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Bray recalls team XML

Craig Smith


unbelievable, some of you right on the button. some of you waaaayyyy offf.. fasts are people, XML is the number one way to store and retrieve data, i can prove it. c r a i g (a t) c l i c k n e t w o r k s . c o . u k. now this aint a sales pitch i wil show you an xml based engine kick the living crap out of an rdbms you can think of. try me.

ARM to bash 'non-issue' Intel with multi-core chip

Craig Smith

I agree @Joerg

Indeed intel has upped its game considerably in the last 2 years, and while many devices run on the ARM processor, most of these devices are very limited in their functionality. Intel is moving into new markets, as is ARM, they are wanting to be involved in more than just phones and pocket pc's and no doubt they will be excellent. It is an excellent idea to deliver the x86 instruction set to small devices, and it will give manufacturers the power to offer people various operating systems on their product instead of one customised one. How hard is it to replace the operating system on your smart device? It is this flexibility that will really appeal to developers and other computer enthusiasts, and it will drive innovation in this market in a way we haven't seen before. Plug and Play on your phone. The ability to port programs directly from the desktop. PROPER browsers. Soudns great.

I can't wait for the first x86 phone/UMPC, cos I will be queing up to buy one.


Evolutionary database design

Craig Smith

Why not....

...abandon SQL all together and use XML? For example one engine I have seen out performs SQL by quite a factor in both storage and retrieval time. You can update the schema on the fly (just load in a new DTD) old data still conforms to the rev1 DTD and new data can conform to the old DTD or the new one. It also means you can store an entirely different structured data set within the same silo. You masy be thinking "what about the overhead", well it actually compresses and strips out the tagging information meaning you actually save space, i've seen one 8Gig DB converted to raw XML and imported into the engine to the tune of around 2Gig storage requirement. I just think that all these new technologies are available, and yet reliance on an old and extremely resource intensive database system grows by the day. Want more info? Contact me...


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