium service for a couple of months or just disable the nagging login requirement for a little while. I mean, once they finally got my account up and running again, I received an email saying that my domain (which was confirmed active not more than a week before the lockout) was canceled from inactivity. They just had some major bugs on their end with the whole ordeal and my feelings on their reactions to the customers (albeit some non-paying) was one of lack of care.

Sorry, chaps! We didn't mean to steamroller legit No-IP users – Microsoft


Same here

See title.

Google, Microsoft to add remote KILL switch to phones


Kill switch is significantly different than provider lockout

Kill switch renders the device inoperable, where as network blocking is only the connection between a device and a network. Case in point: Arab Spring saw governments shutting down networks to prevent communication between protesters, and protesters rolling in mobile cell sites to bypass the govt controlled networks. Kill switch could allow the government to prevent any comm, through networks in their control or not.

Strategy Boutique ultimate 'tech'-gasm: 3D printer drone GoPro vid stream QR code


Re: Do some Commentards not get the joke?

I get it, but I feel like I lost a few brain cells from watching it

Solaris deposed as US drone-ware, replaced by Linux administration


Re: I've missed something here

I think the term that you are looking for is a Real Time OS (RTOS)

White House to world: We don't hoard IT security vulnerabilities


Good text layout

5 instances of the word "vulnerability" are in a vertical tine, perfectly lined up... first word on a line.

Gave me a good little chuckle.

US judge: Our digital search warrants apply ANYWHERE


Another angle

Article doesn't mention the judge citing this, but what would prohibit an American from having their data stored outside of the US. That would effectively allow said American to be out of the reach of <Insert US Gov Agency> if they were limited to the US only.

I don't agree with the decision, just thought this was an interesting angle to look at.

Lost treasure of Atari REVEALED


So not worth it.

I own this game, and I can confidently say, that it is so not worth the effort they went through to find it.

OpenSSL bug hunt: Find NEXT Heartbleed, earn $$$ – if enough people donate cash


Too good to be true...

According to their website, they take 20% of your bounty. Ouch.

Canadian taxman says hundreds pierced by Heartbleed SSL skewer


Re: Was it a MITM or what?

"Was it a scapegoat or what?"

Fixed that for you.

LG offers BRAIN-SAVING CANCER-BL... er 'good luck charms'


A sticker?!?

If they were really concerned about the matter, why not embed the "electromagnetic wave absorbing" material into the phone's casing?

Snowden journo boyf grill under anti-terror law was legal, says UK court


Oh... So that's how it works!

"But he was acting in support of Mr Greenwald's activities as a journalist. I accept that the Schedule 7 stop constituted an indirect interference with press freedom, though no such interference was asserted by the claimant at the time."

It's only illegal if you tell the government at the time they do it, that what they are doing is illegal. That makes too much sense.

How many keys can one keyboard have? Do I hear 200? 300? More?


I dream of

Optimus Maximus... Now that was a keyboard!

Man sues NASA: Mystery Mars rock is a UFO – an unidentified 'FUNGUS' object


Re: Just curious.

Lost in the bowels of his website:

"Dr. Joseph obtained his Ph.D. from UHS/The Chicago Medical School, and completed his training at the VAMC/Yale University Medical School Seizure Unit, Department of Neurology, Neuropsychology Section. Joseph completed the Ph.D. program, including his Ph.D. dissertation in two years, and by graduation had more scientific publications than most of the faculty."

http://brainmind.com/publications.html (search for A VERY BRIEF BIOGRAHICAL RESEARCH NOTE [it's like a billion lines down])