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Google’s plan for WORLD DOMINATION takes shape. And it begins with a patent


Re: I'm impressed.

"Next same patents but for autonomous Taxis, Lorrys, trains and so on."

As another poster pointed out.. already covered.

Your robot taxi has a limited supply of charge/fuel along with more infrequent regular servicing.

That's essentially what this patent does. But cars are just a subset..

A factory automatically building custom articles also has feedstock, transportation, storage, and lifecycle/health of machines to consider.

Very forward looking of Google.

Force your hand: Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Right click..

"They've supported right click for as long as OS X has been around."

From personal memory Apple supported right click from at least OS 7.5 prior to OSX if you had a third party mouse. No drivers needed.

If you didn't have a two button mouse (or trackpad) you can emulate it by holding down the control key as you click.

The whole deal with the Macs one button mouse was that the Alto at Xerox Parc, which was the inspiration for Apple's Lisa, and then the Mac, had a *THREE button mouse* quite complicated cording patterns to work the system.

Apple simplified this system so that ordinary folks, not just computer geeks and PHD's could use their hardware.

Professional Unix graphic workstations (Sun and others) continued to use the three button mouse where it was standard.

Apple's insistence of the single button mouse was to force the Software manufactures to make their software 100% functional with the single button.

Even today, in Apple stores, (and when you first unbox a Mac) the full functionality of the trackpad are disabled from the control panel so as to not overwhelm prospective buyers.

Indeed, when I first opened up my shiny new Apple laptop back in 2012, one of the first things I did was to turn all the trackpad features.

I spent well over four hours practicing all the gestures till I could do them without error even in a semi-consious state; which I practically was as it was pas2 AM when I finally went to bed.

Apple's trackpad (which they just even improved on the most recent 13" Mac Pro refresh with pressure sensitivity) is the main reason why Macs do not have touch sensitive screens. You don't really need them with their trackpads.

It's also why Apple is not adopting the recent touch events framework which is currently being worked out between Microsoft, Google, and Firefox.

Apple's computers don't have touch screens and their touchscreen devices don't support pens or finger proximity.

This one button mouse meme is old, pervasive with windows enthusiasts to point out how stupid Macintosh users are, and simply false.

So, you know those exciting movie-style 3D visual cyber attack ops centres?


Re: So basically

Interesting web site.

Even more interesting is that no Flash was used in their web pages..

The company must be serious about security.

Tim Cook chills the spines of swingers worldwide


Re: So let me get this straight....

You beat me too it..

I was going to say the watch nags you once an hour to get up and charge the watch but that would be simply ridiculous..

I'm with those that think a truely *smart* watch would last at least a week..

Oh yes.. I read last week somewhere that Apple is dropping some of the health measurement features from the watch. Apparently too unreliable to get through someone's "fit for purpose rules" (Damm interfering government!) for medical type devices.

Apparently having a hairy wrist and various skin conditions make it too unreliable.

FCC says cities should be free to run decent ISPs. And Republicans can't stand it


Re: Capitalism is direct democracy.

<smothers laughter>

Yes. Capitalism IS direct democracy!

One corporation, one vote. Simple.

Just look at China..

Capitalism has nothing to do with the form of government it runs under.

It's an *economic* theory. Actually more of a faith based religion. (sorry, that last was redundant..)

NO ONE is making money from YouTube, even Google – report


Re: The adverts are getting more intrusive

"If you are not using Firefox, DO IT NOW!!!"

If you are using the Android version use Bluhell Firewall instead of AdBlock Plus.

For all Firefox installations also add Ghostery and Self-Destructing Cookies.

Between ad blocking and the javascript reduction your bandwidth and processing load becomes smaller (so you can have more tabs open).

Also restores the functionality of the "back" button, which can now use your local cache instead of refetching the page.

..This probably reduces page hit statistics on web sites as a side effect.

However on my phone, I'm paying for the bandwidth AND my battery lasts longer.

I feel sad for iPhone and Windows Phone users as they don't have the option to use a web browser which screens out all this junk. (has this changed?)

[For reference, I'm not exactly running android, but am running Firefox on my BB..]


Just yesterday I installed Chrome on a friend's XBUNTU installation so he could have an up to date Flash if he required it. (..Yes, I've been removing Flash from all systems as a general rule for the past three weeks. The hassle has always been too much, but Linux systems need to be purged as Adobe stopped providing updates some time ago, so all Linux Flash installations are obsolete!)

Several worrysome things occured.

First of all I've been using IXquick as my default search engine for some time now and in searching for "get chrome" I was presented with a number of websites *which were not Google* even though some of them claimed to be! Ghostery blocked several of these which were redirects and I allowed one to find I was not on a secure https connection and there was no information on who the web site was through Firefox's URL info box.

I finally cruised over to Bing to find the proper URL link for the Chrome download. (I'm sure Google would have worked properly also..)

Once inside of Chrome, and searching for the Adblock Plus plugin, I was presented with MANY false Adblock services..

It's madness, I tell you, madness!

(Madness takes its toll. Five cents please..)

It's getting so that I as an (alledged) expert am getting confused by all the misdirection and scamming out there.

Oh yes. FlashControl for Chrome. Goes without saying!

'Utterly unusable' MS Word dumped by SciFi author Charles Stross


Re: British SciFi author Charles

"Charles Who? Oh, I get it, Charles I-Hate-Office..."

Hapily Charlie isn't the only one.. You've heard of Douglas Adams?


Of course this is quite mild (and entertaining) compared to the lashing he gave to Microsoft as a whole..


..oh yes..

Share and enjoy!

Wake up! BlackBerry QUIETLY updates BB10


Re: 55 Security holes

Um.. Seeing that there are 55 security holes, could you please give a source for this claim?

Also how many of these flaws are in the 10.3.1 which BlackBerry just upgraded all (non-playbook) BB10 devices to?

Watch: China has made an internet censorship THEME SONG


That reminds me..

Microsoft's Vista "Wow is Now" musical number where they tell you not to pirate the OS:



Seemed slightly Orwellian when I heard it.

(and lets not mention the then new Hollywood DRM which was built in..)

Silent but violent: Foul Google Play flaw lets hackers emit smelly apps


Re: Cyanogenmod ftw

Right. Avoid Google spying by using the Amazon app store..

You do realize that any Amazon purchased Android app will stop working in a month if it can't report back to the mothership right?

Amazon wraps the app in its DRM which requires frequent checking in unless Amazon has changed their software model.

I'm also guessing that Amazon collects usage statistics as the do so because.. big data. Why not.

Yes. Amazon cares much more for your privacy then Google (anybody) does..

'Giving geo-engineering to this US govt is like giving a child a loaded gun'


"Sounds like a win-win for the US - Planet overheating and overseas terrorists, fix both problems by dropping a dirty nuclear bomb on them.

- Cools the planet down

- Nukes the terrorists

Presidents political party re-elected!"

Not a good plan.

Seeing us USA'ians make up 10% of the world's population but are using over 25% of the resources we should nuke ourselves.

You get the nuclear winter, eliminate our planetary resource usage, the terrorists disband due to lack of enemy, AND we all go up to live with Jesus!

Microsoft: Even cheapo Lumias to get slimmed down Windows 10


Re: With an utter lack of scientific and statistical rigour...

"...I'm a bit puzzled why the published market share of Windows Phone doesn't match my commuting experience, where I reckon around 10% or so of people using phones that I can see, are using a Nokia running Windows phone."

I'm puzzled also.

I live in Seattle.. you know, right across the lake from Redmond and when I use the bus 75 percent of the riders are head down in a smartphone.

*None* of them are Windows phone..

..Eaqualy split between iPhone all in cases, and gigantic Android Phablets.

Women tend to have iPhone and Asian guys ALL seemingly have giant screen gaming devices.

I have a BB10 and have only seen one other person using a BlackBerry, an older one.

My biggest point of interest is where those guys are keeping their big screen devices..

I haven't noticed male purses or fanny packs, nor have I seen any sporrans being worn.

It's a mystery..

They've finally solved it: Schrödinger's cat is both ALIVE AND DEAD


Re: Quis custodiet ipsos felis?

"Re: Quis custodiet ipsos felis?

Is the cat an observer?

No, an observation.

Remember Descartes, If you dont think rationally you dont exist.

Felix non cogitaris ergo felix non est"

Next question.

Are humans rational?

A: No. We rationalize.

Therefore I don't exist.

Google gets my data, I get search and email and that. Help help, I'm being REPRESSED!


Re: Flaw

"There were adequate search engines before Google, there are adequate alternatives now, and there will be new ones when Google have made themselves obsolete."

There were adequate search engines before Google?

No. No there were not.

Altavista was the best option at the time, and it and it's breathern all had the singular problem of only being able to search on a single word.

Searching on two words however, returned web pages that inexplicably had NEITHER word from my search.

Basically useless.

Google not only returned pages with my keywords in them, but they returned pages *relivant* to what I was searching for.

And the free GMAIL service, using its information about what everyone was sending and receiving by scanning inside the messages managed to eliminate a problem that Bill Gates famously claimed that Microsoft would solve. Email spam...

Avast there: MEELLIONS of Androiders scuttled by 'adware' game app


Using this App called AdAway...

Yes. Adaway is very nice..

..If your phone is rooted.

The main problem is that if you want to root your phone, you must wipe it. This is a good pratice so that if your phone falls into the wrong hands, an attacker can't retrieve all your information.

The only problem is, if you've been using android, there is no real easy way to backup your information or otherwise get it off the phone if your phone has no external SD card slot AND YOUR PHONE IS NOT ALREADY ROOTED!!

Sorry about the yelling, but at long last I did apparently find a method that does not involve two devices on the same wifi connection or the cloud.

It does unfortunately for most, involve a Mac..

In fact, this is the same problem as migrating to a new Android device.

(Migrating from anything to a Blackberry 10 device does not seem to have the same issues however..)

Spartan on Windows 7? Microsoft is 'watching demand'


"I have that one solved. I don't install Flash."

However, apparently certain sites require it.

By coincidence I rendered OSX and my Linux machines flash free just this morning.

However if you do need to run Flash, there is always Chrome.. Google maintains their own version.

And as for Linux users, they are stuck back at version 11 unless they install Chrome.

Sadly, there was some good media which was created back in the old days. Comic book interactive.. "things" which though hard to find, will become almost impossible to play.

Sad that..

RIP Mr. Snoozelberg.. .. Hey! It's on Android! (probably wants your contacts...)


Re: Other OSs?

Microsoft DID at one time did release their browser for Macintosh.

Internet Explorer for classic Mac around version 7 or 8.

It actually shipped on Apple's OS install CD's.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) it was not the same as IE on windows.. it was better.

It was more standards complient (which the windows version wasn't,) it also did not do ActiveX and used Apple's font technology to render web pages far more beautifully than other browsers and platforms.

It was small, crash proof, and fast.

It was in point of fact NOT Internet Explorer as we know it.


As far as testing your HTML on your Mac in IE (or Sparta)..

If you want to test web pages in various browsers on your Mac.. well that's what virtuallization is for.

In fact, seeing how scary it is to use a Windows envirement, virtuallization is the only way to go and I'm shocked Microsoft doesn't use it themselves.

Maybe while they are busy releasing Windows 10, they could revive their Pallidum project, and restrict running older "classic" Windows applications in virtualized cages so you could keep running your old Windows applications.

You know.. "A better DOS than DOS and a better Windows than Windows".


Dark Fibre: Reg man plunges into London's sewers to see how pipe is laid


I feel the need

..to pull Neverwhere out for a rewatch for some reason..

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year


Re: I'm free! No, you're an idiot: Subscription

Re: I'm free! No, you're an idiot: Re: Subscription


Q: Subscriptions?

A. Nadella: There is no fundamental shift to our business model....We want to be able to service our customers more like an Internet service. (So, emphatically NOT subscription Windows.)"

[Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/windows-10-live-blog-2015-1#ixzz3PUnIswAv]


So they want to service you like Comcast or your ISP?

Good thing I don't have a dirty mind..

BMW: ADMEN have asked us for YOUR connected car DATA


Many people don't own their cars..

..they lease them.

This gives automakers an incentive to monitize you.

By selling your info they can reduce the cost of your vehicle..

(except it won't)

DANGER: Is that 'hot babe' on Skype a sextortionist?


Re: They failed to obey the first rule of digital imagery

"If this continues, the Internet web chat will just end up with meaningless, anonymous sex acts...."


Nearly inhaled my tea there..

'F*** you', exclaims Google Translate app, politely


As long as we're playing the Microsoft hand

The previous version of the Google Translate application also worked off-line completely on your phone (as does the Google dictation keyboard) if you download the translation data modules for each language in question you want to translate to/from.

Does Microsoft do anything remotely similar???

Begone foul demons! Back under your bridge..

(I'm curious if the offline works in the new continuous mode. I suspect it does as the voice dictation already works this way.)

Buses? PAH. Begone with your filthy peasant-wagons


Re: Has the author not heard of TFLs Live Bus Arrivals?

"Then you have to wait for the bus. If I walk down to my nearest bus stop and a bus arrives as I get there I think it’s a fantastic, special happening. If I walk out of my house and my car is there I think “that’s normal”.

There's also an app for that.

I found a couple of applications for my smart phone- "One Bus Away" and "Transit".

Both will work with our local bus systems bus tracking services so you get updated live as to arrival times.

Check application, set a timer on the phone, walk out door, meet bus.. Profit!

Pretty life changing actually.

Heads up! If Tor VANISHES over the weekend, this is why


Re: MiniLove recommends...

"Next: Tor to be the last refuge of pork eaters, full-fat butter lovers, people suspiciously guilty of liking their privacy and those practicing sexual positions different from the governmentally approved missionary one."

Actually, I thought it was us anti-pork eaters who were on the terrorist watch list as put forth by the Bush administration..

Color me surprised!

..oh yes..

There's more than one sexual position?!?

Where do I go to find the others?

Senator: Backdoor for the Feds is a backdoor for hackers


Meanwhile over in processor land..

I couldn't help but notice a several days old review of the upcoming Snapdragon 810 processor, there is a baked in kill switch as one of its exciting new features..

"The last big feature of note is an OS-independent kill switch baked in at the hardware level. Legislators are already passing laws that will require smartphones to support remote data wiping and locking to deter both physical device theft and data theft. Android, iOS, and others all support this kind of feature in software, but Qualcomm's "Safeswitch" will add another layer of protection."


There was further mention that this feature was OS independent... [cue chilling chord on soundtrack]

Flashing your own OS on a device will no longer make it yours.

Microsoft, rivals together fight US govt's cloud data snatch


Re: Good on ye, MS!

Very much agree.

However note that Microsoft (and the other companies) are not fighting for the right to not release information for the government where a given data center is located. Just for the US (and presumably other countries) to be prevented from extraditing data from foreign soils.

They want to be able to sell their services all over the world.

Skinny Ubuntu Linux 'Snapped' up by fat Microsoft cloud


Re: Still too big

The command line core of OS/2 could be, booted from two floppies.

The second one largely contained drivers so you could access your SCSI card and hard drive controllers for example.

Hate the BlackBerry Z10 and Passport? How about this dusty old flashback instead?


Re: Now if I can just get one with

"Now if I can just get one with

A built in daisy-wheel"

..and a secretary to print out my emails for me.


Re: Only if the email is freed up

"On BB: Email gets delivered after 15 mins. Gets checked in next 10 mins. Action gets done in 5 mins. Total turn around time is 30 mins."

I can't speak for the BES side of Blackberry but as a Gmail user who switched into the Blackberry ecosystem the transaction time on email is about a second and a half.

I use share to send myself email so I can follow up on my laptop when I, get a proper sit down.

BlackBerry + Google is no slower than Android + Google.

Quantum computing is so powerful it takes two years to understand what happened


Re: quantum awareness

"Just let me know when it figures out the answer is '42'."

Two times three times seven Shirly?

Apple knob refusenik Sir Jony Ive handed award - for talking BOLLOCKS


Re: Time and place

"Here is this new watch we just designed. We think it is quite nice and hope you do too. It tells the time and has some other useful features. It is made from quality materials. Thank you."

Ah. Time to re-watch "The Invention of Lying".

Lots of brilliant stuff in there.

Tough Banana Pi: a Raspberry Pi for colour-blind diehards


Re: Trademark Breach?

"Bannana Cream Pi"

But yes, this does look like a trademark incursion.

Oh BOY! The MICKEY MOUSE Apple Watch is no heart-throb


Far out in the uncharted Backwaters

Thank you Douglas (and Michael).

Puts things in perspective seeing it's Black Friday here in 'Murica and now over with you in the UK and elsewhere..

Happy holidays!

Ten excellent FREE PC apps to brighten your Windows


Re: But what does this actually do ?

"When out of 10 "excellent PC apps", only 2 (Notepad++ & VLC) are actually helping you to DO something, while the remaining 80% are only improving your OS in some ways, it says a lot about wasted time."

With Windows, you work on your computer.. With Mac, you work *with* your computer.


Re: Linux + VirtualBox Windows VM (except if you're into games)


I found a long time ago that running our stores 286 DOS+Geoworks environment ran much better on a slightly less obsolete 200 Mhz Mac running 7.6 in a virtual PC software emulation.

Plus, they could print on our shiny new (used) Apple Laserwriter.

The entire stores multi partition hard drive now sits comfortably on a single Zip disk as a single file. The store is no longer; so yes, fitting it on a Zip would no longer applie.

With the advent of Windows instead of reinstalling once or twice a year, you simply save the users data, derez the now slow as molasses and malware ridden virtual hard drive, substitute the old backup you made when you first installed AND updated your original windows machine, update it again (a partial, much faster), create a new backup, and go about restoring the users data and applications.

I now use a Macbook Pro and Parallels which has checkpointing for the file system, so I can even try out something risky, by checkpointing the file system (I do have to shut down Windows here) which takes seconds, install the dodgy software and revert back to checkpoint if things don't work out.

I realize Windows has a checkpoint function, but it is lengthy and does not really work if you are installing drivers or other system level components.

Plus, the checkpointing (or archiving) in a virtual environment works for any OS you might be running, not just Windows.

It makes ones life so much more stress free.

I'll be back (and forward): Hollywood's time travel tribulations


Re: Star Trek

"Then there will be a star trek into star wars crossover with another time travel instalment."

Couldn't we have a Star Wars / Jetsons crossover instead??

Make as much sense.

Robert Heinlein basically did this with his novel "The Number of the Beast" years ago.

Invented a whole new cosmology to let this happen.

This let his latter stories like "The Cat Who Walked Through Walls" have all his other stories all become deeply intertwingled..

..actually- upon a close reading of his full length novels, you will come to the that none of them are in the same universe as each other nor are any of them in our future.

A bit unsettling actually.

Regin: The super-spyware the security industry has been silent about


Re: The missing word


I live in the home town of a certain ubiquitous caffeine addiction dealer as well as a certain massive (yet unprofitable) bookstore destroying pyramid scheme, AS WELL as neighbors to a certain dark fortress in nearby Redmond who makes "really good" software. You know the place.

[It must be really good as it's ubiquitous]

Elvis even did a strangely rapey movie about us back in the 60's..

Our local news reporting (no different from the national coverage I might add) was (and is) very warm to these three entities needless to say..

Back sometime in the 90's the local and national news started reporting increasingly breathless stories about how our precious software fluids were being invaded by things called virus and worms which were "somehow" taking up residence in our computer devices connected to the interwebs.

They curiously never seemed to specifically mention *which* computers were at risk and how exactly the infection was spreading (IE, Outlook, activeX usually).

Mac users hopefully knew that they were exempt, and the rare Unix and Linux almost certainly knew that this didn't apply to them, *BUT THE WINDOWS* users just assumed that this applied to EVERYONE including them.

After all that's what the news stories said.

Our media was thus protecting Microsoft by never raising the obvious question in the viewers mind "so why are these other operating systems safe?"

Until one evening.

One night our local news anchor accidentally (?) let slip by stating at the end of the report that this worm only affected Windows users!

That was the only time.

After that both the local and national news immediately STOPPED reporting on malware outbreaks.


In fact the regular news still does not report on security concerns anymore- a fact which was driven home that only one person I know (a curmudgeonly ancient geek like myself) has heard of Heartbleed.

Apparently the media has not seen fit to report on this or other topics of iThingies/aThingies/router/thermostats/cars/software/etc. security flaws to regular folks at all..

They don't want to scare the consumer units I'm guessing, but I find it interesting that as far as I know, there are no news reports outside of specialized outlets on flaws in our basic internet infrastructure.

They do, from what my sister tells me, report on credit card problems with Target, the Home Depot, Goodwill et al, but these are covered on a case by case basis. Not as a trend.

I don't have a TV, so all my information about the media is second hand or through YouTube (thus selective) but the past six months of ever more rapid *deep infrastructure* flaw revelations is freaking me out.

I suspect we are on a exponentially accelerating flaw discovery curve..

Renewable energy 'simply won't work': Top Google engineers


Re: Then we're fucked

Yes. We are as you say, "fucked".

Welcome to the future!


Re: I seem to remember

Should be more upvotes.

Too many Cornucupians in here, (along with one manifest space destiny individual who somehow got into here.)

The Google folks are only pointing out the central dilemma of our civilization.

No way forward and no way back, or even sideways.

I think our political leaders, militaries, and corporations doing long term planning all know these facts.

This is why, for example the tar sands mining and XL pipeline are being done here in North America.

Sign of desperation.

That cliff edge our civilization is racing toward is getting ever closer.

BTW. You know why when you pass a field of wind turbines, a few of them are not working?

The reason is the gearboxes break down easily.

Fortunately there is a solution, direct drive generators which don't use gearboxes!

So why aren't we using the direct drive generators?


They require a rare earth material which is in very short supply to create the super powerful magnets required. (and all the supply is in China and rare earth exports are being restricted due to strategic importance.)

So we use the ordinary powered magnets which require a higher generator rotation speed of operation and thus the gearboxes.

Oh yes. These are the same magnets required by my electric bicycle hub drive AND electric cars which could alleviate our gasoline reliance.

Downer. I know..

..and speaking of downers- you know where the button is..

Windows Phone will snatch biz No 2 spot from Android – analyst


Re: Chocolate company?

"Google kinda supports this nickname... i mean all their OSes are named after candies."

VERY very excellent point!

Never thought of it that way.

..however I suspect you meant "Android OS releases".

I need a password to BRAKE? What? No! STOP! Aaaargh!


Re: windscreen wipers?

"Although I expect commercial self-driving cars will also have windshield wipers, to let the humans in the car see out."

Why even have windows?

Being unable to see outside the vehicle will leave the occupants relaxed and they won't have to be stressed out that their vehicle has left the road and is about to drive off a hovercraft ramp directly into the water as directed by their GPS.

What's the use of upsetting and stressing people out needlessly as they generally won't have time to react to an emergency situation in the case their car goes off the rails so to speak..

Culture CLASH: Wuzhen Declaration spurned at World Internet Conference in China


There's an unstated problem here..

I feel the Wurzin declaration terms contradict each other.

For example "freedom of the internet", "respecting countries cultural mores", "security for electronic commerce", and oh yes.. protecting the kiddies and getting rid of porn.

(curious how the porn immediately followed the mention of children in there.)

If you have true freedom, then, you have porn.

You then also, have political discussion about possibly unpleasant topics to one's cultural region..

Read "Cloak of Anarchy" for a much better discussion of the problem.

Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop


Re: Trim


Had Galaxy Nexus with trim problem.

Also low I/O speed on flash memory devices as device becomes full.

This can be seen on any flash thumb drive just as it becomes full.

Previous android phone also suffered from this problem also. Did not have trim problem but flashing or resetting OS created free space which solved memory lag slowdown (temporarily) until I added apps and data back to get low free memory situation again.

If it's the trim bug, you can test for this by downloading an app which fills up all free memory and then frees it back up. This is a (temporary) fix for the trim problem.

YOU are the threat: True confessions of real-life sysadmins


Re: Exit Procedures and the "V'Ger Rule"

"Ah, this is obviously some strange usage of the word 'mate' that I wasn't previously aware of."

Downvotes to a HHGTTG reference.. here!?!

What is wrong with you people???

LIFE, JIM? Comet probot lander found 'ORGANICS' on far-off iceball


Re: Methane?

"So it wasn't the big bang? It was a big fart??

That explains a lot of life"


It’s payback time as humans send a probe up alien body


Re: It was outrageous!

"But at such low bitrates and 28 minutes lag, alien noobs won't be beating us at CS or CoD any time soon."

I don't think the bandwidth matters here.. that ping time is a killer!

BlackBerry chief vows: We'll focus on 'core devices' and on, er, not losing money


Re: What's the need they're trying to fill?

Upvote but DropBox is not actually baked into the OS, it's just a native app which comes pre-installed on the device and can be deleted and re-installed through the BlackBerry store as needed.

It just seems baked in due to it being a native app and the synergistic way the OS operates.


Dear Anonymous..

A lot of good information in your post but some bad as well..

I am a proud first time user of a shiny new used BlackBerry Q10 phone I found at a mall chain store which I had never seen before which sells used electronics. No returns allowed..

I'm on my fourth month with the phone now, and had to change my carrier from Straight Talk to Cricket because Straight Talk changed me over from AT&T to T-Mobile when I got my new phone which didn't work out well as I couldn't get a signal inside my house.

The phone was an carrier free unlocked phone which the store was nice enough to charge up and let me play with. They even took the unusual step of connecting it to their local Wifi to let me briefly check out a couple of web pages I visit frequently.

I was blown away!!!

I had heard some interesting things about BlackBerry's new version 10 OS when it came out but I had never seen a BlackBerry device in any of the phone stores over here in the US.

This store let me play with it.

It truly was a "Shut up and take my money" moment!

I had been using a Google Galaxy Nexus (the no longer supported one) with the genuine Google experience. I was a Google user through and through as GMail gave me the freedom to read my email from anywhere and Google Voice gave me freedom from phone numbers.

Anyway I was a bit worried about that when I went into the HUB and gave it the account name and password to my Gmail account.

My hub started to fill up with my email messages.

Within minutes I noticed all my contacts from Gmail and Voice were local on the phone, including contact pictures.

So was my calendar information.

In fact I also noticed that the information is completely bidirectional.. New or edited contacts I put into the phone are also instantly reflected back at the Google servers.

In fact the contacts are much better on BlackBerry as BlackBerry seems to know what a "last name" is as my contacts are now properly sorted by last name (optionally) as Google shows your contact list starting with "Andy Griffith" and running up to "Thomas Dolby" instead of the other way around.

Very unprofessional when half of your contract list are professional people and businesses.

Anyway, all this was done without any Blackberry Enterprise Services (BES) or any BlackBerry servers at my phone company which would be required for web or email access on the older BlackBerry 7 or older devices.

I actually gave you a downvote because of this statement:


The only way they can ever hope to survive the long term as i see it is to embrace android / microsoft / possibly sailfish? (far less likely) You you just threw away money making your own platform BB10/BB11/BB12/BBWHATEVER, forget BES/remove email reliance (yes its a cash cow, but its also why your so hated), downsize and become a phone manufacture like the rest (HTC/Sony/Moto/etc).


This statement is wrong.

There is only BlackBerry 10 (currently up at 10.3) and the whole point of the great leap forward from 7 to 10 was replacing the OS with QNX and eliminating the need for BlackBerry servers as you state unless you want enterprise services in which case your corporation will supply you with that.

Now I have no experience as you do with the enterprise side of things, BUT AS A CONSUMER DEVICE the BlackBerry is heads and shoulders above anything else out there due to their superior OS technology, their commitment to security and privacy (including fine level management of permissions), their ability to nativity run Android apps (without the fine level permissions), the unified hub for all your messaging, the browser which is equal or better than almost anything (according to HTML5 test website), and..

..and oh yes. Did I mention, fantastic battery life?

I no longer have to worry about getting through a full day.

Yes. Us BlackBerry users are pretty rare out there (I notice a slight similarly to OS/2 regrettably) and last Friday I got some rather heavy handed put downs from two individuals who were pretty insecure at a nights out with friends, but what do you expect from a phone which no one has actually seen due to the phone store situation over here?

Hmmm.. I just realised- no one there had a Windows phone on the table. I wonder if the harassment would have been the same?

Interstellar: An awesome sci-fi spectacle – just cut the hamminess, please


Isn't this the premise of..

"The Earth is in turmoil, all the crops are dying of blight and everyone is doomed, so admittedly, it’s not a particularly cheery premise."

Isn't that the premise of Lost in Space?

[checks Wikipedia]

Ah, "overpopulation" in the original TV series with resource exhaustion being added (if memory serves) in the movie (umm) adaption.

Why do people of the future want to live on planets anyway?

Dangerous places with deep gravity wells one has to extract oneself from if you want to actually go anywhere..

I mean, with the resources of a mere solar system you could at least build an orbital while tidying up the mess that is all those comets and asteroids and stuff just lying about in our own neighborhood couldn't one?!?

Sheesh. Movie SF these days..