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Alibaba Cloud revenue grows 62% – but it's still just a sixth the size of AWS

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Re: "why buyers beyond the middle kingdom would consider its offerings"

And just what planet do you come from?

US threatens to turf out four Chinese telcos amid concerns over national security... and COVID-19, doctors, schools, jobs, communists, etc

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Re: Pot meet kettle

Officially, the decision on whether to ban a company from the US’ networks is based on a number of factors, including “whether the applicant has a past criminal history; whether an applicant's foreign ownership could result in the control of US telecommunication infrastructure”; “whether the applicant will be required to comply with foreign requests e.g., requests for communications intercepts”; and “whether the applicant's planned operations… provide opportunities to... engage in economic espionage.”

these all sound like good reasons to ban any merkin/ pommy shit from real world networkin, other country's will also be on that list, just best known ones used as example.

Where the hell Huawei? It should be a bit easier to tell now the AppGallery has its first proper navigation app

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Re: "utterly feature-crippled, only supporting offline navigation"

maps me works off line quite well, no snooping

Geoboffins reckon extreme rainfall might help some volcanoes pop off

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Re: The magma's several km deep

I live in the tropic's not Hawaii, I have personally measured an average of 1000 mm of rain fall everyday for 3 days, and quite considerable rain fall before and after, this sort of rain fall being collected (burst several of our dams) in the corona say 2 km;s wide is a shitload of water = f#$k load of pressure.

Stripe is absolutely logging your mouse movements on websites' payment pages – for your own good, says CEO

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Re: Prevent fraud ?


asking for a friend.

Star's rosette orbit around our supermassive black hole proves Einstein's Theory of General Relativity correct

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missed point

SHINEY !!! I want one ! when is Apple going to release one?

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Black hole quasar tsunamis moving at 46 million miles per hour

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But what about wind turbine generators?

( can) we make electrickery to sell to alieans

British Army adopts WhatsApp for formal orders as coronavirus isolation kicks in

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what we learn is ALWAYS DOUBLE TAP !!!

And we could amputate there faces, much more practal

'I give fusion power a higher chance of succeeding than quantum computing' says the R in the RSA crypto-algorithm

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Re: Teleport Heat = no quantum computers

AH Amanfrommars, you'er back, how is the family?

lost your log in I see, good luck finding it.

Researchers trick Tesla into massively breaking the speed limit by sticking a 2-inch piece of electrical tape on a sign

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Re: Sigh.

Bah all old people should have there licences taken off them! unless they can compleat the defencive driving course drunk and blind folded, and in a record time.

get off my lawn!!

Where's my walkin stick!

who's moved the car keys (lives alone, for good reson)!!!

southen bastard

Re: Sigh.

you have trouble with straw men on the roads in pommy land?

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Re: Sigh.

you forgot the bell, got to have the man with the bell, cos you'er go'na be real soon!

Good news: Neural network says 11 asteroids thought to be harmless may hit Earth. Bad news: They are not due to arrive for hundreds of years

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Re: Knowing our luck

You're just say'n that ta make me feel good !

Microsoft's little eyes light up as Oscar-winning Taika Waititi says Apple keyboards make him 'want to go back to PCs'

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a full RGB gaming spec mechanical keyboard

a full RGB gaming spec mechanical keyboard with the RGB turned off, it,s the best investment i ever made!

'Tens of millions' of Cisco devices vulnerable to CDPwn flaws: Network segmentation blown apart by security bugs

southen bastard

And hewi is bad

at least our chineese friends hide their servalince, MS and cissy co dont even bother, three letter agencies have knowen for sooooo long

You spoke, we didn't listen: Ubiquiti says UniFi routers will beam performance data back to mothership automatically

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Re: Time to switch to Huawei !!!

This made the decision for me – switching over to Cisco."

"ya wa"?

Virtual reality is a bonkers fad that no one takes seriously but anyway, here's someone to tell us to worry about hackers

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Re: A fad?


the biggest driver of them all!

UK: From 5G in Tiree to the Isles of Ebony, carry me on the waves… Sail Huawei, sail Huawei, sail Huawei

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Re: "Greater security and resilience risks."


European Space Agency launches planet-hunting Cheops while Rocket Lab starts on a third launchpad

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Re: "using green hydrogen peroxide oxidiser and kerosene"

this sounds like interesting stuff, now where did i put that Quatx lathe?

Starliner: Boeing, Boeing... it's back! Borked capsule makes a successful return to Earth

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Re: Time Zones?

Is there anything out side the USA?

Its marked on the map as « here there be monsters« , should be the other way round

Huawei's P40 and P40 Pro handsets will not ship with Google Mobile Services, Richard Yu confirms

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Re: Maybe worth considering

"confirmed its upcoming P40 and P40 Pro handsets will ship without Google Mobile Services"

this is a goodthing "no"?

Space Force is go, go, go! Because we have a child as President of the United States

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Re: It Is With Such Baubles That Men Are Led.

Then fill it with water

Samsung taking its sweet time delivering Galaxy watches from phone bundle bungle

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Im waiting for the inplantables comming out next year, all you people with that sillly thing round your wrist will be so jellious of the blue light in my neck

From Instagram to insta-banned: Facebook wipes NSO Group workers' personal profiles amid WhatsApp hack rap

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If i say i work for nso on my old fb page that i cant seem to get rid of will they deleat it?

£1bn UK justice system digitisation scheme in massive delay shocker

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I can see the problem

Theres no AI and wheres the blockchain componant?

Service call centres to become wasteland and tumbleweed by 2024

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better operational decisions around predictive maintenance and customer service,"

None and none

Sinister secret backdoor found in networking gear perfect for government espionage: The Chinese are – oh no, wait, it's Cisco again

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Re: Keys

bring it on , nuke those mussorie bastards

southen bastard

Re: Keys

the us sold arm and ammo to both sides for massive profit,

did not get involved untill they were attacaked,

then billed the uk for the service ,

mercain dont do anything THAT DOSE NOT INVOLVE PROFIT

the other five eyes countrys have suffered under mercian bulling of to long

viva the revulotion

Parents slapped with dress code after turning school grounds into a fashion crime scene

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Re: Sole Departure from Reasonableness

If only it was a secret! there is nothing that embarasses the murkin gubament

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Re: "their freedom to wear whatever they want"

not like trailer trash that just wandered out of bed and grab anything they could find on the floor.

Any good trailer trash knows not to keep ur good gear on the floor where the rats can chew it, you keep it in the garbash bin were they can't get!

President Trump sits down with Twitter boss for crunch talks: Why am I losing followers?

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Re: Hellbanning


bloody caps lock, dont need to shoute it every one outside murckia knows it

China Mobile, you can kiss good Pai to America: FCC to ban 'spy risk' telco from US

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Re: Botnets, spies, and spammers

is this not exactley what the murkins have been doing for the last hundrad years, or more,

strip mining the rest of the world!

why dosent murkier stick to it's honest exports of guns, drugs and hookers

DXC Security exec: Yes, I'd have thought we'd spend more on certs and laptop kit for staff, too

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Run ! Very Far !! Very Fast!!!

Run ! Very Far !! Very Fast!!!

Biker sues Google Fiber: I broke my leg, borked my ankle in trench dug to lay ad giant's pipe

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Re: 5mph!

just about ANY japaneese or euro dirt bike!

Knoby tyres are best for tar roads, especialy in the wet.

Secret mic in Nest gear wasn't supposed to be a secret, says Google, we just forgot to tell anyone

southen bastard


I ordered a couple of pairs (just for testing) great idea

Huawei’s elusive Mr Ren: We’re just a 'sesame seed' in a superpower spat

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Re: Luddites = Non Sequitur

All your points A-F the merkin govt has been guilty of and when caught very proud of what they are doing.

very much the pot calling teh pan BLACK.

I am not very suportove of the china govt but the merkins are very much worse!

wake up dick wipes, they all do it

Google swallows up DeepMind Health and abolishes 'independent board'

southen bastard

there is a good side

at least all the advertising for life insurance ans medical insurance has stopped, since they got w my medical records i'm guessing

Now Europe wants a four-million-quid AI-powered lie detector at border checkpoints

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Re: the potential risk posed by the traveler will be recalculated

I regret to inform you that this great product is no longer available.

the reviews are very positive, and there seems to be a lot of happy customers,

i will be building a new improved model stay posted

Memo to Mark Sedwill: Here's how to reboot government IT

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Unlike many pundits, the professor has industry experience, as an IBM-er, ranging from programming assembler to systems analysis.

How many IBM projects for govt have actually worked ? come in at less than 10 times the original budget ? not had to be reworked at considerable cost? not been thrown out as totally unworkable?

Watch closely as NASA deploys the world's biggest parachute at supersonic speeds

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Re: I like the PPE the technician is wearing

Try wearing your PPE in many places,

I work in a place called Groute Ilund,

Day time temps exceed 38. c 85-95 percent humidity

night time gets down to a cool 32. c humidity stays about same,

and there's hotter places over west.

come to Oz and fry your nuts in your pants!

Super Cali goes ballistic, net neutrality hopeless? Even Ajit Pai's gloating is something quite atrocious

southen bastard

up vote for the reference to serenity, going to watch that series again right now,

dark matter is pretty good watching it for the third time

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update

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Re: find out what the recovery process is going to be

Where's the fuckit key, I CANT FIND THE FUCKIT KEY!!

Microsoft knowledge base says it's beside the anykey, WHERE"S THE FUCKING ANYKEY!!

TO LATE its installing.

$200bn? Make that $467bn: Trump threatens to balloon proposed bonus China tech tariffs

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Re: "socialism ultimately fails because it runs out of "other people's money"

There's a third way, of course, but it anyway requires powerful, rich people to be less greedy, and understand some wealth has to be shared to create a functioning society.

YEH!! good luck with that.

Aussie bloke wins right to sue Google over 'underworld' images

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Re: Hold on

He's an aboriginal the Australian public pay for everything all the time

southen bastard

Re: But

It's true Australian law has nothing to do with truth or justus. It was written by criminals and fraudsters then omendedd to suit Aussie conditions

And yes he was, to old and fat now

nbn™ isn’t fixing HFC, it’s ‘optimising’ it

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Every time Malcolm tells a lie a unicorn dies, put unicorns on the unfinished spieces list.

The last one died before he even got into politics

High-Optane thrills for 3D XPoint wanna-haves: Intel fattens gaming SSDs

southen bastard

Got one

I have the earlier model in a gaming chassis and even with a considerable amount of windows and Microsoft bloat ware boot from cold till clickable icons is timed at 6.5 seconds A little longer when the m2 memory cace also optane fails to start which is more often than not.

In game proformance is great with respawn in 1-2 seconds

Microsoft product are instatainious and windows lag is unknoticable after 8months.

Pcie is great m2 not os

German sauna drags punters to court over naked truth

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I want to know how did they know?

where are the cam's located and where i PAY for the vids?

blackmail is big in eu-grope and the UK?

Facebook offers to crack open data for eggheads to find out how badly it's screwed democracy

southen bastard

Make delete account work permanently

Closed and deleted my acc with FB months ago, went to a friends fb page recently and my page automatically reactivated? i then went through the close and delete acc again

how is this possible?

Fb told me my acc was gone and they were sorry to see me go( me not so much)

other friends are asking why im not accepting friend requests?

would fb lie to me?

Furious gunwoman opens fire at YouTube HQ, three people shot

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Re: Of all places

you have no idea so shut the fu@@ up