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Vissles V84: Mechanical keyboard hits all the right buttons for Mac power users

Craig McNeil

Ugh! Why are there no decent full size Mac keyboards? I need that keypad!

'Utterly unusable' MS Word dumped by SciFi author Charles Stross

Craig McNeil

I don't know why anyone would use Word for creative writing. I personally use Scrivener which is totally geared up to whole creative process. Word is for office drones.

Japanese council worker in 750k smut site pornathon

Craig McNeil
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Bah that's nothing I once worked for The Register and got through two million of Lindsay Lohan nipslip websites in just three weeks.

Government set to 'destroy' UK radio astronomy

Craig McNeil
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It begs the question...

All these cost cutting measures across everything the government has its finger in. Why? Where is all the money going? That's what I want to know!

Scottish Government to block wind farm plan

Craig McNeil

re Simon Painter's comments

Considering the billions of oil money England siphoned off from Scotland, the least you can do is pay for a bit of healthcare.

Craig McNeil
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Good stuff!

Excellent decision by the Scottish Government. It's good to see someone showing a bit of backbone and standing up to hysterical enviromentalists who advocate building completely utterly useless windmills.

Shame they don't approve of nuclear power but having said that, Scotland has a fair few hydro projects and is upgrading coal power stations to reduce the amount of pollution produced.

Chilean scientists crack lost lake mystery

Craig McNeil

Totally agree!

What the hell is a soccer pitch? And isn't "soccer" the most vile sounding word ever invented? Go on - say it. Makes you feel ill doesn't it?

People who say and write "soccer" should be pounded very hard with large anvils.


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