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NATO nations 'will respond to a Cyber attack on one as though it were on all'


Re: 'the Iranian nuclear weapons programme'

Well in fact you are completely wrong.

The Americans have said there are things that Iran would have to do to produce a bomb, and it has not done them. Therefore there is no nuclear weapons program. There is just suspicion that they might. Well so might anyone.

As for being in breach of the various treaties, America is also in breach. It has provided nuclear assistance to India, despite India having an undeclared nuclear weapons program. That is a clear breach of the treaties, by America.

Nobody believes America any more. Bush 'We don't torture'. Obama: 'we tortured some folks'. America has no credibility.

As I wrote, please get your information from somewhere other than Fox News.


'the Iranian nuclear weapons programme'

Iran doesn't have a nuclear weapons programme. Please get your information from somewhere other than Fox 'News'.

Munich considers dumping Linux for ... GULP ... Windows!


Re: Easy

Cobbling together various chunks of open source software does not equate with the word 'solution'.

Thunderbird, as somebody else has commented, is on the back burner as far as Mozilla is concerned. It is not fit for use in a corporate environment. Sure, individuals may use it. But that does not mean it is usable (or supportable) on a large scale.


Re: Lack of integrated email/contacts/calendar?

Linux today is as bloated as Windows. Don't say 'well try Puppy Linux or some other lightweight distribution (amongst thousands).' It is fair to compare commercial offerings, such as Redhat, with Windows.


Which means it is not ready or fit for any corporate environment. 'Sorry you can't get your email. Some dude might provide a fix one day. In the meantime you can try Kmail/Bob's mail/roundcube/munchkin or something else. Just search for email in aptitude - you can waste the rest of your life trying things'.


Re: Personally I use Kontact + Citadel

Can you scale that up and support thousands of users?


Re: Thunderbird + Lightning

'Thunderbird makes a great IMAP client'

It used to (about 5 years ago). Now it is slow and painful to use. Frankly I hate it. I don't know what the Mozilla people have done to it.


Re: Thunderbird + Lightning

And that is the crux, isn't it?

All those people who say 'use this, trry this...' do not know about doing these things at a large scale. Just about anything works for half a dozen users. Try scaling it up.


I have no idea what the Mozilla people have done to Thunderbird, but it is slow (much slower than it was about 5 years ago). It's a dog.


Re: Easy

Are you joking? I have never seen such garbage.


Re: Lack of integrated email/contacts/calendar?

You simply don't understand.

Here in the real world, companies want one solution that works. They don't want to waste months or years trying 'tons of solutions'. It is too disruptive.

Why would you adopt MS? Because basically it works. It is not very nice, it is quite expensive. But it is a lot less trouble than coblling together chunks of open source software.

UK fuzz want PINCODES on ALL mobile phones


Interfering fuzz

They are too lazy/incompetent to catch criminials.

Just when you thought you were alone in the bath: Hi-res mapping satellite ready for launch



"Previously, space companies were only allowed to sell images of objects smaller than 50cm to the US government or military."

I think that is meant to read 'American space companies'. America does not own space.

London cops cuff 20-year-old man for unblocking blocked websites



I thought the court orders only applied to the ISPs. And they are civil orders. So why are the police involved?

ICANN can't hand over Iran's internet, bomb victims told


I think .com should be given to the Iranians

America committed a heinous act of terrorism when it knowingly shot down the Iran Air passenger aircraft.

It is a nonsense to suggest that America did not know exactly what it was doing.

There's NOTHING on TV in Europe – American video DOMINATES


I stopped watching TV ages ago

It was becoming full of American crap. Not like the good old days when we had the Sweeney, Edge of Darkness, Smiley's People, etc.

As for gun culture, America is a deeply sick place. Just about all American film posters have pictures of grimacing arseholes waving guns. As though guns solve all known problems. America doesn't have a moral code. It divides the world into America and everywhere else. And everywhere else is a scary place for Americans. A place without enough doughnut shops or enough guns.

Just don't watch it. Let the TV channels go bust if they think pumping out imported American crap is what passes for 'programming'.

Asian messaging companies are closing in on WhatsApp



"the fact that WeChat messages are still routed through Tencent servers in China could unnerve international customers"

Why could it unnerve international customers? It seems like a hideously racist viewpoint to think that China is less 'trustworthy' than the mass-snooping Americans.

NHS England tells MPs: 'The state isn't doing dastardly things with GP medical records'


Legal safeguards

"the legal safeguards he insisted were already in place in the Health and Care Act 2012."

They are in effect non-existent. They can be changed at will by another act of parliament.

Facebook pays $19bn for WhatsApp. Yep. $45 for YOUR phone book


Known reveune stream for one thing

After one year free it is one dollar a year. Paying users...

GPs slam NHS England for poor publicity of data grab plan


Data slurp

They (the establishment) are going to slurp all our data and sell it to who they want, and provide unlimited access to the plod. Get over it.

Those who opt out will be considered to be suspects for crimes unknown.

Indian internet tunnelers trump Chinese web deniers


Freedom House

Quoting documents from Freedom House as some sort of gospel is a highly misleading thing to do. Their 'Freedom on the Net' scale makes no mention of western countries', particularly the USA and UK, mass surveillance of the net. Despite the fact that 'surveillance' is one of the things that Freedom House uses to judge internet freedom.

Snowden leak: GCHQ DDoSed Anonymous & LulzSec's chatrooms


Where was the IRC server hosted?

If not in the UK, then there appears to be a prima facie case of law breaking by the spooks. And they can presumably be extradited.

Spies spy: CrowdStrike report says cyberspooks are EVERYWHERE


"A year-long study by the security intelligence firm has identified more than 50 groups of cyber threat actors, blaming groups in China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and Syria for high profile attacks."

No mention of the USA or the UK? This 'study' is biased nonsense.

KC engineer 'exposed unencrypted spreadsheet with phone numbers, user IDs, PASSWORDS'


Re: Where's the story?

How do you think CHAP works?

Europe MPs: Time to change our data-sharing policy with US firms


Showing where there true loyalties lie...

Two Tory MPs voted against letting/getting Snowden to make a video report. These people are loyal to America, not to the people who elect them.

China in MASSIVE rare earths industry consolidation


An attempt at China-bashing

Nobody is stopping anyone else from producing rare earth products. It's greed and laziness that has caused this 'problem' in the first place:

Accountant: Oooooh. Digging up is a difficult business. Let's buy it it from China.

Board members. Well I don't know. It has always seemed to work.

Accountant: It will cost less, we can sack all the staff and become a shell company. This means bigger profits, which we will hide offshore. You can have more expensive cars, more 10 star hotel resorts, more hookers and more coke. And in the UK you will probably get a gong for services to industry!

Board members: We agree! You have shown us the way. Give that man a box of cigars.

Britain's costliest mistake? Lord Stern defends his climate maths


Not untypical

Get voted out by the electorate, you get made a peer by your crony friends.

You suck up to government, you get a peerage.

The UK political system is rotten. Instead of rotten boroughs we simply have a rotten parliament.

Cardslurping kingpin caged for 18 years over Carderplanet forum


Who appointed America as the world's policeman, judge and jury?

If these crimes are international, why is it always America that makes the arrest, the trial and the inevitable (for foreigners in America) the conviction and the sentence?

NSA collects up to FIVE BILLION mobile phone locations daily



The 4th Reich.

Stuxnet 2 in the works, claims Iranian news agency


Re: Who the hell cares what any Iranian News Agency has to say?

A rather stupid comment. Go and watch Fox News where you can really get 'the truth'.

China challenged to take down all of AWS and Google


MIrrorred content

Copyright infringement?

Apple admits to Mavericks iWork cockup, promises rescue


6 months to fix

Or just put the old one back in the App store, which should take 2 minutes.

UK.gov BANS iPads from Cabinet over foreign eavesdropper fears


'foreign' is defined as 'not American'

Most if not all of the cabinet are spies for America. They willingly reveal secret information to their buddies and paymasters in America. Basically the cabinet is a cabinet of traitors.

Australian confirms Huawei ban



Were not amenable to requests from the NSA to weaken their encryption.

The day has come when it is safe to say that American equipment is not to be trusted at all, not even a little bit. And Huawei kit is.

Ohh! The PRECIOUS! Give it to uss. We WANTS it: Shiny iThings coming in 2014


If it's like Apple Pages

It could be a watch which doesn't tell the time. Or has just an hour hand. Or just a minute hand. Or no hands at all.

MoJ fined £140K for EMAILING privates of 1,000 inmates


Suppose the info was emailed to 80,000 people. What then?

Snowden: 'I have data on EVERY NSA operation against China'


Re: Not exclusive.

"He's now damaging his integrity with these latest revelations,"

I have completely the opposite view. He is demonstrating his integrity.

"he needs to be absolutely sure he's not aiding and abetting the Chinese."

Yet the biggest enemy of the world is America.

Don’t let mobile malware steal your company data


Charles Brookson - one question

Was he approached to weaken GSM encryption, or told to make it 'easier for spooks' in the first place?

I'll call for UK law shakeup to cuff global web crime lords - new top cyber cop


Typical policeman

Just wants more laws. But too lazy to get off their behinds and do some actual work.

Osborne to China: Keep watching Downton and we'll gloss over Huawei security worries


America's block on Huawei

is to do with a lack of American backdoors. Nothing else.

Laptops Snowden took to Hong Kong and Russia 'just a decoy'


I hope Snowden didn't eat anything they might have given him

It is not beyond the realms of possibilty for him to suffer a gruesome poison death at the hands of Uncle Sam.

London plod plonks, er, pull request on EasyDNS


Re: "are suspected to be involved"

You don't understand the way the British police work. In the UK, the police arrest first, release on police bail, then investigate. It is called 'bail and see'.

The first proper step should be to make sure the police are acting lawfully.

Alcatel-Lucent slashes 10,000 jobs worldwide


Cue the bales of hay on the road

The moment the first Frenchman receives his marching papers.

Investor lobs sueball at BlackBerry, says it 'misled' shareholders


The value of share can do down as well as up

But some people just them to go up up up and away!

Alternatively, a fool and his money are soon parted.

Stallman's GNU at 30: The hippie OS that foresaw the rise of Apple - and is now trying to take it on


Joining two sentences together:

"Stallman wants us using Replicant, the 2010 fork of the Android source isn't exactly going anywhere"

Replicant isn't even akin to the <1% market share "Linux Desktop". And Stallman wants us to use it. He doesn't want us to use a usable system, just free (as in beer) software. Meanwhile in the real world where time is money, I prefer things to work.

Apple pulls VPN app, helps censors' job in China


So Apple comes under fire for obeying Chinese law

What about when it complies with US law and gives Uncle Same unrestricted access to its customers' mailboxes?

Snowden's email provider gave crypto keys to FBI – on paper printouts


Federal Judge Claude Hilton

Fascist scum. Hitler would have had a good use for him.

Iranian cyberwar chief shot dead. Revolutionary Guard: Assassination? Don't 'speculate'


terrorism, not war

"it will mark the beginning of a new front in the clandestine war against the Islamic Republic."

That's what it would be called if the head of GCHQ was murdered by foreign agents.

Britney-obsessed Ubuntu 13.10 DUMPS X Windows-killer Mir in desktop U-turn


Fork, fork. My kingdom for a fork

"That's a slight pain in the backside for Canonical's programmers, who will have to maintain their own unofficial, XMir-supporting version of the xf86-video-intel driver, rather than rely on Intel to maintain support for the compatibility layer."

But isn't that the Linux way? That is the beauty of Linux: bundles of similarly-named but slightly incompatible chunks of source code that some people bundle together and call 'distributions'.

There can now be yet-another-version of Ubuntu: Mirubuntu (nicknamed 'Mirror') for the Mir-version of Ubuntu. There can't be an Xubuntu as that is already taken. I suppose there can be a Wubuntu for Wayland.

This coldly explains why there will never be a 'year of the Linux desktop'. There is endless reinvention of things that don't really need reinventing.

UNIX (and Linux) on the desktop is not really broken for me. I am told that 'X11 is broken'. Yet I don't recall having X11 crash this year and I use UNIX and Linux on my desktop all day long in a technical environment. But here comes a new sort-of-X11 which will have its own bugs. And we will get another notepad app, or a new packaging system with ever more convoluted commands. Or a new font from Ubuntu!


Samsung: Sod off Apple, we've made gold mobile phones for way longer than you


Re: /me grabs the popcorn

Maybe Apple didn't claim to be the first, but for all the usual publicity they get you would think they did.

Apple didn't invent the MP3 player either.