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Microsoft training sites borked, leaving users unable to confirm exams


Should have gone for a Linux / Open-Source platform

Feeling abandoned by Adobe? Check out the video editing suites for penguins


Hear Hear

Free HTTPS certs for all – Let's Encrypt opens doors to world+dog


Re: wonder how good mobile support is

Android wont like it because of your Cyper set-up on your server you need to sort that out, searching on Google for your server type ie Centos SSL Cipher Suite will yield the results you need. This site will show what works with your current SSl https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/

Microsoft whips out PowerApps – now your Pointy Haired Boss can write software, too!


And what developer will recommend something to make them unemployed?

Who's right on crypto: An American prosecutor or a Lebanese coder?


Imagine that you were told that a hidden wi-if camera was found in a pre-school loo where your child regularly attends and the has is set to email images on moment like many do to an email address on a server located out side of your country. The authorities have the internet data from the internet company but it is encrypted, only with a key can they find out who has been receiving the images

Science Museum trumpets Da Vinci expo


Windsor Castle already has some work on display of Da Vinci

Amazon vendors flog thousands of rooted, malware-laden tablets


Would this be like the Leagoo phones like the one (Lead 3) I bough from Amazon for £53 that came with two bloat-ware app pre-installed, annoying popup adverts to say the least!

We're getting kick-ass at seeing through walls using just Wi-Fi – MIT


So could a home rooter be set-up as an intelligent burglar alarm?

Lawyers harrumph at TalkTalk's 'no obligation to encrypt' blurt


Can any one tell me why no one is mentioning PCI/DSS compliance.

Have you ever filled in a question air to get the cert? Is you data encrypted y/n

US broadband giants face 'deceptive speed' probe in New York


All the government has to do it pick an number such as 100 add gbps to the end pick an upcoming year between 2 and 5 and use the word minimum. How hard can it be.

minimum 100 gbps in 2010

Or come 2010 American tech companies will be in London and Berlin

Is China dumping smartphones on world+dog?


Yes after buying the worlds cheapest smart phone for £52 it came from china 2 weeks to get here has crap speakers and bloat ware pre installed

Sensitive Virgin Media web pages still stuck on weak crypto software


A real work web developer says its hard to offer support for old browsers/mobile phones but you have to or you can say goodbye visitors.

Those that need support with SSL v1.0

Android 4.3 and below.

IE8 and below.

Safari 6.0.4 / OS X 10.8.4 and below.


What is money? A rabid free marketeer puts his foot in lots of notes


Its a very old argument; what if you Hitler and have 1 Billion thanks to your parents and what if you Jesus and have nothing

Doctor Who's Under the Lake splits Reg scribes: This Alien homage thing – good or bad?


At least I could understand this one unlike the last two episodes

You call THAT safe? Top EU legal bod says data sent to US is anything but


Is some one peeing in the background (red coat)

Microsoft has developed its own Linux. Repeat. Microsoft has developed its own Linux



BAN the ROBOT WHORES, says robot whore expert: 'These AREN'T BARBIES'


Well you could get a STD computer virus or even have your money stolen when you sleap

Journos to be spared replacement by robots, BBC claims


Not for telemarketing

If a droid did do telemarketing then it would actually obey the law and remove you from their list so you would't get a f call again rather than the same annoying company the next day or even not call you at all because your on the telephone no preference list that human callers don't care about even though they are breaking the law.

Medieval punishment of cutting off their hands needs to be enforce for everyone who works in the industry even if they don't have a phone oh and even if you enter a building where cold calls are made... you going to hell.

Hats off to Nintendo’s platform supremo Super Mario Bros at 30



GCHQ wants to set your passwords. In a good way


Real World!

You get a local butcher or shop fitter to remember this: jL1EjNx(co?Nz$b

The whole concept of letters for passwords need to change you try getting some one out-side in the IT industry to remember a "strong" password they would rather jump off a cliff.

How about instead offering SMS based authentication, Go-location checking and Fingerprint/Eye/Voice recognition instead.

Docker huddles under Linux patent-troll protection umbrella


The would would be a better place with out Patents

How much less electricity would software use because of better designs

How more flue efficient would cars be

How many 3'd world countries could manufacture their own vaccines

You shouldn't be paying for mobile ads (please buy our software)


Ever has cookies disabled and told to "get lost" when visiting a website... I can see that happening to sites that cant show their adds on your screen.

Though most websites are not responsive to mobile design add seem to be annoyingly non responsive and in some cases impossible to disable as the X close does not work with touch screens as its too small.

Google robo-car suffers brain freeze after seeing hipster cyclist


Would the Google Car stop if two mimes pretended to hold a piece of glass over the road?

OpenOffice project 'all but dead upstream' argues prominent user


I was comparing these two the other week, a bug in libreoffice spread sheet stopped me from adding up columns, a well know bug apparently so I had to switch to OpenOffice, that was not installed by default on by Ubuntu Desktop OS, I got OpenOffice working but could only run the app from root/terminal as the icon refused run with an error (a well know bug apparently).

So quite frankly both of these two projects both need some love and TLC

Think beyond the Beeb: Gov consultation is crucial for free telly


Living in the UK; not switched my TV on since Christmas. Using my laptop to stream TV and loving it.

I may actually put my TV in the bin and save on a TV licence and save a wad of cash even with subscription charges.

Police investigate strange case of doughnut-licking pop singer Ariana Grande


Some years ago HMV in Birmingham UK had a chap pretending to close read the text on its CD's but was actually licking them and putting them back.

Mt Gox LEAKED Bitcoin for years before heist, says WizSec


ummm there was an articel about the Bank of England doing research into their own brand

E-commerce enterprises gently told to update those protocols ... or else


In terms of SSL protocol if your were fully compliant then you may alienate some Android Phone users, and some using Apple web browsers and of courses very old IE browsers, this is a huge percentage of your market. So really for a real world website its a tough nugget.

But don't forget that even if a web site is not compliant it may be using a 3'd party redirect that takes the user off to another website such as Realex/HSBC or PayPal so there is no card data stored on the "non" PCI/DSS compliant website.

'If people can encrypt their cell phones, what's stopping them encrypting their PCs?'


Ubuntu already has HDD encryption as "optional" on install

Evil CSS injection bug warning: Don't let hackers cross paths with your website


Interesting but would truing off XSS scripting in ,htaccess make a difference?

Facebook, Instagram, Tinder TITSUP*: HOW did anyone even find out?


It the age of the cloud where your website can be hosted on any computer anywhere in the world... but apparently the whole world is the East Coast of America

Welcome to Spartan, Microsoft's persuasive argument for... Chrome


If the new browser can be used for anything can it actually support HTML standards the rest of the completion started supporting years ago?

Dark Fibre: Reg man plunges into London's sewers to see how pipe is laid


Done anyone remember this April Fools day prank from Google?


Microsoft just saved Windows Phone... Now stop whining


With Samsung launching their own OS for phones and Ubuntu Desktop coming on phones in Feb its not got many nails to go

Speaking in Tech: Amazon Fire Phone – 'insanity' but 'genius'


Good to see that the Amazon Fire Phone taking on the big boys.

No quite in the same market as this phone but that Ubuntu phone is taking forever to be launched

Got a 4King big TV? Ready to stream lots of awesome video? Yeah, about that…


Agreed downloading Sky Movies the frame rate is a little odd, my 65 year old dad hates it refuses to watch them.

Stuck on a coding problem – should you Bing it?


Dam that an excellent idea 20 years a developer and never though of Goggling of coding problem lol


Three expat Brits explain their move to Australia


Reasons not to go from family and personal experience emigrating:

1) They have a different sense of humour

2) America has more to offer

3) If you have been a civil servant all your life you will find you actually have to work

If at first you don't succeed ... Fire, FIRE again: Amazon mulls smartphone sequel


From £28 a month...!, path I want pay as you go

So, does anyone in UK.gov actually know what G-Cloud is for? Apparently not


I'm sure some of them think its for Candy Crush, especially if your a Tory MP in a boring committee meeting

Firms will have to report OWN diverted profits under 'Google Tax' law


Would this still stop them "billing themselvs" for rights such as the usage of their own brand and products/services like some coffee chains do

Microsoft: So sorry for NOT paying Xbox indie game devs on time


Some one is missing a ; from their keyboard R&ampD ??

Pity the poor Windows developer: The tools for desktop development are in disarray


Lets all hold hands and sing HTML songs



Every CMS is different, I have always remove the wp theme/comments.php code anyhow for security reason and implemented something like "Disqus" instead for wp comments. But there are plenty of plugins to strip tags from comments and security plugins to handle XSS and comments for WordPress.

If you are a wordpress noob and need help, install the plugin ithemes security and tick all the boxes in the set-up.

BIG FAT Lies: Porky Pies about obesity


The fact the people have no money to go out and socialise if people earn anything less than twice the minimum wage. Any one wondered why we pay moth VAT and Income Tax? Thank you EU

Doctor Who trashing the TARDIS, Clara alone, useless UNIT – Death in Heaven


Impressed with the speed of the post

Banksy denies Banksy impostor's claim to Banksy.com – which isn't owned by Banksy


There are hundreds of domain name extensions available hey lets register banksy.london it does not matter. Its only CW if your pretending to be someone brand.

FATTIES: Boffins say their miracle sunshine skin cream 'prevents obesity'


Please search for "1957: BBC fools the nation"... get my point

France to draft blacklist banning alleged piracy websites – what could POSSIBLY go wrong?


What is the definition of CW? I own something so you cant use it!

Right I own the CW word "THE" so everyone on this site pays be or you all get blacklisted.

Sign... modern day maffia

Web developers: Special guests will give you a leg-up to Azure


Why bother...