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Outages plague Hotmail and Outlook users

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hotmail/outlook.com works fine to me

It is ridiculous how this web page is anti-microsoft.

I don't recall this amount of fuss when gmail was gown several times last year. And it should be like that. This things happens. No need for tears.

I did not experience any issues with my hotmail/outlook today. I bet you I am not the only one.

Bill Gates: Windows Phone strategy was 'a mistake'

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Re: Bad news for Nokia

Why do you think that?

Nokia has WP8 not WMobile 6.

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Re: Gates quote

I personally don't see Ballmer as a right person to be at the front of the Microsoft (mainly because of his physical appearance not expertise).

Nevertheless good thing or products while he is CEO are:

Win7, Office 2003,2007,2010, Win Server 2003, 2008R2, Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010. SQL Servers ... (You have mention some of this already).

Windows 8 is fantastic product and it is excellent way of moving on from platform that we all know so well.

Surface project is fantastic.

Windows Phone 7.5 and WP8.

WP8 in particular is great mobile OS.

On the question what went wrong or if you like what was mistake I believe Bill Gates was referring to Windows mobile 6. That indeed was mistake, no doubt about it. Windows Vista yes that was mistake. Zune - personally I don't need anyone to make me my collection of mp3 music or similar. Once I have paid for my CDs I know how to compress them and put then on my mobile device. I don't want to pay it again (most of the iPod users, as well, will share the same opinion). But lets say Zune was also not very good product or if you prefer mistake.

There is also other great products from Microsoft like Visual Studio, Azure, Windows 2012 is still in early days but already has some brilliant reviews form experts.

Surface RT now on sale in 13 more European markets

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Re: "Wonderful PCs"?

I am not sure if you are understand concept behind Surface.

You might not like any product from Microsoft but Surface RT and Surface Pro make a lot sense.

However it is difficult to start for MS. Lots of people that don't know much about technology are influenced with those who thinks they poses great knowledge about the technology.

To me you don't sound like someone who was using Surface RT at least for the week.

Not having Windows "old" application on RT is good thing. Now you might argue that there is not enough apps in MS Store. That is not true. However if you compare them with Apple and Google, yes they have less applications.

Thing that I like about RT are:

Battery life

Kick stand


USB port

microHDMI port

microSD card


Live tiles

Apps that runs on it.

Touch screen browsing in IE

Excellent travel "mate"

You can connect pretty much any device(cameras, printers etc) via USB

I like the screen as well (and yes, maybe it should be more pixels but in all honesty is good as it is).