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Android is a mess and needs sprucing up, admits chief

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The real problem with Android

The real problem with Android isn't the existing fragmentation and it isn't even old hardware (that will get binned)

The real problem with Android is the fragmentation that Google introduced from the ord go and hasn't yet fixed, dispite hardware being much better and Andrd now being on 4.x.

The problem is:

Android was designed to run 'java', well, actually it's not 'java' it's just some propriatary thing that looks quite a lotl ike java but isn't. The glaring consequence is all that existing stuff needs a lot of work to port it when on symbian there wasn't such an issue.

Android was designed with a 'c' library, well actually it's not even 'standard c', that looks a lot like a c library, but you've guesed it, it's a propriatary library not like any c library you know. The glaring consequence is that even open source c code isn't really getting ported to android, there are a few exceptions.

Also the Kernel is also setup almost like a typical linux, but again not quite.

So it may well be that Android is a flaky fragmented excuse for a proverbial with a dia lackof apps and that are poor substitutes for commonly available software at best, nearly useless at worst (and that includes pre-installed stuff). An OS that can't download from the internet and has no file browser... It may be all of those things, but you know that's because Google took the propriatary root and borked everything they could possibly imagine in the first place, if they had have stuck with standards complaince, or even impleented it later as they went on.. there would be a plethara of professional quality software up and running like a dream on it.

Chickens show empathy: Official

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This has long been know in some plants and they are finding more

It's long been know that some plants can detect signals from other plants and respond to an external threat if plant far away feel threatened.

Eveolution is just a process of empathy over a slightly longer time span (think a bit longer than finding out the football results a couple of months late, delayed empathy)

German Foreign Office kills desktop Linux, hugs Windows XP

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hmm... I must know some brainy people....

none-one I know has ever had any problems with Linux when I've set it up (which is pretty much straight out the box) for over 10 years if not more.

Does this mean that my minimum wage, unemployed, single mum friends are smarter than the people that run the government.....

here in lies the problem!

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I agree

there's a bit of kit that I do have some issues with with Linux, and a 'few' minor issues that get quite quickly ironed out.. but hey I keep my release rolling and only have a few desktops to iron out... if I could employee a few staff to do it for me, I'd have the whole world running Linux by now.

If Germany is anything like the UK it's a procurement problem, in that they employed idiots to do the consultancy and implementation of the Linux migration.

It's the classic, well if we give them something without bugs in it, they won't come back and buy more sales strategy.

Judge guts suit against Sony for killing Linux in PS3

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good move by the judge if u ask me.

1: cut all the crap to save time and cost and so get it over and done with cheaply and quickly, but sill allow those things to be used in the future (if and give some clarification)

2: pick the one thing that is really gona cut the mustard, can Sony lawfully modify your system in a way in which you didn't give formal consent. that's a very good case to get on the books. if it goes Sony's way expect all hell to break loose. All I'd have to do is slip one line into my EULA saying I own your sole, credit card, hard drive etc... n I own u and your machine and can do what the hell I like with it. And they will.

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You can put anything you like in a contract, it doesn't make it either lawful nor legally binding.

I could put a line in that said you'd let me kill your mum. I don't think it would stand up in court if I then killed your mum, and used the contract as my defence... especially if I was a corporate entity.

Of course, if I happened to be a euthanasia clinic then that would be the service you would be expecting, so you'd have a hard time saying that you where forced into accepting that condition.

If I was a car salesman however, and I remotely cut the breaks killing your mum I think you'd have a good case against me.

Facebook boydroid to hand over theoretical riches to charity

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not the dating site bots then

For a minute there I thought this was going to be about the number of bots on facebook signing up men and pointing them in the direction of a 'probably just bots' dating site.

Dutch police arrest 16-year-old WikiLeaks avenger

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like for like

so if I walk in front of the entrance to a bank in protest, would I get the same treatment?

there is only one thing unchanging, and that is the truth.

a leader

an aim

a following

a church

divine power

a sacrifice

a religion.

welcome to the new world.

now how's that war in Afghanistan going?

Google Android chief smacks Steve Jobs with Linux speak

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So on the I Jesus phone only Jesus apps work, but you can pick a range of different phones to suit you robotic daemon overload desires.

I choose porn.

God particles breeding like bosons

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he he

I've got a funky little one.

it doesn't really require any fudge factors at-all.

is piss simple (think 12 year olds could learn the basic principals in a week)

is based on pure logic (not that piss and shit set theory bullocks, that doesn't even allow for a set of all sets.)

starts out with nothing.

explains everything (well in relation to other things)

like for instance, what is space, what is time, what is matter, what is gravity, what is symmetry, what is logic, what is nothing, what is random, what is existence, what is motion through space, what is motion through time, what is the speed of light, what is dark energy)

it also forms a rhetorical proof.

It's based on what I shall call 'higher order' logic.

oh it also explains things like why there's more matter than anti-matter and all that kind of funky stuff.

I think inflation and dark matter can be removed if there's a theory that allows latent momentum through time to change. Which this theory can do. (still a little bit of totality to do).

basically it uses higher order logics (which are first proven to be required and fundamental to the nature of existence).

aka 011i logic, and what shall have to be called super duper symmetry. (or basically everything has to have an equal and an opposite and that includes symmetry itself, and indeed there's more than one higher order logic, and one of them is ilogical in classical logic sense, it's an asymetrical logic.) so even the logic that it's based on follows all the rules.

It's like a self completing prophecy.

you can also derive set theory and that kind stuff from it, so it should also be somewhat of a proof for much of mathematics, so maths will no longer just be a set of axioms.

oh what fun it is to ride a one horse open slay.

fortunately i dropped out of the oh my god this is remedial, brain washing system asap.

Started teaching at about the age of 6 because I was better at teaching the kids at school maths than the teachers were and they told my mum they couldn't give me anything harder to do.

been programming since I was 8 (so you could say I know a tad about logic and that kind of stuff).

was teaching PHds when I was 19 I think. (don't bother remembering things like age and dates really, there not that important and since I don't really have emotions they don't make the threshold for forming a memory)

I also don't experience free will (or choice as you will) and actually know how I think. (I was well supprised when other people didn't even know how they think, that must be well weird)

since I found that out i set my subconscious off to break it down to the purest of fundamentals and when I can be bothered I'm gona combine what it returned with my 25 years of programming skills and clone myself digitally!..

anyhow, if you don't believe me. I'll do something interesting like tell you how you think. (there's a bit of a spectrum)

I'll even demonstrate you thinking in a certain way without even realizing you are doing it, infact you'll probably tell me your thinking in a completely different way. (assuming you male, none ASD and feel you are somewhat logical, not gay) hopefully that will filter the spectrum down a bit.

also if you spiritual / carer female (none religious, ASD / learning disabilities in the family), kinda bit more intellectual than 'carer' type, management type that kind of thing female I'll tell you how you think too and it will be different.

there's a bit of a spectrum and I'd really need to meet you to do a good job, but if I get a few takers who hit the profiles I reacon I'll get 70%+ and give completely different ways of thinking.

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hmmm kinda.

mattter if like the opposite of space, like a hole is space. you can't move through it for instance.

so if there were a bit kinda missing from space it would well, kinda bend space and attract other missing bits and (even massless) stuff towards it.

in a 'strange' considence, if space were the opposite of matter is should kinda have a 'repalling' force, like kinda create more of itself, and have somethings a bit like latent momentum, like time has latent momentum.

That wouldn't be anything out their like that would their. You wouldn't be able to 'measure' it directly, because it's just space making more of itself. but it would move things further apart.

It would look a little like, umm, say dark and energy. Yeh, lets call it dark energy.

so if matter and space are opposites, there must be some kind of 'interface' or 'surface' between them. Kinda a mix of space and matter with cross over properties of both.

I mean, you should be able to do something like fire a bit of matter out of a 'atom' and it would then mix with the space and since matter is kinda 'discrete' and space kinda 'amorphous' the matter would look like it's interfering with itself, well that's if you make it behave in a two dimensional way. and then when you measured it, well it would be a little bit like doing some calculus as your going down from 2d to 1d and you'd need to add a little magic random +c in there.

and cos it's got the amorphic properties of space to go along with it, this kinda of, 'wave function collapse' seems a good name for now anyhow, would happen instantainiously.

what's more you could do funky things, you could do stuff like pretend to ask it a 2d question then really ask it a 1d one, and wow, it would do it, and the relative bits would only be between the 'discrete / morphous' attoms and stuff making the measurements and not be apparent of the 'signiture' of the matter or even energy as it's mixing and mingling with space /time in it's little journey. Cos relativity would only ever work when matter and energy and space and time were in binary symmetry but when there combined in the interface between the two parts of the symmetrical set then, well their ain't nothing to be relative to silly.

now, where's that porno I was looking for.

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the symetrical partner of symetry is...

the principle of "CP symmetry"

doesn't the principle of "CP symmetry" also have to obey the principle of "CP symmetry".

the symmetry of symmetry is asymetry.

so theirfor for every symmetrical system their must be asymetrical system other wise the symmetrical system doesn't obey the laws of symmetry itself. (symmetry + asymetrry = nothing. )

god dab set theory freaks.

axiom of choice? more like axiom of random. really should be renamed I've had too many mathematicians telling me people have 'choice'

the brain doesn't even have an unbounded +- infinity uncountable infinity within it for a start. and random is enough to be able to pick something from the set without having a starting place.

if something like determinism has an opposite of random then symmetry must also have an opposite.

(if you do a little digging around the net you'll find more bits of a truly self proving unified theory based on pure logic. publish little and often that's always the best way)

oliver Stieber

oh, won't find higgs most probably, will be black hole?

I'll have to check what the force carriers actually are first, and do a bit more tidying.

but short hunch,

energy is lack of momentum through time.

'matter' is kinda a lack of space.

stationary matter would have latent momentum through time and zero momentum through space, it would also have no size.

I realize that matter and energy are in ways equivalent. so if there was actually a particle that give matter it's mass then that would be apparent though time dilation and it's decay. I would think that on it's own it would also be a singularity and as such matter cannot exist without energy.


3 dimensions of space 1 of time.

energy 1 dimensional matter 3 dimensional, also anti-matter and lots of different types of energy.


3 forces of energy 1 force of space.

3 energy forces are 'fields' in space, so would the space force be a field in time? of sorts.

have a think.


c is the speed of light, speed is both time and space. so this shows the that not only are energy and matter equivalent but also that space and time are related to energy and matter.

matter attracts, space repels (dark energy)

matter is like a 'lack' of space, space kinda creates more of itself.

matter is somewhat discrete. (well only somewhat and in some ways)

space is in many ways amorphous.

QM is like a mix of matter and energy and space and time. and as such has both the discrete and amorphous properties. particles behave as if they are 'everywhere' until you ask them to be somewhere.

oh that's a 3 logic set symmetry. matter/energy.

space/time. and a mixture of both of them.

hmm... possibly time to look at CP symmetry again, this time with a thinking hat on? after all comparison between the two things requires that there is a 'surface' or 'interface' between the two things, an a ab b 3 higher order logic.

ahh... but I digress.

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don't forget to make sure that microcode is huffman compressed first.

the interpreter can have the decompression hard wired in so no overhead and microcode is microcoded.

you could possibly use a runlength type huffman code to create a type of microcode in the first place.

if you write your original assembler or whatever using consistent patterns for various multi-code operations then you should have lots of repeating 'blocks' of instructions that can be turned into 1 micro code instruction.

lots of macros in a macro assembler should do that quite easily. (well the lots of blocks bits).

could also possibly try other types of 'compression' like a modified giff (allowing for parameterized runs) may prove superior to huffman or whatever for some sections.

so it should be fairly easy to create something to generate computer assisted human hinted optimally compressed microcode and interpreter.

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Gates Horns

St Neri

St Neri since he is the patron saint of the united states special forces.


(oddly there isn't a patron saint of mass or gatherings from what I can see)

iPlayer chief pushes tiered charging for ISPs

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I'm happy to pay more

I'm happy to pay more to make my 14MBs unlimited connection actually unlimited. unfortunattly as it stands I'm not give the option and end up getting capped.

Jacqui calls Vodafone man to run massive snoop database

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I can't get my head arond why your government has such a mistrust of the citizens

It's obvious, the citizens voted them into power, I wouldn't trust anyone who voted this government into power and neither apparently do they.

Boy band sings praises of Windows 7

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dozy 7

No doubt windows 7 will be much like the advert, crap.

I'm just waiting for linux 7

Apple condemns FileVaulters to seventh circle of Safari hell

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people wonder

And people wonder why I would never buy apple and would advise everyone to steer clear.

Texting worse for drivers than drink or drugs

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IT Angle

texting is fine

I can text fine, I can have a couple of beers and drive fine, I can even smoke a spliff and driver fine. The one thing that really screws up my ability to drive is when I'm trying to move some hair that's fallen infront of my face, and sneezing is a real danger too.

Royal Society says goodbye to creationism row vicar

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the c word

I think it would be far better to mention the c word in science classes and completely debunk it then it would be to have some kids that have been brainwashed by their parents thinking that it wasn't debunked so it must be true.

Mines the one with good news in the pocket

Scientology critics fight YouTube takedown notices

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Gates Halo

agnostic, not an atheist?

If you are an agnostic then you don't have a firm belief God you only leave the question open, so by definition you are also an atheist. (one who doesn't believe in God).

There are different types of atheist.

Holy Bill gates since we all know that they don't really exist.

Academic wants to 'free up' English spelling

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well if you know what it says.

Thn I dont realy giv 2 shits about how its spelt

Council clamps down on 'man on the street'

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I think we should be referring to councils as dick heads and calling them councils suggests that they have some ability to govern in a reasonable manner.

Joint Committee gets it (mainly) wrong on human rights

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sounds a bit like the smoking law

Anything that is lit and can be smoked.

Which (assuming the shops have their lights on) will include things like cheese and fish.

These idiots should be sent to iraq with a t-shirt saying shoot me were the ones that caused all this mess in the first place.

UK employers sharpen job axe

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here's a solution.

How about companies paying science workers a bit more money, that's usually a good way to get people interested.

Mines the one with the fat wad of cash in the pocket.

Lies, damned lies and government statistics

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all this

And I thought the government we supposed to be listening to scientists and experts.

Time for a change I think, but not to any of the self loving parties we have at the moment.

Mines the one with the real democracy in the pocket.

Microsoft 'proves' six degrees of separation theory

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well if you count spammers.

If they were counting spammers and those random people who send you messages then there probably are six degrees of freedom, just some of the people in those points are anonymous.

Doctors: Third babies are the same as patio heaters

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at last some common sense.

If there was only one person in the world then there wouldn't be any climate and resource issues.

There must be some point between one and the current population that has the right balance. And if we don't find that balance soon were all going to be in a lot more shit than the terrorist could ever cause.

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users

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I'd prefer a new law.

With the agreement there's no burden of proof. with a law they actually have to prove that you were filesharing and not just someone who hopped on you wifi network. Which could be quite tricky if you use truecrypt.

BT opens wallet to send fibre to the home

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14MB is enough for me.

I get 14mb on adsl2 where I am and I've only ever had one download at that speed most come down at 300k tops (though I can download lots of those at the same time!). 100Mb isn't going to be much good if the rest of the internet runs a 5.

UK game-development degrees not up to snuff, claims industry

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from all the job adds that I get through.

from all the job adds that I get through one thing is clear, there paying no where near enough for me to want to go an work for them. Maybe they should pay a bit more if they want better people.

e.g. Job in games industry 25k Job in defence writing 3d simulation games 60k

Nokia grabs control of Symbian - then gives it away

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Gates Horns

windows >=95 != dos?

Someone's memory is failing them, Windows up to ME sit on top of dos.

Firefox record breaker sets the date

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set a second world record at the same time

For the number of people pissed off because their plugins and flash no longer work.

Way to go.

God makes you stupid, researchers claim

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Gates Halo

from my expreiance of religious people.

They do all seem to be stupid, typically quoting near nonsence theories from the new scientist to back up their beliefs with the possibility of doubt in there not being a god. (well the ones who actually are religious not the ones who go to church because it's something they've always done and it's a bit of a social on a Sunday)

Mines bill with a halo, because we all know angles don't exist.

Government backs Ofcom against EU regulator plan

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I think we should have unlimited EU regulation.

Limited to 2 days a week or 3 complaints whichever comes first.

Mines the one with the unlimited supply of money in the pocket.

Firefox 3: now available bug-free, say devs

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still doesn't pass the acid3 test so in my book it has bugs, at least 29 of them

Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing

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the thing about bit-torrent

The thing about bittorrent is that you can't tell if a torrent is infringing copyright till you download it all so they can't really prove that you had knowledge of the illegal nature of the torrent.

Also, I run an open network. what happens if my neighbour was the one downloading all that illegal stuff.

I would prefer a law, at least I can get around that. Some self-righteous idiots cutting off my internet connection are a lot harder to bypass.

TUX, coes I think all my torrents are open source

UK to outlaw cartoons of child sexual abuse

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Paris Hilton


It's like these people have never seen the internet.

Paris, coes she looks underage to me (well at least mentally)

International copyright talks seek BitTorrent-killer laws

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but torrents don't infinge copyright.

This all seems fine and no problem to pirate bay since torrents are just pointers to pointers to copyright material and not the copyright material in question.

If that weren't the case all the search engines could be done for copyright infringement.

Man barred from posting crimes on YouTube

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Paris Hilton


trespassing isn't a criminal act it's a civil one.

Anyhow, what's wrong with bragging, now that were a servalance state surly he should be rewarded for this kind of activity.

Paris, because she knows the difference between criminal and civil

Brown opts for morality over science on 'lethal skunk'

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like that's going to make any difference.

A drug being Class A doesn't stop people buying and using it so the change from C to B will have no effect except to futher crimilise a large percentage of the population.

Anyhow, if I've got enough cash I'll be running at the next election, vote for me and I'll put drugs into safe hands and get them out of the hands of the criminals by making them legal and generating a tidy profit for the country that could even help lower the tax rate.

ACID, for the obvious reason

The web rip-offs nobody cares about

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Dead Vulture

obvious solution

Persuade google to do an auction site, that should sort out the tatfest that is ebay

UK Office of Government Commerce cracks one off

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Paris Hilton

money well spent?

well I think we call that one a cock up.

Paris, because I'm sure that's what the guy was watching when he designed the logo.

UK.gov will force paedophiles to register email addresses

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just wait till the spammers get hold of this list

Sounds like an ideal market for all those underage boys and girls that try can buy of the traffickers, well at least they won't grow up to be terrorists.

Vodafone axes 450 at Newbury HQ

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I live in Newbury, hopefully this will affect house prices.

Darling talks, UK growth slows

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Paris Hilton

that's going to stop binge drinkers

Wow a whole 4p a pint, looks like I'm going to have to ask for a raise in my pocket money.

Paris, because even she wouldn't come up with such a stupid budget

Geordie cops arrest two for Wi-Fi squatting

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I leave my WIFI open

And I'd prefer that the police didn't go around arresting people for using it.

Open wifi = fair game. why else would it be open?

Nokia unveils the N96 and N78

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what they really need to do

is port mplayer so they it gets some decent media support.

Scottish government drafts Cat Welfare Code

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Dead Vulture

this is all well and good.

But if your cat shits in my garden then I'm still going to shoot it.