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Cargo truck crammed with garbage explodes IN SPAAAAACE


not new

UFO's have always referred to Earth as "The Big Blue Waste Bowl" - it's about time we followed their lead. Watch the papers for future ads for the company,SYSIS - Shoot Your Stuff Into Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

Opportunity selfie: Martian winds have given the spunky ol' rover a spring cleaning



60% efficiency boosted by 70% = 102%. Doesn't anyone edit this bad data?

Americans... here's a "60%" factoid: 60% of Americans cannot locate their own country on a world map.

UK cops: Keep yer golden doubloons, ad folk. Yon websites belong to pirates


so where exactly will admen develop this sudden morality from?

Yes, Martha, admen do have souls...of course, they were all authorized by Satan, and approved by the Board of the Seven Deadly Sins. OF COURSE they'll comply!

Resistance is futile.

Zuckerberg tops the list of most generous Americans with billion-dollar gift


the Silicon Valley Fund

I was unaware there was a critical increase in poor, homeless, uninsured, unemployed people in the Silicon Valley! I'm sure that will help sustain the median income in the area; after all, those poor, poor dweebs suffering in the California heat, in their AC BMWs, AC glass towers, and AC mansions on the hills must truly be hurting for sustenance, support, and of course and extra billion will come in very handy for them - I am SURE IT WILL SAVE LIVES.

GOD BLESS THEM - oh wait, there is no GOd....

and there is no charity in dumping a tax write-off in the S Valley!

What a .... I'm sorry, I do not want to get deleted, so form your own opinion. Just as an example of just one small alternative place it might have gone; I know a guy who lives on his social security payments alone, can't find work, can't sell his tiny house, spends $350 in savings each month to pay his bills, and has run out of savings and will walk away from his house this year to keep from starving.

I'm just saying - of all the stupid, moronic, self-serving places to dump a write-off, S. Valley is just about the biggest insulting slap in the face of humanity I can think of; no wait, I guess he could have just given to the politicians - now there's a REAL WASTE!

Jean Michel Jarre: Je voudrais un MUSIC TAX sur VOTRE MOBE


Re: Oh, my!

speaking of oxygen, it's free, it's everywhere, and since Jean breathes, he can pay for everyone's oxygen! Silly? Just as silly as his fantasy.

NSA: It's TRUE, we grab 200 MILLION of your text messages A DAY globally


best punishment EVER

Yeah? Now Make them READ every single word! You want to collect it, you gotta read it first! The suicide rate in NSA would skyrocket once they finally realize how much terrorism IS NOT in America! Imagine collecting millions and millions of s##t messages - the american government is perfectly suited for the task. If they analyzed them they might actually figure out what it is about USA that terrorists don't like; that would help them because they wouldn't know what to do with that information, that capitalism is not the best solution either.

Hubble 'scope snaps 600-LIGHT-YEAR-wide pic of star-spawning nebula


my yearly electric bill

would just about cover the cost of one pixel for one second. Who Pays for all that stuff to shine so bright and pretty? Is it regulated, government controlled/sponsored? Can I get a copy?

Ruskie email provider Mail.ru chats up US market with My.com



The Russians are Coming The Russians are Coming! - I no sooner post a comment about avoiding .ru and I get my very first .ru SPAM! Where's the Iron Curtain when you need it?


two tiny letters

Anytime I get an email from a DOT RU, it gets tagged as trash and blocked, so really good move on spammers part, oh yup, I'm sure Most people trust the good old commies...but not this Yank! not in this lifetime or OS!

While the BBC drools over Twitter, look what UK's up to: Hospital superbug breakthrough


twits is a better term

you need know nothing more - the world in a 140 characters - how's that working for ya?

Departing Ballmer shakes up Microsoft's top engineering boffins


executive vice president advanced strategy=read 'fired'

Advanced strategy - yeah, like let's do in 5 clicks what used to take 1.

Using "advanced strategy" and MS in the same article is an oxymoron, emphasis on the 'moron.'

I'm designing a special room in Hell for all MS employees, especially the Windows 8 designers - I'm sure they'll find it less than "charming."

Calling all PSYCHICS and ball-gazers: Can YOU predict a Microsoft strategy?


Dumbing down the dumb ones


Big objects.

Small words.

Short word groups - sentences are so 20th cent.

don't think-touch.

Get a 2nd career going...

Boffins: Earth will be habitable for only 1.75 BEEELLION more years


but what about us?

How long do homo sapiens have left? We have never been very god at getting along with each other and at taking care of things; it can't be much longer, and remember whoever they are they will not take long to add us to the 'extinct' list, you know, being human and all; or rather better than human, obviously.

'WTF! MORONS!' Yahoo! Groups! redesign! traumatises! users!


Re: "Modern", "streamlined", what?

Damn your hide, sir, for reminding me that once upon a DOS you could get all the info on a file/folder at once and completely and instantly.

So how big is your MyPictures folder - no not the one listed as part of the desktop, the one for, no the one on your C: drive, under users, I think... not an easy/quick question to answer.

Yeah. We all miss ease and clarity. Like paper and pen. Why did you remind us? :)



I dropped Yahoo (no exclamation point is deserved) - more like hohum - dropped them like a hot potato when they let my email get hijacked by some not-so-nice people. Since I never used that address to join anything, or really other than to keep in touch with a few old (and after the hack not-so-friendly) friends, I don't miss it or yahoo-hohum. Seems like now they're headed towards dropping themselves. Best of luck with that, yahooers.

Revealed: HUNGRY frosty Arctic cleft that could eat 2 Grand Canyons


mising the point

Please stop the madness. Fire your headline writer and get a scientist in to write them for you. Anthropomorphism has no place in Science reporting. "Hungry" cleft is oxymoronic - inanimate objects (clearly identified as non-human - not always an easy call) do not have/experience/express feelings, emotions, and other human-type reactions. Clefts have no brains so they don't get to have the feelings or characteristics of humans. Valleys aren't plagued with dietary issues. It's science, not human-analogy story-telling time. Science is better understood without the humanizing getting in its way. It's not "our" universe either!

Why Teflon Ballmer had to go: He couldn't shift crud from Windows 8, Surface


tardis solution

Back to ten minutes before Gates gets to the garage sale; I buy it and burn it! Muhaaaaaaaaa.

Jimbo Wales: ISP smut blocking systems simply 'ridiculous'


Simplest Device Ever! Great Idea, there, gyrl!

Basically it is a sign:




This - THIS costs you Brits Billions?

No wonder we won the war! :)

Win 8 man Sinofsky's 'retirement' deal: $14m shares, oath of silence

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Re: Screwup $14m

nothing, not one thing is worth 14 mil. nothing. period. It really is a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Boffins find evidence Atlantic Ocean has started closing


So why not...

WAIT the 20,000,000 years and THEN report it!

Spin doctors brazenly fiddle with tiny bits in front of the neighbours

Paris Hilton

I'm in a State

Um, what? OK! Is that like a whole new meaning to "quantify"? So will we need regular deliveries of silicon atoms to replace those "long-lived" ones? Hey, a Smartphone app for reordering silicon control atoms! Maybe they could even teleport them to your home. Why is Paris looking so super-smart right now? My head's quantum state hurts.

Reg readers tumesce as they get their tongues round 'podule'


huh - there was a pod?

I'm sorry, I saw Jane Fonda (Barbarella) and got distracted- what were you saying about pods of whales or something? Jane's hot!

Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride


Life and all - a parable

Dumb fish eat dumber worms. Men eat the fish that ate the worm that lived in the dirt we trod upon. Who do you think represents Google?

Adobe's Creative Cloud fails at being a cloud


More like Beer...

You don't really buy it, you rent it...

Congress: It's not the Glass that's scary - It's the GOOGLE

Big Brother

isn't it also...

We simply have a right to live our normal lives with an intentional and presumed anonymity that includes the freedom of self-expression in private, whether that 'private' moment is a controlled one or a spontaneous one. It is about preservation of the privacy of existence. If you see me where you are, that is a natural occurrence; if you record and distribute an image or a video or audio file of that that is unnatural and unethical on several levels. The simple fact that you can already do this makes it no less reprehensible and wrong. The bigger issue is that if you give up your natural right to privacy even in a social situation, you will erode what little personal freedoms are now left to us, and eventually you will have none and the slavery will be complete. There is nothing wrong with taking an image, a video, of ANYTHING; it is what you do with it after that makes trouble. Keep it for yourself, and that's fine; share it, sell it, market it, record it, attach consequences, obligations to it, make it now valuable data for others to possess, for others to market to you with, then that is immoral and should be illegal - the problem is the very people who would decide if it was legal or illegal WANT it legal! If the people don;t stop this, the only result is slavery.


I got it wrong - again

Oh, and I thought it was just M-O-N-E-Y talking...

Apparently it's not Big Brother we have to worry about, It's Big Google.

'Ultimate nerd chick’ prompts C64 clone cancellation


Re: Poor sod

When enthusiasm is a crime, there will be no humans left on the planet. So does that make your verdict now "innocent"?

The whole story is very unusual and off-center, and reactions are as interesting as the 'conflict'.

Why are scribes crying just 'cos Google copied their books? asks judge


Re: In Alexandria I seem to remember..

In Alexandria I seem to remember.. it burnt to the ground and every one of those stolen volumes were lost!


Re: Socialists!

As a resident, I can tell you "democracy" cannot be found here anymore; the list of lost rights grows almost daily; we even have the hubris to call the first legislation to take away our rights to privacy a "Patriot's" act - OMG - we now force our population to strip to underwear before flying; patted down in a search to talk to our representatives; we murder our own citizens without a trial by remote drones and don't give a shit if we take out a few "soft targets ( read "children") we tax the poor, hold down the underclass, redistribute the wealth so that the super rich stay that way - 2008, anyone? - and we have something referred to as a "Congress" who can only pass pay raises for themselves, bills to make their backers and themselves richer, and acts to further limit our freedoms. Don't come here thinking you'll find a democracy, and bring plenty of cash you are willing to leave with us, and a lot of paperwork to prove who you are, and I don't care who you are, take off your shoes and stand here! Insanity rules your lost colony; be glad we left.

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Re: @Syldra

"small and shrinking literate population" that is the looming tragedy, and it has little to do with Google. You made an excellent point.

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Absolutely accurate - that judge is a twit, and it is a VERY SCARY thing to hear judges expressing the ability to read the minds of others!

I'm shocked that isn't the focus of this - that judge needs to institutionalized; he's psychotic - he thinks he can read minds! OMG!


Re: Seems counterproductive...

not some, not many, but all authors, every single one could not, by themselves face down Google. No. If Google wins everyone looses. If Google loses, then still - how does anyone win?


Re: Seems counterproductive...

You know, there are only two human problems; we rid ourselves of these and we will survive:

the concept of a perceived value difference between things - let's call that MONEY


Rid the planet of those irrational, psychotic notions and your biggest problem will be what to do with all that inner happiness.

Creative Suite cloud lurch crushes beret-wearers' cost-slash bid


re serif as laternative

Please don't try it - it hijacked my home page, installed a toolbar and a "shopping service" and who knows what else. I wouldn't even advise going to the site.

Stick with CS3 - you can do anything you need to with it - heck I can go all the way back to PS 4.0 and still do 95% of PS's tasks, so cloud on, I'm set for life with CS3 - see ya Adobe, stay up in the clouds.

Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only


some feedback on serif

one commenter mentioned Serif.com as an alternative. I went there, looked around, DL'd their Movie Making program as a 'test' and got a huge surprise - UNLIKE Adobe, they insisted on installing a TOOLBAR, A SHOPPING SERVICE, etc., etc.

Revo Uninstall/System restore/update all anti-virus/FORBID myself any further contact with them - oh, damn! I had to register, and now they know who I pretend to be! :)

Say what you will about Adobe but they never said bend over and receive our malware.

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not impressed

Just another GREED move by big guys not having ALL the toys yet, so they want MORE OF YOUR MONEY!

There will still be plenty of bootleg copies to go around for all those graphic enthusiasts.

Oo Oo Oo - and the really GOOD news is all future How-To's in PS will cost you money to view on PAY For YOUTUBE!

YAY! Another victory for evil!

Announcement of 'churnalism detector' gets furiously churned


Well it better NOT apply to comments!

Or "Churnments" as we see so often everywhere - yeah - what he said - let me just copy that last email and post it again to show my support...

What is there left in life for all those low-income retirees who have little interaction other than their meaningless, rambling posts on websites that still allow it without paying for the right to speak. It is not getting easier to make comments you know, especially with that twit-based "service" diskis or Diquis or whatever the moronic name is - they totally messed up easily half of my favorite sites for commenting.

This site has, without question, the best comments, churned or not!

What is you Brits say? "Cheerbye"?


Ray Harryhausen, king of stop motion, takes final voyage

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And...cut! print. That's a wrap.

Simply the best. Scared the hell out of me even after many viewings as a child. The Golden Voyage is one of my favorite films. It had the line where Sinbad says to the king in the mask, "Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel." We can trust that any film declaring Ray Harryhausen special effects will be worth watching over and over. Bye Ray.

Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness


cure for insomnia

Star Trek is dead.


Forget it.

Flat mobe battery? Just light a fire


hello can you heat me now?

What the **** do you need a phone for if you're hiking?

How could you possibly wear a battery out?


YouTube channels at $1.99 per month could launch this week

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Just another thing to avoid - like television.

Google is MUCH stupider than you can possibly imagine - they'll see...

Disney shutters Star Wars game unit with 200 layoffs

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The last thing Lucas said to Disney was -"That thing? The long cylinder that lights up? That's a new nanotechnology - it's a suppository and it's for itches you can't scratch- try it"

Walt wishes there was life after death - he'd of been back years ago to tear out the throats of all Disney suits.

I haven't given a penny to Disney since they started 'seasonal' releases of their classics - I went to but a video for a birthday present and was told they only sold it during certain months of the year - I decided I would therefore only BUY Disney movies in months that had the word ASSHOLE in them...

Google makes BigQuery easier to question

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Best Improvement for the "Cloud"

Call it what it is: OPD


The only 'cloud' is the one that prevents you from seeing your data stolen, analyzed and used against you for marketing/mining and nefarious purposes.

Dumbest idea since screen doors for submarines.

Buy your own externals, use your own basement.


Twenty classic arcade games

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Thanks for marker

It is obvious to me that I stopped playing these games in 85 - don't recognize one after that - moved on to better graphics? Real life? Work?

It's taken almost 30 years for good game design to get back into games.

Also evaluating a game is almost impossible; for example take STO, I played it when it went FREE for about 10 hours and thought it was just stupid, repetitive, and flawed with errors in the initial missions, gave no direction, and incomplete info.

Now that I've played (and remember, I'm retired) over 200 hours, still free, I think it is an amazing game; it is poorly presented, introduced and explained; it has the oldest/poorest starting scenarios, and yet at some point it completely morphed into a deeply complex, highly detailed, immensely satisfying game - but only after achieving a certain level of experience where the differences began to show themselves - beams versus cannons, 3 Eng. vs. 4 Eng. slots, etc.

If I had written a 10 hour review it would have said 'skip it' - now my review is "must play" (every day...)

We all have our "top whatever" lists, and I thank you for giving really good reasons why; except why you left out (fill-in favorite game here.) !

Space station 'naut supplies Reg with overhead snap of Vulture Central


AMERICAN perspective

"Vulture Central" - completely lost on any American viewing this - never heard of it before. Completely confused me when it turned out to be London. Never in 66 years have I heard the phrase "Vulture Central" so I thought you might like to know so that next time your headline might be a little less obscure to those outside of the 'know'

As for the comments on light pollution, well it's only a problem when you're trying to see the stars, isn't it. Seems to me since they're always there, one could plan a viewing in a non-light-polluted area. To complain that you can't see the stars whenever you want to is just silly. It's a lot worse over here, the stars are barely visible even in the rural areas; may I suggest Celestia or Stellarium, both freeware programs that will show you ALL the stars, even when the Sun is out!


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