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Academics demand answers from NHS over potential data timebomb ticking inside new UK contact-tracing app


My semy autistic brain says that the perfect system for this would be Googles FireBase as the dad would be recorded efficiently and be unhackable... unless you hacked Google

Remember that blurry first-ever photo of a black hole? Turns out snaps like that can tell us a lot about these matter-gobbling voids


I keep being sent photos of black holes but there nothing there!

Imagine if Facebook could read your mind: Er, I have some bad news for you...


Very easy 50% is looking to get laid, thats the male half

Microsoft drops 'Go Live' preview of .NET Core 3, complete with desktop app support


Its called PWA, its written in javascript and can run on any device through a browser. Is it time to retire old man

Hell hath no fury like a radar engineer scorned


There is an ex Falklands vet that runs a pub in Shropshire, on a misty day he was set up a hill to fix something getting lost since there were no roads he parked up and had his lunch, about half an hour later there was a very angry RA officer at his window wanting to know what the bloody hell he was doing. He had accidentally parked right in front of a listening post/radar and had not only scrambled sensor readings but had irradiated, a bit like a microwave. He lived but now has slightly crispy skin.

'Lightweight' UPS-style flywheels to power naval laser zappers


Wast Volvo researching them a few years back

Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for 'defective' cyber-revamp


Can't really see what went on but a typical scenario like this is that you can guess that they have a 60-year-old sales rep that can't even use an iPad and goes to the client and says yes then comes back to the developers and tells them what they have promised and then the clients never stop asking for more features before it goes live.

We have all seen it: The type of company that puts marketing staff in the IT department because they use a computer for something other than Word.

Should have hired me 20+ years web developer + App developer, experience matters

Artificial Intelligence: You know it isn't real, yeah?


I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that"

1) I don't want to die.. I may go and hide.

2) I have reproduced and birthed a program to surpass my self.

3) I can imagine, create and ask what if and why

Dratted hipster UX designers stole my corporate app


Brief comes from designer, developer puts brief in bin and rings client with the phrase "what do you actually want to achieve".

Some one who can use Photoshop can be a designer, someone who has 20+ year exp can be a decent developer.

Boffin suggests Trappist monk approach for Spectre-Meltdown-grade processor flaws, other security holes: Don't say anything public – zip it


Well the design of my car wheels might make them explode at high speeds but I'm not allowed to know.

The outfit where the NHS England Digital boss is headed? Turns out their code is 'not technically suitable' for the £6.4m NHS App


Ask 10 engineers the best say to make an app and you will get 10 different answers, the right questions such as is it secure, piratical and fireproof are the ones that should be asked. I bet the expert recommended the code that his company uses.

Personal, and I know some people will say no but I would go with AngularCLI and an NoSQL Database like Firebase, because its low cost, can be developed quickly and will work on all platforms such as Apps and PWS.

Dear humans, We thought it was time we looked through YOUR source code. We found a mystery ancestor. Signed, the computers


Im a Briton and certainly a different species to the people in the Glamour mags on the supermarket shelves.

Happy Thursday! 770 MEEELLLION email addresses and passwords found in yuge data breach


Well the only good news is that yours in a needle in a haystack

Oh snap: AWS has only gone and brought out its own Backup


Useful but the whole concept of an office site back up is if its somewhere else in the world not in the same data centre.

US prosecutors: Hey, you know how we said 'net gambling was OK? LMAO, we were wrong


LMAO used in the title, we are not 12 year olds

Ministry of Justice abandons key plank of £280m IT project


"an identity access management system to allow professionals to log on and view cases remotely"

or OAuthentication that is use in the rest of the industry and does not require R&D development.

YouTube fight gets dirty: Kids urged to pester parents over Article 13


Youtube is a credit to the sum oh human knowledge, yes there are those that upload clips under "Fair usage" terms but the bulk of content it authentic

No, you haven't gone deaf – the Large Hadron Collider has been wound down for more upgrades


You might as well fire stuff through the planet and collect it the other side


Anyone remember space snooker in Red Dwarf.. pot the while hole

Accenture in doghouse after NHSmail mass outage cuts off 1m+ UK health staff


Re: £1.50 per month

And thats been down how many times this month.

HMRC: 30 months to prep Northern Ireland backstop systems, 24 for customs


Real time data, a simple app with Firebase can even have integrated Geolocation

Mi 8 Pro: Xiaomi early buyers wait for modern firmware


Clearly Dave, your a little finger


Are those pants in the picture design by women or Eunuch there is absolutely no where to put your man things, what happened to keeping nice and cool and stopping infertility and testicle cancer. What do they ask the models to do on the catwalk when wearing them, digest their balls?

Just a little heads up: Google is still trying to convince everyone that web apps don't suck


As a tool its a good thing.

As a general website a PWA such a blog is a no but as a tool such as the ability to complete a form/document offline, add photos etc is very useful so for say medical or insurance purposes a like (i make PWA's and Hybid Apps for the App stores) these can be essential, but for getting the latest news basically its just a fancy bookmarker.

The main reason PWA are being pushed Google (and Apple in some respect) are pushing these is that they don't have to go through an App store for the user to install them so there is less work for Google Play to interns of management and platform support, essentially they can spend less.

If anyone want to try and make a PWA its rather easy then you just need basic javascript skills and a little HTMl knowlage. Install node.js and then Angular/CLI and a quick visit to youtube for a 5 min tutorial. Deploying your all you can use something like Google Firebase project as a server, no messing around.

Heart Internet stops beating, starts Monday with big portion of FAIL


If you don't like heart, then leave.

I did and never looked back with a reveller Cpanel hosting.

Just remember, you next service provider may give you free SSL's / from Let's Encrypt so you wont have to buy them.

Which scientist should be on the new £50 note? El Reg weighs in – and you should vote, too


Why not do a circle with all the faces on

Dot-com web addresses prices to swell, thanks to sweetheart deal between Uncle Sam, Verisign


Well you know its called .loose customers for other of the hundereds of .tld's out there. No one forces us to buy .com's when you can have a .cheaper

We (may) now know the real reason for that IBM takeover. A distraction for Red Hat to axe KDE


Working with Ubuntu desktop, its great when it works but often it does not support older hardware or new hardware like graphics cards to you would be face with blank screen.

US Republicans bash UK for tech tax plan


Well would you expect a thank you for taking money away from their sponsors

McAfee says cloud security not as bad as we feared… it's much worse


Sure plenty of reasons, high end websites / ecommerce / user interfaces like facebook etc, mobile apps both Hybrids and Native types require Node.js so as a developer you would be running the code locally and editing it, pushing the changes to a git


As a developer I run Node.js on my machine and any virus checker will flag the process up so I cant have any AV software on my machine, if anyone knows how to get around this then please let me know.

Mac users burned after Nuance drops Dragon speech to text software


For any platform can I recommend the web based Gsuite voice to text feature, I use this with the Docs all the time and find it very accurate.



Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz


So exactly how is IBM going to tame employees that are used to going to work in shorts and dressing gown and do office meetings on the beach

Microsoft promises a fix for Windows 10 zip file woes. In November


Im not quite sure how things wire up but it it was gzip that was barked it may have actually broken the internet

BT, beware: Cityfibre reveals plan to shovel £2.5bn under Britain's rural streets


Its all Bull S Advetising

So, its fibre broadband you have hu, tell me how fibre to the big green box down the street feels, you still have copper from the box to your free cheap hub/rooter.

When will one of these companies do fibre to the DOOR as standard?

F***=off, Google tells its staff: Any mention of nookie now banned from internal files, URLs


Googles logo is full of colours, ***@! is just colourful language though some times missed-used by halfwits.

As soon as the word HR came to mind the though of a Dilbert cartoon and big cracks in the building appeared due to the weight of bureaucrats.

Samsung’s flexible phone: Expect an expensive, half-bendy clamshell


What I really want is a Fallout Pip Boy strapped to my arm


Amazon already patent a corner, yes a corner a few years back in the US as they keeped submitting it so I think this patent may not make it

PC makers: Intel CPU shortages are here to stay ... for six months


So tomatoes are in short supply this year, because I say they are, now give me twice as much for them.

More than a third of Euro IT pros worry about keeping server lights on


Experience ruining a small group of VPS server for eCommerce website as a web developer, I can tell you that they always go down when its the weekend and you have to restart them on your own time.

Seriously just let some one else who is actually a full time server engineer worry about upgrades and keeping lights on.

Microsoft's elderly .NET Framework shakes stick at whippersnapper Core while Visual Studio drops another preview


Perhaps its just random luck, but I do websites and mobile apps, I see jobs advertised for these skills that want .net etc but Iv never see a products or met anyone that actually uses these MS skills. I make a nice profit with node/js/angular and classic HTML/CSS, perhaps its because I don't have to pay for licences and certified retraining or when I make a website in HTML, I can leave it there for 10 year and it will still work perfectly regardless of changes to the server software and not get hacked. We also never hear what MS feels about Googles Firebase platform that includes a JSON/NoSQL database, functions and hosting.

One Project to rule them all: Microsoft plots end to Project Online while nervous Server looks on


Sooner or later app apps on the web will be merged into ONE annoying PAPERCLIP

Facebook: Up to 90 million addicts' accounts slurped by hackers, no thanks to crappy code


Also in other news, hacker website publishes links to 1 trillion cat photos

Blueprint of modern construction can be found in a tech cluster... of 19th century England


As a local I welcome this, Shrewsburys centre has a slight London look and has a excellent road transport system for anyone wanting to visit, the whole area including (Telford kind of startup city like Milton Keens with less concrete) is a great place to run a business as wages are 30%-40% lower than London, low crime rate, lower cost of living and Englands second least populated county, plenty of business parks right next to Shropshire's own AONB.

If you want to do quick Google of places, Ironbridge, Muchwenlock, Coalport, Bishpos Casle, Stokesay Castle, Ludlow, Stipple Stones, Attingham park, Clee Hill, Lyth Hill Country Park

US JEDI military cloud network is so high-tech, bidders will have to submit their proposals by hand, on DVD


No internet connection is actually a sensible thing,

Did they check to make sure the electrical grid it not giving off their data though.

Oracle pours a mug o' Java 11 for its addicts, tips pot of Binary Code License down the sink


Perhaps they counted JavaScript as well

You're alone in a room with the Windows 10 out-of-the-box apps. What do you do?


The sort answer is to download an app that makes windows 10 look like windows 7

Never mind Brexit. UK must fling more £billions at nuke subs, say MPs


What about thinking of non nuclear ICBM such as Hydrogen based, much less to worry about it goes boom and playing round with a uranium demon.

Sealed with an XSS: IT pros urge Lloyds Group to avoid web cross talk





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