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Microsoft throws Kinect under a bus, slashes Xbox One to $399


Re: Dictators always fail in the end

Well said h4rm0ny, the downvotes show this lack of logic is alive with some .

Vinyl-fetish hipsters might just have a point


I go to a lot of record fairs and trade a good amount of vinyl and the 'scene' doesn't really have any hipsters. It's overwhelmingly men over 40 who just love everything about vinyl which is very collectible.

Also one cannot skin-up on a MP3.

Virgin Media sales are a bit flat under the Cable Cowboy's reign


I've always been impressed when I've had to deal with VM, the engineers through the years that come to upgrade the kit have always been very knowledgeable and the broadband speed and reliability is significantly better than any ADSL I had to suffer.

Yes their Achilles heel is that they simply don't expand the network and they've saturated the available market.

Returning a laptop to PC World ruined this bloke's credit score. Today the Supreme Court ended his 15-year nightmare


I'm sorry but the guy is a massive wanker, ruining his own life(in his own words) to prove a point.

He should have just bought a separate modem and got on with it.

'You're BEAUTIFUL when you're angry' 'You SEXIST PIG!' Xbox One's fresh brouhaha


Feminists running out of things to complain about and a couple of bell-ends on Twitter think white-knighting will get them laid. God forbid certain activities are associated with a gender.

XBOX ONE ROUNDUP-of-the-ROUNDUPS: Everything YOU need to know


Why oh why does the dial-up army feel the need to bitch about trivial gig patches.

It wasn't even 1.3GB, the patch on mine was 500MB.


Re: 1.3 Gb day one patch!?!

Wow so much misinformation in one post, let me guess you don't own a Xbox one.

Why do you even post as EVERYTHING you mention is complete bollocks.



+1 for mention of colour climix

Assange: 'Ecuadorian embassy staff are like my family'


Re: What really pisses me off

The amount of drooling morons in police uniform making their mothers proud doing a fine days 'work' surrounding the embassy for a 'fugitive' who didn't wear a condom in Sweden once tells us it's a vendetta by the authorities.

Two years after Steve Jobs' death, how's that new CEO working out?


Apple are set to release a new OS called Sanctimony and become an official religion by 2017.

Perhaps then they can do a Jim Jones and spare the rest of us.

The LSD guru, the 1980s pop-star and video games to reprogram your brain


Tim Leary's autobiography still stands out as the best I've ever read. Check it out.

How I hacked SIM cards with a single text - and the networks DON'T CARE


Could someone 'hack' the Register website and bring it into this century, it's an example of web 1.0.

Dear Linus, STOP SHOUTING and play nice - says Linux kernel dev


Re: People have no self respect

I've encountered several people who have quit jobs because they were shouted at once, all of them were a bit wet and precious while being of average ability with no social skills themselves.

That Firefox OS mobe: The sorta phone left behind after a mugging


Where's the love for lumia? Great phone in my experience, don't understand the phone zealotry here.