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Mainframe brains-slurper sues IBM for 'age discrim', calls Ginny and biz 'morally bankrupt'


Downward spiral - Rometty?

Funny how their 20-odd quarters of losses started happening just after Sam Palomino left and Rometty took over? Sound a bit like a repeat of the Carly Fiorina/HP fiasco...

IBM won't grow, says analyst firm while eyeing flatlining share price


Re: Downward spiral?

They killed their GTS/GBS market with watering down their top notch skills base with their GD policy to "save' money. The customers have found them out, who will pay top $ for a premium outsourcing support solution when you get monkeys for your money instead?

IBM's Marissa Mayer moment: Staff ordered to work in one of 6 main offices – or face the axe


Re: Downward spiral?

The writing was on the wall when they started their GD drive, sourcing cheap labour elsewhere did all the harm, I suspect many customers dropped IBM due to this.

Somewhere an ex-IBM bean counter executive is walking around bragging on his CV how much he saved IBM in salary costs. Unfortunately he isn't around to see how he ruined the business...

Japanese robot space maid will incinerate Earth's dead satellites


All they need is Mega Maid from Spaceballs...

The case for ethical ad-blocking


Re: When is ad-blocking ethical?

Agreed. I pay to access the internet I expect not the see ads. If Netflix start displaying ads then they will get the boot, so what's the difference than?

Kids these days can't even write a decent virus


"It affects only Windows versions older than Windows 8"

Damn, and there I was thinking my Windows 95 is secure and not a target for hackers anymore...

Xiaomi takes aim at Apple, Qualcomm


Re: Using standard ARM cores

They have been doing so already for the last 2 years or more, look at this site: http://en.miui.com/download.html

Big Content picks first download-block target: THE SUN!



Makes you wonder who lives in a free country and who lives behind a bamboo curtain. Is this any different from what the Chinese government is doing, I'm not so sure,,,

We tested the latest pre-flight build of Windows 10 Mobile. It's buggy but promising


Waiting for Continuum and the new HP Elite x3, can't wait to dump the old beige box at home. It will fulfill all the needs I have on a PC these days.

Hypervisor indecisive? Today's contenders from yesterday's Hipsters



IBM AIX had WPARs around for a quite few years too, the IBM version of Docker.

HTC One M8: Reg man takes spin in Alfa Romeo of smartphone world



The fixed battery still kills it for me. I may not need to ever replace a battery in my Sammie, but I am not worried about doing so if the the time ever arises.

Sysadmins and devs: Do these job descriptions make any sense?

IT Angle

So how come then sysadmins are paid at level 3? BS report...

Gran Turismo 6: Another glossy, gorgeous Mario Kart on steroids



Zombie Al driver outbreak?

Panasonic throws in towel on plasma tellies, preps for BILLION-dollar kick in pants


Never had a plasma, but...

I like my LG 3D LED LCD for one thing - the Plex Client which comes with it. This and a Plex server on my NAS made my media player instantly redundant.

Can't comment on LCD vs plasma though since I never had a plasma TV before, I guess the glossy screens put me off at the time. However now my LCD also have a glossy screen, and I still hate it as much as I did from CRT days when I sprayed the screen with some mat clear coat you could buy at the time. Wonder if that stuff is still available out there?

Peak Apple: Has ANYONE at all ordered a new iPhone 5c?


Re: I've ordered a 5C

Perhaps someone can come up with an app for BMW drivers on how to use indicators. Could be worth a few bob as long as the BMW badge is displayed very prominently.


Re: I've ordered a 5C

So there is only one version of iPhone if we have to believe you?

Oz retailers crying wolf over incomplete data


The "official" excuse here in NZ for fleecing the public with a markup of anything between 200 to 500% for is: "We are a small country". My observation is that they are just plain lazy and want to rather make lots of money of a few sales instead of lowering their extravagant profit margins and make it up on increased turnover.

So what are the other excuses (bar the lame GST excuse we get to hear too) there in Australia?

Next Xbox to be called ‘Xbox Infinity’... er... ‘Xbox’


Band-Aid version?

Second one looks like some plasters stuck in a crisscross fashion.

Ginni blasts 'slow' IBM staff after poor Q1 results


Re: Thanks god


Satanic Renault takes hapless French bloke on 200km/h joyride



Does this lack of ignition off switch also disable the gear selector so you can't select neutral?


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