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Hackers mock North Korea heir-apparent birthday boy


how nice but...

pics or it didn't happen!

Robot teddy bears attack Alzheimer's


would be interesting

to watch 2 of those bastards interact with each other!

Mozilla tames Firefox tab monster with Candy

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i really don't want this in my browser

just another piece of resource-hungry eye-candy nobody needs. tree style tab can do the same job a lot easier and eating up a lot less resources. make it an extension for those who want it (well, they probably have got a mac so who cares anyway) and don't bug everybody else!

Office 2010 tech preview: Expect the expected


all you death-to-the-ribbon-whiners...

... learn how to use ribbonx and make your own ribbons. what's the big deal?

BOFH: Stick this

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hell YEAH

i'll offer our secretary a carrot. and the boss, too. and i'll keep that extinguisher handy...

good ideas simply are good ideas!

iPhone apps - the 10 smartest and the 10 stupidest


... if they had...

if they had a bullshit-button instead of that wooo-thing i'd buy me an iphone just to run it.


Daydreaming? You're actually solving complex problems

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i'll get right onto the job

... lemme daydream... does that include watching youtube flicks?

Google mistakes entire web for malware


i typed google into goole...

... lo and behold: the internet was broken!

Does it feel good when I twist your circuits?



you ask: will it blend?

i say: watch it shred!

Congratulations, Barack — Now fix your websites


*sniff sniff*

smells like poxy obama-lovers around here... b ( o)( o) bs or gtfo!

not paris cos hers are ugly

PETA cooks up gory game in Cooking Mama protest


final score: 531

yup, i'm a vegetarian.

what's your score?

BOFH: The paperless cafeteria

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just the thing i just needed after a fubar night and morning at work: boss diarrhea. brilliant. they really should introduce... paperless catering... at my place of work! definitely saved my day - cheers, simon!

Barack Obama will be president

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there will be more now

more abortions, more crime, more drugs, more corruption, more... not only them usa are doomed, no, we are doomed, too.

Holy f**k, Microsoft covers up ‘undesired’ words

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wishlist for x-mas

beep out "microsoft", "windows" and "office" (if "microsoft" comes in front of it), "vista" (following "windows"), "gates", "ballmer".......... the list would be long!

add some voice regoc and beep out every single word said by gates and ballmer (except "developer")

Wikipedia plumbs the filthy depths of plumbing

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to all those who asked...

why this thing was on el reg. simple: it was there to save my night, my sanity, my life.

thank you, el reg, you did. God bless you!

Google takes aim at drunken messaging

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and another piece

and another piece of personal information google is trying to steal from me: am i likely to get drunk and how badly do i booze... nice try, google, but...

Google smears Chrome on 'sacred' home page


polish this turd

by setting it's standard search to msn.

it's like combining the false prophet and the beast...

Finnish blogger amputates Google from Google


did you know

if you type google into google-minus-google you can actually break the internet!

NASA test rocket explodes


wo ist...

... wernher von braun, wenn man ihn so dringend braucht...

French cough in to filthy restaurants


what else

what else did anyone expect from... ahem... frog and snail eaters?

yup, i'm a damn racist...

The IT Crowd goes west


sold... to them americans...?

omg they are going to butcher it, rape it, ruin it, completely eff it up.

Malware authors declare start of World War III (again)


up to us krauts again?

does this world really need us krauts to start world wars? can't you do anything on your own without our help? if yall rely on us to start the next world war you'll have to wait for a loooooooooooooong time.

Swedish customs pull Frenchman with two asses



mmmmm i'd rather have had him examined by a vet ;) oh dang i'm getting racist again o0

US hackette ponders jub-powered iPod


breast motion

i study breast motion, too. and breast size. and shape.

(o )( o)

German government approves plod-spyware law


we had gestapo, we had stasi

now we have schäuble. the big BUTs about this are:

it's only one step closer to their goal: total control over the ordinary mob

they will never ever catch a terrorist this way, they are not that dumb. they just need to boot from a usb stick, use an external hard drive, find an unencrypted wlan somewhere else and give heinrich müller*... sorry, i mean schäuble the finger.

*heinrich müller aka gestapo-müller was the gestapo-boss

... skull because the SS had that on their caps

Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'


you could as well use a turd as a phone

who in his right mind would buy apple anything and put vista on it? what kind of parents must a person have to develop such a depraved character?!?

Ballmer eggs on Hungarian student



but next time someone should use m67 eggs ;)

"go" cos i don't see an egg symbol down there. reg, add that!

Scientists discover galaxy's youngest supernova


or maybe...

... God placed the supernovae into other galaxies for us to watch some nice stellar fireworks and not into our own galaxy because they'd harm His creation if too close...

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

Gates Horns

how about the supervillain method

a good old barrel smoking nitric acit in a darkened basement room ]:)

how will anybody recover data from a hd that no longer is?

and i could think of lots of stuff more to dispose of this way...

Japanese council worker in 750k smut site pornathon

Paris Hilton

bah that's nothing

I once worked for [insert name of company] and got through [insert impressive number] of Lindsay Lohan nipslip websites in just three weeks!

ban me from paris hilton stories. please!

Customers give Dell the finger over keyboard screw-up


Z has to be between the A and S

bullshit, the z has got to be between t and u, 7 and h.

when will you blokes get yourself civilized keyboards?

Caribbean firm circumvents BD+ copy protection

Paris Hilton


these blokes really are tiring... will they never learn that there is no and can be no protection that can't be broken? if you can read it you can copy it. what a waste of money! paris cos they are almost as stupid.

Tech support gets religion

IT Angle

hello, it

have you tried turning it off and on again?

are you sure it's really plugged in?

... have you tried sticking it up your arse?

Auction watchdog says eBay is illegal in France

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general principle

shut them frog eaters up and let ebay do their business.

A serious browser vulnerability, but whose?


both of them

if ie passes on malicious code it's an ie bug.

if ff executes bad code without checking it first it's an ff bug.

both sides are clearly involved and both sides need to patch their browser quick instead of passing on the responsibility to the other side. that's kinda childish.

Yahoo! Unveils! New! Banner! Ad! Engine!


what about the web surfer

with improved advertising on the web always presenting me stuff i'm interested in they try to pull the last deutsche mark out of my empty pockets...

oh änd sohry for mah lausy englisch - me is a kraut